Google Cloud Platform solutions for online systems

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This month Apiumhub was proud to be invited to assist the conference that was organized by Google and Ackstorm in Tecnocampus Mataró where Google Cloud Platform solutions for online systems were presented. 

We were invited there by Ackstorm, while we were discussing the project of Pulpolab. We always try to work hand by hand with the clients and go to events with them, support each other.


Google Cloud Platform solutions for online systems


As you may know, Google introduced their Cloud Services 7 years ago. Since then, it is becoming more and more popular due to its quality-price relation and performance efficiency. In this event, members of Google explained the Google Cloud Platform solutions and how their Cloud Infrastructure can be properly designed and managed with the support of Ackstorm-ECmanaged.

We were happy to be part of this conference that was mainly about cloud platform and the main functionalities and used cases. This event was extremely successful; you could breath the tech geek atmosphere! The place was superb, with great views to the sea and the facilities of the Tecnocampus.

The first speech was given by Juan Lorenzo, the Head of Google Cloud Platform Sales in Iberia. He gave an introduction to the GCP, explained the problems it can solve, the way it helps startups and companies and he showed some case studies. He had a short speech, but he was so precise, that from the start you could feel the greatness and power of what was about to come.

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Later speeches were given by Ackstorm people. Actually, they are a modern cloud company with great expertise in the area.

We attended the speech of Javier Domingo, who is a senior Engineer at Ackstorm – ECmanaged. His goal was to show current needs of Cloud Architecture and Design, different practices used of GCP tools, google app, google computer storage, google cloud datastore, google big query and Docker orchestration with Kubernetes.

The final speech was given by Gabriel Rivera, business development at Ackstorm – ECmanaged. He actually gave recommendations about cloud solutions for companies, elastic computing, cloud architecture, cloud performance, management and monitoring.


GCP seems to be one of the best solutions for online systems. It has its own network that connects its data centres and does not rely on the common infrastructure.

Furthermore, it uses software-defined networking technology to route packets across the globe and enable fast edge-caching. But this is one of the infinite services that google offers. You can find them all on their own web page.

It was a good example of how a conference should look like and be held.
All of us really enjoyed it and networking while having a beer towards the end of the event was the icing on the cake.

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