Apiumhub brings together a community of software developers & architects, and partners with other experts in the industry to provide our clients with the best team to help you transform your idea into a powerful and scalable product.

We want to be able to cover the whole process of product transformation and development. After doing some research, talking to clients and friends in the industry, we realised that in order to offer the best solutions, we need to create this network of experts in the digital industry; seo, digital marketing, design, Iot, blockchain, lawyers, etc.

Today, we are more than just a software development company, we are a tech hub that reunites innovation, design & technology. We cover the whole cycle of digital product development by collaborating with different partners, each one specialized in his own field.



Why do we believe in having strategic partnerships?



A common error committed by many business owners is to try to do everything themselves. They often end up doing too much but not being experts in anything!

We believe that having partners on our side provides us with multiple benefits. It gives us the opportunity to access more resources and expertise. We have access to a bigger set of skills and that implies being able to provide clients with a more complete service.

By partnering up with experts that deliver excellent services in different areas that are related to our field, we are able to focus on our strengths while our partners cover the areas outside of our expertise.


Apiumhub partners


We partner when we believe. In fact, when we see that a partner can bring additional value to our clients and shares our values, we don’t hesitate much!

In our opinion, the key to successful partnerships is to be sure that those partnerships are built on trust, commitment, collaboration & communication.

We don’t partner up with 2 companies from the same are, we choose the best ones from the best ones, creating a strong tech hub in Barcelona.




North is a spinoff of Apiumhub. Spinoff and partner. Almost everything we do, we do together.
North is a digital product studio that creates memorable experiences through product & services. They have already done projects for Renault, Geenapp, Cl3ver, Grupo Planeta, Antai, icar and many more.


To start the project, a lot of research is done. The most important is to have a good understanding of the business’ objectives, build the competitors’ map, understand the user’s needs, have a clear view of the customer’s journey and define the business’ KPIs.

When building the strategy, the product’s category is taken into account to build killer features and to create a competitive advantage for the client.

During this phase, the content requirements are determined and the information architecture is designed.

After that is designed the user journey, use cases, interaction design & usability tests are done.

Finally, the last phase before development is focused on interface design, navigation design, information design & prototyping




SEOCOM is an award winning agency that helps you build your SEO strategy and optimise the online presence of you brand. We have been working with SEOCOM from the beginning and we completely trust them because they are the best in SEO in Barcelona and I would even say in Spain. We should say that this is a partner we can be proud of! They win numerous international awards and work with leading companies like: La Caixa, Isdin, Pronovias, Miscota, Friendly rentals, Privalia, Rent4days, Joselito, Sony music and many others.


Positioning SEO/SEM
Focused on positioning your website on the first 5 results in order to get the maximum returns of branding, conversions or sales.

Pay Per Click Advertising
Oriented on optimizing your investment in order to get you the maximum amount of conversions for the least amount of money.

Online Reputation Management
Prevent, improve and fight the negative results of your products or brands, which appear on the search results.

Conversion Optimization
Increase the percentage of visitors that convert into customers.




Two Reality is a VR & AR agency, which specialises in creating 3D content for memorable experiences. They have a cool showroom with VR glasses, by the way they gave them to us as well. You can try them in our office! Two reality works on the projects all around the world for clients like: Nestle, Aquarius, Zurich, RedBull, Repsol, Reebok and many others.


360 videos
Creation of 360 videos for Cardboard, samsung gear and mobile.

3D experience
3D experience for Oculus Rift, Cardboard, samsung gear VR and Dive.

VR streaming
Advanced technology for VR streaming




Sweat is a production studio that uses animation, motion graphics, VFX and postproduction to create a heavy visual impact to meet strategic needs. Very creative guys, who are really passionate about what they are doing. They have already worked on cool projects for TBWA, Ogilvy, Nissan, Seat, Tous, Vichy Catalan, Gas Natural, Volkswagen – Audi, La Caixa and many others.


Concept, script, storytelling

Video & post
Shooting, Edit, color grading, visual effects

Character Animation, credits, 3D




Delvy Law & Finance is a law firm specialised in corporate law, e-commerce, data protection, growth & fundraising strategies and tax needs of companies in the TIC industry.
We love this parter a lot, they are very active, they organize monthly CEO talks, take active part in startup scene in Barcelona and always stay up to date with Technology innovation to offer best service to the clients.


