Compass Tech Summit: A Remarkable 5-In-1 Tech Conference

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Do you like technology events? Are you passionate about learning and connecting with other professionals? If the answer is yes, then you should check out the Compass Tech Summit.

Compass Tech Summit is an inclusive and professional conference that takes place on October 5-6 at the Hungarian Railway Museum in Budapest, Hungary. This year, the conference will bring together under one roof several conferences, including Reinforce, Stretch, Crunch, Amuse, and Impact. All of them will take place at the same time and in the same venue, so you can get a holistic experience. Apiumhub is a proud partner of this remarkable conference.

The Compass Tech Summit is a unique experience to learn about the latest trends from top-notch international speakers, deepen your knowledge, elevate your skills, and connect with fellow professionals. CraftHub, the multifaceted IT event management company with a diverse portfolio of conferences, hackathons, developer competitions, and workshops, is the organizer.

Are you interested in knowing more about the Compact Tech Summit? Keep reading!

Compass Tech Summit: 5-in-1 Conferences


Reinforce is an international Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning hybrid conference as part of the Compass Tech Summit. Is a great place for deep learning engineers, machine learning researchers, data scientists, intelligence developers, and all kinds of engineers to learn about the latest technologies related to AI and ML. This year, the conference will feature internationally renowned experts such as Milán Janosov, Research Affiliate, Chief Data Scientist at CEU, Baoba Insurance, and Gergely Szertics, CEO at Artificial Intelligence Partners Kft, among others.

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You can find more information about the Reinforce conference here.


Crunch is an international conference all about the data world as part of the Compass Tech Summit. It is a great opportunity, especially if you are interested in learning about the latest trends in the topic of data from top-notch speakers, deepening your knowledge in NLP, product sense, sustainable machine learning, or MLOps to elevate your business. Keynote speakers include Jordan Tigani, Co-Founder and Chief Duck-Herder at MotherDuck, and Lea Pica, Data Storytelling Advocate and Trainer at Story-Driven Data. The featured speakers also include experts in the field, from CEOs to data engineering managers and senior software engineers. 

Want more information about the Crunch Conference? Click here.


Amuse serves as an international conference that combines elements of UX and UI, within the context of the Compass Tech Summit. This conference focuses on AI-powered design, design systems, product personalization, ethical design, and sustainability. Amuse Conference features industry-leading experts who are coming from companies like Netflix, Shopify, Google, LinkedIn, and Meta. They are all ready to share their experiences and great knowledge to help you succeed.

Learn more about the Amuse Conference here. 

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Impact is an international conference about product management as part of the Compass Tech Summit. This conference focuses specifically on product-led organizations, customer centricity, product vision, and strategy. It’s a great opportunity if you are a senior product manager or head of product. The Impact Conference will feature industry-leading experts who are coming from companies like Google, Wise, Skyscanner, or Microsoft. 

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Get more details about the Impact conference here. 


Last but not least, we have the Stretch conference, which is focused on engineering leadership. Last year, Apiumhub had the chance to participate in this conference as a media supporter. Whether you hold a leadership position, manage teams, work in business development, hold a vice president role, or are interested in enhancing your leadership skills, this conference is for you!

This global conference unites individuals in leadership and managerial roles within communities, fostering an environment for the exchange of ideas, best practices, and emerging trends and concepts aimed at personal growth and improvement.

Find more information about the Stretch conference here.

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