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Cooperative AI Workshop at Neurips 2021

This initiative appeared for the first time last year with the same name at Neurips 2020. The high level perspective paper of Open Problems in Cooperative AI presented on the website offered a general overview of the main challenges that … Read More


Cooperative Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning and QMIX at Neurips 2021

Authors: Gema Parreño, David Suarez (Apiumhub).  Thanks to: Alberto Hernandez (BBVA Innovation Labs) The following blogspot aims to do an introduction about Cooperative MARL  and goes through innovations by S. Whiterson Lab, with QMIX (2019)  their current contributions for #Neurips2021. Going through this article … Read More


3rd International Summer School on Artificial Intelligence and Games: AI Game Jam winner Garden of AIden overview

During July 5-9th, 2021, the 3rd International Summer School took part online, and I had the chance to participate in it as an attendee and the honour to be one of the winners of the Game Jam. From here, a … Read More

Forecasting Immunity Vaccination progress with Prophet

Forecasting Immunity Vaccination progress with Prophet

To predict herd immunity in a given country given the data, we  studied different parameters coming from country vaccinations dataset. We selected  total_vaccinations and people_fully_vaccinated_per_hundred having into account this last ratio as one of the significant ones for measuring immunity … Read More

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