Legal advice for incorporation, shareholders agreement and funding deals for technological companies.

Design a strategy to protect the most valuable intangible assets.

Bespoke services, both recurring and ad hoc.

Tax & Labour law
Law management and advices.




Thethings.io enables fast and scalable connection of things to the Internet, allowing to monitor and manage devices in real-time and get analytics reports. They have already done projects for Telefonica, Tele2, Intel and many others.


Connectivity & Normalization
Create your own library and connect from any IoT device.

Device & Licenses Management
Device and license management with flexible and automatic provisioning.

Cloud Code Processing & Action Management
Create triggers, jobs and functions and execute theme. Send notifications through twitter, sms or voice calls.

Data Monitoring & Visualization
Create custom IoT dashboards to monitor in real-time your customers behavior and product statuses.

Analytics, AI, Predictive & Other Tools
Analyze how your customers use your products, get the history of your products data. Configure logs to your products in order to understand your customers.

Interoperability & Integrations
Use their APIs, SDKs and Libraries to connect the data to your 3rd party existing devices and platforms




Comunicae is an advanced communication online software (SaaS), which is specialized in content and press management with an objective to implify the relationship between content generators and any means of communication. Comunicae is also a member of Barcelona tech city, it is great to have a partner to go to the events with. Especially when this partner is an expert in communication and press;)


Create your press release
Comunicae helps you create your own article with videos, images and links, sharing news about your business.

Distribute the news
Comunicae helps to spread the news across your target. They do the segmentation and create communication plan to reach your audience in the most effective way.

Monitor your impact
If you want to know the results of your press release, Comunicae gives you a complete report with the most relevant metrics on the impacts, mentions and repercussions.

Configure your alerts
If you are interested in knowing all the news of your sector, your competition or some specific topic, you can configure your own alerts to receive news how and when you want.




PickASO is an agency specialized in App Marketing & Mobile Growth, covering all stages of an app marketing cycle – ASO, acquisition, retention, monetization, and loyalty.


Mobile business strategy 
Each application is a small world. That is why it is so important that each mobile app has a strategic plan based on all the variables that can affect its growth. PickASO builds the best mobile marketing strategy for your app and get involved in your business. They really love application marketing and Mobile Growth Hacking!

Apps visibility 
Working on the visibility of an app is one of the most important pillars in any Mobile App Marketing strategy. PickASO plans ASO (App Store Optimization) and App Indexing strategies to maximize the visibility of your app and generate the maximum volume of organic downloads and engagement. 

Acquisition of users 
PickASO plans, launches and optimizes daily mobile user acquisition campaigns on Social Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), Google AdWords and mobile advertising networks (Ad Networks) to grow number of users. 




Silicon Valley Barcelona is a unique channel for Barcelona’s entrepreneurial community to expand their presence locally as well as internationally and share key startups, tech and innovation news, tips & events.


Share news
Do you have innovation or startups news? This is a right place to announce them! 

Share events
Are you organizing a technology or startups related event in Barcelona? If the answer is yes, this is definitely a good place to promote it. 

Share knowledge
Do you have something to share with other Entrepreneurs in Barcelona? Something that really worked and really helped you? This is a good chance to spread the word and share your innovation, startups or technology experience with other like-minded people. 

Share your story
Tell them your startup-story and they will share it with their highly engaging community. 



Abissi is a spinoff of Abinsula, which is specialized in Cybersecurity for Connected Cars and for Connected Objects. 


Vulnerability assessment and penetration test
This services aims to evaluate security level of networks, systems and applications

Code inspection
Code review is an essential step in software development cycle that helps to identify weakness and security breaches in your products. They improve software security in a variety of software platforms including PHP, C/C++, Python, Ruby, Bash, and SQL.

Secure code development
They offer software prototyping, deployment, and custom engineering following strong security guidelines and methodologies. They can also improve your software quality applying different techniques of dynamic and static testing and defect analysis.


Are you a potential partner?


Our mission is to continue growing our community & our areas of expertise by bringing together the most passionate & advanced experts that will have an impact on the tech industry.

If you believe that your business could provide an added value to our customers and that we could help provide a better service/product to yours, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Currently we are urgently search for Sys admin and blockchain partners, any suggestions?

We are always opened to new propositions and would love to listen to what you have in mind! Get in touch