Apium Academy is born: software development courses in Barcelona

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This monday 18th of March in Barcelona the Frontend Architecture: Angular course will begin, which will also mark the official birth of Apium Academy, a new academic initiative focused on software development. Apiumhub is actively collaborating with this project, a project that has a clear goal: to offer high quality software development courses and with a practical, hands-on approach, where current issues will be tackled (and solved) by searching for optimal solutions following best practices.

One of Apium Academy’s particular traits is that it won’t offer your typical, run of the mill development courses you can find anywhere else. To that end, one of the academy’s main assets are its teachers, a team of leading software developers with varying backgrounds (frontend and backend developers, iOS and Android specialists, product owners, software architects. . .) that will teach these lessons based on their own professional experience, acquired after working on a plethora of different projects. Furthermore, the all share the same passion for the world of software development, and they’re in a constant process of learning and improvement, assuring that these courses will be up to date.

As we’ve already mentioned, the first course that Apium Academy will offer will focus on Frontend Architecture; to be more specifically, on Angular. Throughout these 4 week training, special attention will be paid so students learn to properly work with Angular in a reactive way, to architect code that’s scalable and maintainable, to test an application and to create a complex UI using best practices.

This course will consist of 8 sessions of 1 hour and a half each, so lessons will be pretty intense. These trainings offered by Apium Academy will have a hands-on approach, meaning that all acquired knowledge can be easily and immediately applied in actual situations and issues.

This course will be the first of many; in fact, there’s already an Android Architecture and a Product Ownership courses ready to be announced, both following the same hands-on principles and application of best practices.

If you’re curious about this initiative and want to sign up for one of these software development courses, or you just simply want to receive more information about Apium Academy as a whole, we strongly recommend that you visit their website, Apiumacademy.com, or directly send an e-mail with any question or suggestion you might have at [email protected]. Go for it!


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