22 most influential innovation blogs to follow

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Hello, innovation lovers! Right now if you google innovation blogs and magazines you will have a thousand results and every year it becomes harder and harder to know whose insights and advice are worth your attention. At the same time, it is extremely important to stay on the cutting edge of innovation insight, ideas, products, and techniques, therefore we decided to analyze all these innovation blogs for you and come up with the top 20 of the current year.

After days of research, analysis, and voting, I am proud to share with you the most influential ones, taking into account: RSS, Engagement rate, pageviews, domain authority, content quality, authors, etc. So, here you have them, a list of the best innovation blogs by the world’s most influential innovation bloggers and authors.

22 most influential innovation blogs and experts you need to follow

1. InnovationManagement

The first one on the list of top innovation blogs is InnovationManagement.se, which evolved from an online magazine with an audience based mostly in Western Europe to an online resource and learning center with an impressive growing global audience. Besides that, IM has collaborated with educational institutions and industry leaders on numerous side-projects such as research, reports, training, and forums. Their mission is to provide relevant, inspiring, and actionable knowledge to businesses and individuals looking to increase their innovation capabilities. In this blog, you may find best practices, tools, and related resources among innovation practitioners and professionals. It is a really great blog if you are interested in the latest cutting-edge approaches to innovation challenges.

2. Innovation excellence

Innovation Excellence is the online home of the global innovation community, with thousands of members from over 175 countries – thought leaders, executives, practitioners, consultants, vendors, and academia representing all sectors and industries. In this blog, you can find resources, best practices, and proven answers for achieving innovation excellence.

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3. Entrepreneur innovation news

Here you may find the latest news, videos, and discussion topics on innovation. Leading entrepreneurs share their experiences, ideas, and case studies. If you own a business or you are planning to start one and you want to do something new and cool, you absolutely need to check out this blog.

4. Board of Innovation

In Board of Innovation, you may find interesting articles and case studies where you can learn how corporates can innovate like startups using made-to-measure innovation tools. Following this blog you will have a chance to discover inside tips and 100 innovation resources from innovation consultants and entrepreneurs.

5.  Innocentive

In this blog, you will find innovation insights, best practices, and case studies from the global leaders in challenge-driven innovation.

6. Inventhelp

The invent help blog focuses on covering innovation topics and educating inventors in every stage of the invention process. Here you may find topics covering innovation prototyping, patenting, manufacturing, licensing, pitching, public relations, marketing, and business.

7. Google news

Of course, this blog should be on the list, without any doubt. Here you will always find the latest comprehensive up-to-date news coverage for innovation, aggregated from sources all over the world by Google News.

8. HYPE Innovation

A blog about innovation management and collaborative innovation. Here you may find articles covering full life-cycle innovation process from ideas to market.

9. Innovate UK

In a blog of Innovate UK you can find interesting innovation articles about technology, science and products that will grow the UK economy.

10. The Burrus blog

The Burrus Blog features articles from Daniel Burrus, who is considered one of the World’s Leading futurists on Global trends and innovation. To become a successful innovation practitioner, you must understand management theory and practice, but you also need to stay abreast of a quickly changing society. As a world-leading futurist and trend-watcher, Daniel Burrus has a lot to say about innovation.

11. Inventors digest

Inventors Digest explores the intersection of business and innovation. This magazine and blog are committed to educating and inspiring its global audience of engineers, scientists, students, designers, marketers, and mom-and-pop inventors. Her topics range from new inventions on the market to trade show recaps to inspiring personal stories that inspired innovation and bright ideas to improve lives.

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12. Innovation in practice

This is a great place to get a corporate perspective on innovation methods. This blog teaches you how to be a successful innovator, describing the importance of courage and the diversity of strategies.

13. Innovation stories

Innovation Stories is a research project to talk about innovation in the form of comics. Comics allow to present abstract concepts as stories that are easy to connect to real-life experiences at daily work. The purpose is to provide professionals a better understanding of innovation management and a critical view of popular practices. Very visual and cool content!

14. Innovation feeder

This site is your inspiration and food for your brain. It’s packed with innovative global businesses and products.

15. Scott Anthony at the Harvard Business Review

The Harvard Business Review is one of the most influential websites in the field of business, management, and innovation. Besides authors like Clayton Christensen, Henry Chesbrough, and Alexander Osterwalder, there is one author who focuses solely on innovation and digital transformation: Scott Anthony, CEO of Innosight. Many of his articles are accessible for free and represent some of the most forward-looking innovation principles from a CEO’s perspective

16. Washingtonpost – innovation

It is Washington Post, the best authors, leading entrepreneurs, and innovation experts share facts about new products and services in the market.

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17. Apiumhub blog

One of this blog’s top-read categories is the technology industry trends category. It is all about innovation and disruptive ideas, as well as tips, startups, and news in the technology world.

18. Technology review 

Technology Review focuses on the technology first. Their annual look at 35 outstanding innovators under 35 is a reminder that behind all those innovations are people with dreams, fears, and ambitions. Sometimes they hack away at a problem for years before figuring out a way forward. Sometimes they stumble on a solution they didn’t know they were searching for. These portraits offer a sense of the variety of work being done in technology and a sense of what’s coming next. Great place to get inspired!

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19. Harvard Business Review – Innovation

This source is one of the most credible ones. Here you will find articles backed up by a lot of research, studies, and experiences. Here key innovation minds share their innovative methods and case studies.

20. I’mnovation #hub

This innovation blog was created in Madrid and covers very interesting topics regarding energy, construction, water, digital transformation, science & technology and society.

21. Innolytics

In this blog, you may find information about idea management, innovation audit tools, innovation management software, innovation culture, incremental innovation, radical innovation, and many more! Highly recommended to follow this blog!

22.  Viima’s blog

Viima’s blog offers in-depth guides on different innovation topics, as well as more practical ones. There you may find current innovation trends, idea challenges, how to manage disruptive innovation, tools for idea management, etc.

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