Daqri smart helmet – VR and AR for 4.0 industry

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Smart cities, smart vehicles, smart homes, smart assistance, smart lifestyle … the word smart is used today a lot. And many companies and people try to live and do business in a smarter way. Today, we would like to present the new initiative of our partner: Tworeality, who along with Realmore were the first ones to launch the AR Smart Assistance project in Spain, Daqri smart helmet.

AR Smart assistance

AR smart assistance is an Augmented Reality application for wearables (Smart Glasses & Smart Helmets) and mobile devices (Smartphones and Tablets) that connects industry operators with the necessary information to complete their work, ensuring greater efficiency and reducing the number of mistakes. Flexible and scalable, AR smart assistance can be configured and implemented for different use cases within an activity, from the factory to the warehouse.

AR smart assistance supports operators with step-by-step instructions using text, icons, images, 3D models and animations to complete specific tasks. Workflows are integrated into the company’s backend systems such as ERP, MES, WHS or CRM, and are associated with work in progress. This allows workers to access, capture and send digital information about the activity in real time. Since new cases of augmented reality use are defined, AR smart assistance can be implemented and configured to support the work to be done and can be developed continuously since new functions are required and new hardware is introduced in the market.

Main features of AR smart assistance

  • Instructions and guided workflow
  • Assignments of activities in real time
  • Capture, share and view photos / videos
  • Video calls “You see what I see”
  • Detects and shows live machine data
  • Enable vocal and touch commands
  • Supports multiple device models (mobile and wearables) to meet the needs of an evolving market
  • Deploy client, cloud or hybrid content
  • Works on multiple hardware devices
  • Allows you to implement new use cases as your business grows


  • + 32% increase in productivity of the labor force
  • 30% reduction of errors during work activities
  • -25% time reduction to complete the tasks
  • Improve operational performance
  • Increase the value of the labor force
  • Reduce the latency and cost of paper-based processes
  • Facilitates on-the-job training and cross-training
  • Provides information and data within the field of vision of the operator
  • Solving anomalies in real time and creating digital control paths
  • Connecting workers, both locally and remotely
  • Facilitating activities for compliance
  • Provides documentary procedures for the analysis of causes
  • Improve the quality of scale processes
  • Integrate with existing systems and data sets
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Daqri smart helmet

Daqri smart helmet is a new product of AR smart assistance, which is used a lot by engineers, technicians and workers. The DAQRI helmet connects workers with the surrounding work environment giving useful information in real time to accelerate and simplify the work. Due to a series of sensors capable of recording and interacting with outside world in 360 degrees and a “thermal” vision, these features simplify the realization of some specific tasks: from the reconstruction of all the characteristics of a certain accessory to the control of a certain element, such as a valve. The worker is thus able to evaluate, as if equipped with an X-ray view, tubes and machinery verifying the correct functioning.

Daqri smart helmet creates a complete map of the entire environment: from the structures that are being completed to those that have just been sketched. You can transfer the data to the digital format, and immediately share it; video content, audio,etc. It’s a helmet that can work without WiFi, Bluetooth or GPS connection; maximizing the power of augmented reality (and 4D technology), represents a perfect solution for every type of construction site; even the least accessible and, logistically, the most complex. The helmet allows to receive and make video calls with the operative unit to have instructions in real time and assignment of activities. It is also possible to take photos and videos of a particular machine and then send them to clients for their approval. This helmet really simplifies the training process of workers, as it can be done directly in the working field. Last year it was tested by more than 100 different companies from various industries: from the aerospace sector to the construction industry, etc.

Why should you use AR Smart Assistance and Daqri smart helmet in particular?

Increase productivity
Due to the latest technology applied to your work area, the system allows you to have and maintain the information of all the equipment in a more visual and connected way. It allows reacting to change in a faster way. Also, it is possible to send messages to other colleagues and keep an up-to-date list of tasks to be done. Moreover, AR smart assistance uses the screen of mobile and wearables devices to visualize 3D content and 2D information superimposed on the real world to provide instructions and guidance to operators. It has many use cases, one of them is to create checklists to guide the operator to perform unfamiliar tasks and verify that the activities are completed according to the requirements and in the correct order. With AR smart assistance you can see and interact with data in real time from any IoT machine.
Workers can make repairs, diagnose problems and become aware when
Data reacts in response to their interactions.

