4 ways to tackle your startup problems with matchmaking platforms

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In today’s world optimizing the use of the resources of your startup is crucial to stay competitive. We are living in a very competitive world with so many startups coming up on a daily basis, not to speak of all those big corporations startups are competing with. There are many different matchmaking platforms helping you to solve your startup problems such as obtaining the much-needed financing or attracting talent.

When you think about online matchmaking platforms, Uber, Airbnb and Tinder are likely to be the first companies you come up with. However, nowadays there are lot of different matchmaking platforms both in B2B and B2C, helping you in your personal life or improving your companies performance.


Matchmaking platforms can be highly useful to solve your startup problems. But what are they exactly?


The idea of matchmaking goes back a long time in history, when it was rather based on word-of-mouth and personal connections. Given the rapid progress in technology, matchmaking platforms can easily reach thousands or millions of people, which makes them even more useful and efficient. Matchmaking platforms bring people and/or businesses together in exchange for money or a service, ensuring that both parties are benefiting from this transaction.

In the B2B sector, matchmaking platforms can have a great impact whether you are a big corporation or a new startup. In this article, we will focus on startups and will show you 4 startup problems that matchmaking platforms can solve.

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Startup problems


1. Financing

One of the most important startup problems is the financing. Where can you find money? It can be a problem encountered at a different stage of your startup life: when you start it, how can you get an initial investment? When potential clients come to you with a big order, how can you get the capital to respond to that demand? When you want to grow and bring your startup to the next level, how can you get the investment needed in order to be able to hire new talents or move into bigger offices? Finding money will be a recurrent problem during the early years of your startup.   

Of course, the internet will provide you with many solutions, but since we are speaking about matchmaking platform, we would like to suggest you an original tool: AngelList. This platform will allow you to raise money by meeting investors through the website, apply to incubators but also to promote your startup by sharing your work to find potential customers and partners.

To let AngelList solve your startup problems is quite easy: you register, choose the problems you want to solve, give some information about you and your startup to create your profile and here you go!


2. Recruiting

Attracting talent is second on the list of startup problems. It is a crucial issue since there is considerable competition specifically for big corporations, but also from other startups. Moreover, you as a startup need a different type of employee as compared to the big companies. Matchmaking platforms like Moberries or AngelList are two options to effectively tackle this issue.

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Moberries is a AI-driven SaaS hiring platform which enables companies to recruit on-demand. It enables a convenient process for both you as a startup and the potential candidates, thereby making the recruitment process more pleasant for both sides. Most importantly through both the matching engine and the real-time batch analysis it is ensured that you will receive well-suited candidates for your roles in real time.

On the other hand, AngelList is targeted for startups and candidates specifically looking for jobs in those. It is another opportunity to find talent and especially lucrative given that posting a job is free. Moreover, there are many candidates with currently around 1,6 Million active users on the platform.  



Nowadays, fairs are still a very effective tool for raising brand awareness and generating leads for a company. However, these tend to be costly which is one more of the common startup problems since they need to operate on very tight budgets.  

This is where matchmaking platforms for event management such as Eventdex  come in to. It is an event management app which helps your startup to set up and plan your event easily. It is a common problem for exhibitors of not having had the opportunity to engage with the desired prospects. Eventdex is using AI software to match you as an exhibitor with the appropriate prospects. This way it is enabling your company to generate more leads while improving your exhibition ROI at the same time.

Only using a single-click, exhibitors have the opportunity of exporting their business matchmaking data to their CRM. This way your startup can study profiles which are the best for your product or service.

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4. Growth problems

Lots of startups face the issue of not growing and scaling fast enough, thereby losing out on their strong competition. A very effective way of growing your startup faster can be partnering up with big corporations if executed with the right strategy. There are matchmaker platforms that help to match startups with corporations to win the scaling game.  The matchmaker venture is an example of a platform that helps in this by connecting startups to corporates.  By doing this startups are profiting from pre-selected globally scouted innovation. The matchmakers within this platform are industry experts with thorough topic knowledge by being leaders in their line of business and having the necessary knowledge to help startups facing growth problems. 

For those of you who prefer a visual content, we also created an infographic with top article highlights: 


startup problems infographic


About the Authors

Keyi Chen, Felix Micke, Luc Smeets, Melanie Losfeld and Sandra Liliana Gomez Esteban are master students in EADA Business school and they share the same passion for startups!


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