3 effective ideas for giving a push for a new startup

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Are you an entrepreneur that has a new startup carefully designed from scratch? Or do you need to come up with an effective creative idea of how to advertise a startup?

When starting a new startup every entrepreneur thinks about how not to get into the debt hole and open a branch effectively from day one. Success depends on many factors, like a laboriously crafted brand identity, which consists of a logo that represents your character and conveying what you stand for; tailor-made Unique Selling Proposition, that will help you to stand out from competitors; properly chosen target audience and their “problem” that your business solves and many more. And sometimes the company just needs a little push to accelerate its path to a successful future.

To help you get an inspiration for your business we came out with possible ideas that are worth your time to read.

1. Creating a sense of being a part of something bigger

It’s really complicated to find a person that didn’t hear about the World Record Egg on Instagram. It took the Egg one week and a half to get 30 million likes. But why? Nobody could understand the meaning behind this photo but everyone wanted to contribute to the world record. And they kept talking about it, asking, wondering and creating a rapidly accelerating word-of-mouth effect. Everybody wanted to know what’s gonna come out of it. But the idea behind it was to beat the record of Kylie Jenners most liked picture on Instagram at that moment. That idea triggered the process, gathered all the people behind it to fight for a “greater” cause. In the end, the creator of that account is now earning money for charity from selling merchandise and collaborating with SuperBowl and Dj Khalid.

If we talk something more realistic, there is a small entrepreneur Alexandra Afanasieva from Saint Petersburg, Russia that decided to open a cafe in town. But her approach was innovative, not traditional. From the very beginning, she was coordinating all the business decisions with her followers through voting in Instagram stories. From choosing a color palette of a logo, interior design, dishes, and table layouts. In the advertisements, you could have seen titles like “let’s open a cafe together”. Her followers felt like they were being a part of the community, saw their ideas being implemented and became loyal customers long before she opened the actual cafe called MoreCoffee.

How you can implement that in your new startup? Find a greater cause behind your idea, not just money. Make people feel a part of a larger community, that they are contributing to it. The feeling of unity, sincerity, and transparency of your business will attract more genuine followers and fans rather just customers.

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2. Collaborate with another new startup

Find the right partner and create synergy! There is a constantly growing number of various startups that are emerging with the purpose of easing the business processes for companies. When they are on the rise it’s benefitting for both of you: you can use their services for a less price while they are just a new startup and your partner can grow his portfolio with successful cases so he will try his best! A rapidly growing trend for digitalization creates demand for transferring business from offline format to online at maximum possible scale.
Let’s take HubType, it is a tech new startup that helps businesses build and automate meaningful conversations with your customers on Whatsapp. And they have an Early Access Program for the first applicants. Clients like eCooltra, CaixaBank, HP, and HolaLuz are already trusting their chatbot solution for businesses, and developers absolutely love it.
Or Force Manager, an AI-based mobile Customer Relationship Management platform that can empower your sales team with a mobile assistant. And you can request a demo free of charge!
In the digital age, there are numerous possibilities of finding new startup partners all around the globe and optimizing a traditional way of doing business. Just remember – there is a solution to your every problem!

3. Forming a good first impression

You might wonder why a new startup needs to invest in an innovative website? The website is the face of your company, your portfolio and should be crafted professionally. Even if your company is the best in the market – the first impression matters the most. It is important to have a mobile adaptive website design to correspond to consumers needs and preferences. It has to be as innovative as your startup wants to be perceived.
And it’s not you who should stalk the next potential client, it’s the customer who should be cherishing the second he found your website. Here is where the SEO comes in.
Through the website, your customer can learn about your new startup more thoroughly, get to know your offerings with no rush and make a decision to stay with you. With a proper website, you can raise the sincerity and credibility of your brand. He has to think that he chose you, that will create a more lasting and valuable relationship.

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If you are working on developing your website or encounter any problems, feel free to contact us – let’s brainstorm! We can create synergy with our ideas and experience together!

Do you remember any other new startup that launched with a creative or unique approach? Feel free to post your favorites in the comments section below.

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And if you are a more visual person, here is an infographic with highlights and key takeaways:

resized infographic

About the Authors

Emily Khairoulline, José Salvador, Inês Castro, Rubén Félix, and Caroline Reincke are International Marketing master students from EADA Business school and they share the same passion for startups!

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