Apiumhub is hiring software developers! Join us!

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We are hiring software developers! We are growing our software development team and we want essential people to be part of it. We need more software experts in Apiumhub. We have different interesting projects from all over the world, but what we always do the same – we build goal-driven working software. 


We are hiring software developers


At Apiumhub, we are software architecture and software development experts. We believe that working closely with a team makes developers grow. We don’t take regular projects, we take projects where we can grow and use the latest technologies. We are agile and we believe that our software developers should use TDD & CI to deliver projects to be proud of. We build scalable digital products and think about performance and cost reduction every time we start the project. 


Apiumhub is…

Apiumhub is a software hub of proactive high quality specialists in software architecture, DevOps and software development.

  • We solve complex problems with our high quality solutions.
  • We build powerful and scalable digital products.
  • We put pragmatism and problem solving in the center of every project we work on.

Apiumhub is a safe place for growth and self-development. It connects great minds, creating a pool of renewable knowledge. Our people are at the core of Apiumhub. We run many internal sessions and projects where we learn from and share knowledge with each other to never stop growing. Our people are never alone, even when they are working with a client. We are constantly helping each other, regardless which project we are working on.

  iOS developer job offer

Working at Apiumhub implies constant development and teamwork. Every member of the team has its own personalized career path within the company, but at the same time we all grow together as professionals and as Apiumhub brand.


Working at Apiumhub Means….

• Flexible working hours
• Working from home ( with a possibility to work from the office)
• Training/Events budget
• Sharing knowledge through articles & participating in the events
• Teamwork
• Opportunity to share feedback on a weekly basis during the
company call/meeting
• Proactivity, every voice counts


A little bit about us…

Apiumhub was 2014 when the company was founded by Evgeny Predein & Christian Ciceri. They have always shared the same vision, putting best practices in the center of software development and software architecture.

In 2018 Apiumhub became a shareholder of Agora Images – Best Mobile App in Spain 2018.

And in 2019 Apiumhub started to actively contribute to a new initiative – Apium Academy, where Apiumhub developers give software architecture courses & workshops.

Also, in 2019 Apiumhub organised the first edition of Global Software Architecture Summit in Barcelona.

In 2020 Apiumhub has launched it’s own product VYou – customer identity and access management solution


Now, Apiumhub offers services of…

• Software architecture
• Web development
• Mobile development
• DevOps
• QA
• Product Ownership
• Data science


Our mission

Build goal-driven working software


Words that describe us

• High quality
• Specialists
• Proactivity
• Problem Solving
• Pragmatic


Our Values

  • Never stop growing.
  Senior frontend developer, join us!

We come from different backgrounds, with experience in different fields. We learn from each other and care about our personal growth. Every day, we grow our knowledge. We always want to learn more, we never stop growing.

  • Go for it.

Everything we do has a purpose. We measure our results, we need to know if we’re in the right direction. All our actions are linked to a goal. We don’t just work to work, we got for it.

  • Growing family.

We know that alone, we won’t go far. We respect and appreciate our people. We welcome with open arms new members joining our team. No matter the number, we are a growing family.

  • Make it yours.

We are honest, transparent and proactive. We believe in the power of communication, may it be with the team or with the client. We have the sense of responsibility, we make it ours.


Apiumhub team


We are a young and dynamic multicultural team with a diverse range of skills in software development. We are driven by our passion for technology. All of us are huge fans of Agile methodologies and we share the same thirst for learning. We guarantee that not only you will have fun with our team, but will exponentially grow as a software developer.

Working at Apiumhub implies constant development. We value teamwork and shared knowledge.

Check our Social Media Networks to see our daily life and learning materials we discuss on a regular basis:


Who are we searching for? We are hiring software developers! 

We care about Soft Skills as much as we care about Hard Skills, let us name a few that we pay particular attention to:

  Interview with Evgeny Predein - CEO of Apiumhub


Hard Skills

  • Experience in working with Agile teams; scrum, kanban
  • Experience in working with TDD & CI
  • Experience in object-oriented development, SOLID
  • Design, build, and maintain high performance, reusable, and reliable code
  • Experience in unit testing
  • Experience with Social Media integrations
  • Write clean and testable code
  • Fluent in English
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • 3+ years of software development experience
  • Experience with some of the following languages: PHP, Kotlin, Node.js, Java. .NET, React, Vue
  • DevOps experience
  • Understanding of refactoring concepts
  • Knowledge of the main and the most used design patterns


Soft Skills we value a lot

  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Sharp analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Attention to details
  • Objectives-driven professional
  • Motivation and passion to take an assignment from beginning to end and get it done right and in a timely manner
  • Proactivity
  • Willingness to learn more and grow
  • Measure results
  • Teamwork
  • Transparency
  • Responsibility
  • Pragmatism


We always look for people with fresh minds to join us. If you think you’re interested in growing your career & skills, check out our software developer jobs!


Job offers in Apiumhub

  • Kotlin Developer
  • Vue Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • Android Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • .NET developer
  • React developer 


Ready to join us? Apply here! We can’t wait to know more about you!  


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