Apiumhub helps to launch software hubs in Barcelona

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Apiumhub has been operating in the software development industry since 2014. Over the last years it has positioned itself as one of the best quality software delivery agencies. It created and leads the community of Software Architecture in Barcelona, organizing meetups, workshops and hosting the GSAS (Global Software Architecture Summit ). Apium Academy we have opened in 2019 to keep growing the community and share the knowledge gathered during these years. And in 2020 we have launched VYou app – user management and access management solution to ease developers’ lives.  

Apiumhub specialization 

Right now, Apiumhub is known for the following aspects:

  1. Making your software scalable (software architecture)
  2. Making your software well performing
  3. Making your software easier to maintain (from the code perspective and from the teams interaction)
  4. Making your software easier to deploy (we have been pioneers in the CI / CD in Barcelona)
  5. Making your software reliable: TDD by default

Our core is Software Architecture, this is what we are famous for! 

And there are different technical areas that Apiumhub specializes in:

  • Java / Scala / Kotlin
  • .Net
  • nodeJS
  • PHP
  • Angular
  • React
  • iOS/ Android native

Apart from the development, we are currently developing our QA and Data departments with leading experts in this field. 

We strongly believe that the Product Owner’s role is critical in the success of a project, therefore we assign our POs to the projects we work on. All our product owners have a software development background with a business perspective, which makes them good communicators to unite all stakeholders of the team.  

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Apiumhub Workflow

The workflow we usually follow with our clients is described as follows:

  1. We need an initial project briefing (roadmap and technology specifications) to study the project internally.
  2. Once we get familiar with the project, we organize a workshop, a discovery session to work and understand the priorities and organize the backlog.
  3. Having that, we give an overall estimate for the defined “epics” or features blocks.
  4. With the estimations in hand we set delivery dates and product deadlines with the client.
  5. We enter an iterative way of collaboration and deliver a working piece of software every 2 weeks (the sprint time is to be defined with the client).
  6. Internally (if the clients want, externally as well) we follow Scrum methodology. We adapt it to every scenario and to every client.

Project development by Apiumhub

When we act as an outsourced team, we tend to work together with the technical team of the client on a shared or separate backlog. What is important here is the communication. There are some software architecture designs, DevOps or development practices that have to be discussed and agreed on. This understanding of every decision that is made during the development cycle is vital for the team’s coexistence and respect.

The communication is the part we care about the most in an outsourced project. If we see a deviation in the sprint or in the milestone, we raise our hand and try to solve it together with the client. If there is any technical decision we do not agree with (if it may affect the performance or reliability of the platform), we make sure everybody is aware of it. And if we notice any friction between the teams, we go straight to the point and try to clarify it.

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Hiring process by Apiumhub

The main difference between Apiumhub and other consultancy companies is the employees’ approach, and the company’s culture. 

Apiumhub culture attracts talent because of the philosophy of prioritizing software quality over the number of features to be delivered. The employees know that it is expected from them to be the leading part of any technical environment and that in order to lead great teams you need to provide excellence in your deliveries. This is why the team knows how to deal with milestones, pressure and priority changes yet still delivering quality software. And as talent pool grows, it attracts more talent.

Our retention rate is over 95% (avg. yearly). The recruiting speed (it is a fact that the competition for talent in Barcelona is fierce) is between 2 to 4 new team members a month. And not just any developers, but highly qualified and that would fit our culture. 

Apiumhub helps to launch software hubs in Barcelona for well-known international companies 

Case Study: Matchmycolor (Swiss Based Company)

One of the most recent but yet with already historical data cases is a collaboration between Apiumhub and Matchmycolor. After a round of presentations and technical interviews Apiumhub had been selected as a software partner to ensure Matchmycolor future growth and product delivery. 

Matchmycolor’s team is fully based in Zurich and Apiumhub performs from Barcelona. The relationship has been producing great results for over a year already. 

The following milestones have been achieved:

  1. SCRUM methodology fully implemented and practiced 
  2. TDD introduced and Matchmycolor’s team convinced about its benefits 
  3. All milestones met after the first 2 missed ones. The issue was lack of “definition of ready” and QA process.
  4. Once both of the concepts are understood, the team’s estimate and delivery are 100% reliable.
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In order to achieve these milestones the following team was formed:

  • 2 Backend developers
  • 2 Frontend developers
  • 1 UX Designer
  • Product Owner
  • Software Architect 

Case Study: Bitpanda ( Vienna Based Company)

Another success story (yet still in process) is the Bitpanda collaboration. The client wanted to open a tech hub in Barcelona and searched for a tech partner to lean on. A team of the following members was formed in 3 months:

  • 4 Backend developers
  • 4 Frontend developers
  • 2 Android developers
  • 2 iOS developers
  • 4 QA engineers
  • 1 Software Architect
  • 2 Product Owners

The project started in August but our team has already positioned themselves as a reliable and important part for the Bitpanda team. We are becoming a long-term partner, who will technically support Bitpanda’s growth. 

Currently we are receiving more proposals from USA-based companies to launch a software hub in Barcelona with them. We hope to tell you more about it in the near future! 

And if you are also interested in launching your software hub in Barcelona with us, let us know

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