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Reduce errors
Having the opportunity to do video calls and share the visual data among workers, reduces the error factor by 200%. Through the IoT technology, the system allows to maintain updated and have information about the current status, therefore it is easier to foresee possible errors. Also, with AR smart assistance you can make audio and video recordings and take pictures to share best practices, document the quality of work or take notes on repairs and inspections. You can share them with your team or in an automatic way insert them into the compliance and documentation processes. And the alert service immediately informs the workers if there is a problem or error in the workflow, also it updates the status of the activities and alerting workers when there are some possible safety hazards in their environment.

Optimize the strength of work
Teaching videos and photos with instructions can be incorporated directly into the activity phases, allowing versatility to your workforce. Workers can see how to perform an activity before doing it and record the results to ensure quality. With AR smart assistance, notifications are sent, displayed temporarily and are designed to give the user the visibility of things that are important to them: a new activity to do, a video that was sent, etc. And we can recreate industrial scenarios in hyper-realistic and interactive 3D way, where all the elements present in the scene react to the user’s interaction in real time and in an immersive 360 ° environment. We can perform simulations of industrial environments such as construction quarries, refineries, petrochemical facilities, power plants and hazardous or hazardous locations. These virtual experiences are aimed at manufacturers of machinery and facilities, as well as engineering, consulting, service, training and information companies. It allows us to live a 3D experience and evaluate the productive processes in an innovative and very effective way.

Apps for 3D visualization and real-time configuration of industrial facilities and large machinery. The generated models can be visualized in the industrial environment in which they will be placed as well as in exhibition spaces. For example, Simulation of production and movement – is a solution that uses Augmented Reality and allows us to make an immersion of the industrial machinery as see everything up to very small details.
Virtual presentations for fairs and events – packing and transporting industrial machinery from one part of the world to another to present it during international fairs has a very high cost, both in economic and ecological terms. But with the Augmented Reality you can visualize the product, by preparing HD cameras and screens.
In addition, it is the ideal solution to save time, materials, transport and packaging in the realization of the prototype, it allows: visualization of products not yet manufactured, realization of design tasks in immersive environments, ease of understanding of what, how and where for final customer, immersive use and intuitive experience.

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Which sectors take advantage of AR smart assistance and Daqri smart helmet the most?

Automotive – increasingly sophisticated products, quality control and systems.

Aerospace – greatest involvement of this technology and strict controls.

Manufacturing – instant access to content, assembly and other information to help improve performance.

Pharmaceutical – tests in laboratories with simulation of environments and “practical analysis”.

Industrial environment – in the public services environment, a more “smart” maintenance of resources can become a quality asset.

Telcom – a work capacity that can be optimized, connected and managed in a more comfortable way without the use of contractors.

Retail – the storage, logistics and distribution system with this software “facilitates the process of collection, packaging, storage and shipment of goods”.

Health – the applications of new technologies in general medicine and health are the most expected. The ability to improve diagnosis and forecast of diseases would help to solve complicated issues and diseases.

Resources – several oil companies were the first ones to adopt this technology and apply it to different services; system operations, as well as for scientific and laboratory uses.

In Apiumhub we create AR experiences:

  • We recreate, in virtual reality, realistic and interactive 3D industrial environments in which the elements react to the actions of the user.
  • We recreate in virtual reality industrial environments such as quarries, refineries, petrochemical facilities, power plants and dangerous sites in general, where operators work under risk conditions and must comply with established procedures.
  • This experience is aimed at manufacturers and companies, suppliers of consulting services, training and maintenance.

Case study Aprilia

If you are interested in getting your Daqri smart helmet or you have questions about its use, feel free to contact us to get more info about it!

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