Top 5 RegTech startups to watch

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More and more companies and governments put a focus on managing risk, complying with stricter rules and regulations. More and more Regtech startups are born out of this combination of regulatory change and more efficient technology.

RegTech is basically the use of new technology to facilitate the delivery of regulatory requirements. It puts a particular focus on regulatory monitoring, reporting, and compliance and is thus benefiting the finance industry. The objective of RegTech is to enhance transparency as well as consistency and to standardize regulatory processes. The ecosystem is currently exploding. Dozens of RegTech startups have popped up in the past years and today I would like to look at the most promising ones:

Top 5 RegTech startups to watch


NetGuardians is an award-winning Swiss RegTech company that helps financial institutions to fight financial crime. The startup developed the first augmented intelligence solution made for banks to proactively prevent fraud.

2. Apiax

Apiax builds a powerful toolset to master complex financial regulations digitally. They build a comprehensive RegTech solution to transform complex regulations into digital regulatory rules and to manage the full lifecycle of digital regulations. You can use Apiax’ technology for anything from cross-border compliance to digital wealth management and investment services.

3. Finform

Finform digitizes and approves compliance formalities. This is achieved via standardization, industrialization, and digitalization of relevant processes and a combination of software and services.

4. Trulioo

Trulioo claims to be global leaders in electronic I.D. verification. The firm uses data analysis and open APIs to enable instant verification of identities and addresses. Trulioo collects data from social networks, credit files, government records, and mobile apps. By making sure they serve legitimate customers, financial organizations protect themselves against fraud. The service currently operates in 400 countries and has received a total investment of $23 million. The company’s main concern is to re-establish trust in the financial sector.

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5. ClauseMatch

ClauseMatch enables companies to collate and edit files, emails, and documents on a single platform. It also helps these companies keep an audit trail of any changes made to their records. ClauseMatch is an award-winning London-based financial technology company that provides a software-as-a-service platform for smart document management.

If you know other RegTech startups and you think they deserve to be on this list, feel free to mention them in the comments section below!

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