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Autotech is a disruptive technology that has changed the automotive sector. For over two decades, major progress has been made in fuel economy, ride quality and safety. And it is expected that within a couple of years, a standard passenger car will be able to drive with a great level of autonomy. Nowadays, the automotive industry isn’t just about new vehicles anymore. More and more startups are appearing around servicing the new economy around connected vehicles and the anticipation around autonomous vehicles. Many companies are rethinking cars and trucks, less as modes of transportation and more as mobile services and platforms. Therefore, I decided to write down top AutoTech trends & facts as well as booming AutoTech startups.

Top AutoTech trends to keep an eye on

Electric Vehicles
Automakers view electrification as critical to the future of the automotive space, and are accelerating efforts to electrify their fleets.

Autonomous vehicles
Despite a substantial market opportunity for autonomous vehicles, the timeline for full autonomy is still unclear. Electrification has become top-of-mind for automakers in recent years, dominating the conversation, however, automakers are still working towards full autonomy to guarantee safety and comfort, and the market is projected to reach approximately $80B by 2025.

Advanced driver assistance
Until full autonomy is achieved, automakers are enhancing driver safety technology to work with human drivers and minimize errors. Advancements in sensor technology and developments in machine vision software enable semi-autonomous driving, helping vehicles detect and process their surroundings.

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Robots remain crucial to automotive manufacturing, as new vehicle architectures require higher levels of automation and flexibility. The automotive sector already leads demand for industrial robotics, and it’s forecasted to maintain that demand in the future.

Connected vehicle technology that enables real-time fleet visibility and data collection is a new opportunity for automakers.

Big Data & AI
Artificial Intelligence will be critical for development of connected cars that can efficiently handle several risk factors like traffic accidents. It will help in fixing of potential problems like vehicle breakdowns. As a result of predictive analysis, car makers will be able to tackle competition, cost pressures and vehicle performance more efficiently.

In 2020 advancements in imaging technology and emerging distribution models may spark the transition to direct online buying.

HD Mapping
Highly-precise digital mapping technology will help autonomous vehicles localize themselves with centimeter-level accuracy. A number of automakers are investing directly into mapping technology, and Google is also making headway in the space. The growth of mapping technology and its integration into vehicles will be one of the top auto tech trends of 2020.

Booming AutoTech Startups

The first one on our list of AutoTech startups is Nexa, which announced that its 1080p dashcam records what’s happening around the vehicle. That makes it ideal for insurance claims when a car is involved in an accident. Footage can be accessed from the cloud; no fidgeting with SD data cards is required. Nexar’s dashcam video can also be shared with city planners to improve traffic and spot potholes in real time.

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Second one on our list of AutoTech startups is While most software designed to power self-driving cars relies on programmed rules to drive the vehicle, deep learning enables to write software that thinks like the human brain thinks, which does not always follow the rules. And deep learning technology is not just used to help the vehicle maneuver through traffic, but also uses it to control how the software communicates with onboard IoT sensors and systems.

And the third one on our list of AutoTech startups is Carwow – a UK-based startup that promises to connect car buyers with car dealers in a smart and efficient way.The platform also enables consumers to compare offers online, allowing buyers to make the best decision based on price, location, dealer ratings and more.

The last but lost least on our list of AutoTech startups is Montir – an internet company that provides on-demand platform for automotive care. It is a place where customers can order car services, repairs and detailing and get them delivered to their homes. It strives to be the number one auto-service platform in Indonesia by providing solutions for all automotive needs.

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