Data-Driven Project Solutions

Data-Driven Project Solutions

We design and develop new solutions to make objective decisions based on data

At Apiumhub we believe in data science projects that discover what companies really need to help make strategic decisions based on data analysis.

We believe that companies can leverage data-driven product strategies that lead to differentiation and competitive advantage. Data productization can take your business to new levels

We design and develop new intelligent solutions, we analyze the behaviour and the use that users make of them, and we scale them in an optimal and efficient way. Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) can be described as productized data-driven insight on demand. DaaS allows multiple business users to access the data and insights they need at the timing they desire, location-independent of where the data has been sourced and managed. We also develop Business Intelligence projects in order to give the necessary tools for the business to take the most appropriate strategic and operational decisions, using data analysis as the basis.

Our experts in data-driven projects allow organizations to outsource their analytical needs, since the hierarchy of value creation beyond information is a major challenge for most organizations.

A data-driven approach to your project comes with the ability to analyze the performance of a project objectively, and make rational and informed decisions, playing a huge part in your project’s success.

Data-Driven Services

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Data-oriented Software

We make an architecture audit to obtain information about your project’s state and your product’s capacity to evolve. As a result, we detect your critical points, both current and potential, we define the architecture and development flow to avoid these problems and we create an action plan that let’s us implement this architecture.

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Business Analytics Systems

We develop and implement the suitable architecture for your project, both independently and alongside your technical team to help it grow.

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Machine Learning

We use Machine Learning Techniques to improve automatically through experience and by the use of data.

Smart Decisions

Data-driven decisions are considered as smart decisions. Data science plays an important role in not just helping make decisions, but based in real data related to the business side.

Target Identification

Every product and service needs to target the right demographics to make the maximum benefit or sales of their product or services. By using analytical models and data sources, it becomes easy to identify and further refine the set of the target audience for the service or product.

Transforming risk analysis

Analyzing data along with predictive analysis allows us to be forewarned of certain risk scenarios. We can then propose a plan of action to mitigate the risk and suggest alternative workings to achieve our goals.

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