24 great resources to help you learn to code

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It’s not the first article in our Tech blog where we cover the topic of how to learn to code, however, we haven’t discussed yet best websites to learn coding or any online programming courses.
Let’s say for some reasons you decided or just faced with a situation that you need to learn how to write code, but prefer to do it online? Then here, right below the introduction part, you will get what you are looking for. I analyzed this question and will list up the best ways to learn to code in 2017.


What are the ways of learning how to code?


Just to make it clear I would like to list the most efficient and resultative ways of learning code. I wouldn’t say there is any specific and exactly right way, but for sure there will be the one that will be the preferable for you.

  1. As far as you might be new in the programming industry, try to get more information about its tech trends, top programming languages. This should give more clear ideas of what you should focus on and in choosing the right programming language.
  2. Programming online and offline courses. This way is the main, most common and efficient way of learning.
  3. Software blogs are another great idea that might help you to achieve better results. 
  4. It’s always a good idea to be tracking main influencers from the industry. As an example, there is a list of top mobile influencers that our mobile developers follow and read.
  5. Reading is always a good idea and there is a list of must-read programming books
  6. Video tutorials on youtube. For some beginners, this could be a compulsory option to see visual examples.


A list of online programming courses to learn to code

1. Coursera

Coursera is known as a large online course library where you can learn differents things from the real university professors from almost any small part of the world. What’s a big plus for this source as you might find courses taught in different languages, from English to Japanese. Finally, if you feel ready to pay a bit for your learning process you can get a real Verified Certificate that will prove your course completion and might be an additional point in your CV.

Python for everybody (Michigan University)

2. edX

EdX is an open-source platform supported by MIT and Harvard and that offers more than a hundred courses under the ‘computer science’ category. It covers such topics as Java, C#, Python, Front-end developer and many others. You can choose a free option without a certificate at the end of a course or pay a bit to get it. 

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3. Free Code Camp

Teaches coding first through an established curriculum (approx. 800 hours total), then by giving you hands-on experience working on projects for nonprofits. Topics that you can find there: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Databases, DevTools, Node.js, and Angular.js

4. GA Dash

General Assembly is a free online learning platform. Entirely project-based. You build a “project” with each walk-through.  You can get free online Web technology tutorials as well as the other topics & languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

5. Khan Academy

This online source covers many subjects, including many on computer programming. The content is well done and the topics and subjects covered: JS, HTML/CSS, SQL, etc.

6. MIT OpenCourseWare

You don’t need any account to access MIT course materials. Their programming section ranges in topics from introductions in engineering problem solving to algorithms used in computer animation. The only disadvantage of no account option is that you won’t have any answers for the assignments for some courses you would see, so you won’t be sure if you’re doing the work correctly. 

7. The Odin Project

The Odin Project was made by the creators of Viking Code School – the first online coding bootcamp. This is their free version on which you can learn suck programming technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery, Ruby programming, Ruby on Rails

8. Udacity

Offers individual courses, as well as “nanodegrees” that train you for specific careers like front-end web developer or data analyst. Course materials are free, but nanodegrees require a tuition fee.

9. Thinkful

Thinkful offers a variety of programming courses that are self-paced. Thinkful has its online mentors, so keep an idea that you have to pay for the course having your own mentor by your side. Usually, a course may take for you 2-3 months. One of the recommended courses can be Python, however, if you are interested in any other technologies you might find them on the website.

10. Ubiqum 

Immersive On-Campus & Online courses that teach practical job-ready skills and allows you to become a Java Web Developer or Data Analyst in 5 months. 


11. Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft Virtual Academy is a free online school with courses that cover Microsoft-related topics and specific Microsoft products. Whether you’re interested in coding for beginners, or already have experience and want to create the next big game, or hope to build an app that can change the world, MVA offers coding training and courses that can help you achieve your goals.

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Each course contains a video and PDF download of the video transcript. A self-assessment component is available at the end of each module. Students are awarded points and can move to different levels of recognition based on the progress they make. Points are earned by watching videos, downloading video transcripts and self-assessment quizzes; the more points a member earns, the more opportunities she is given to participate in other MVA offerings. A leaderboard tracks the most active members. Although MVA offers free training for Microsoft certifications, members cannot earn certification directly through the Academy.

12. InterviewBit 

This is a free online platform with courses from top colleges; InterviewBit is exclusively for placement preparation. If you can confidently answer all questions on, then you are ready for a coding interview. Once you’ve finished InterviewBit, you could continue with another source that has more practice. Also, there are a lot of test cases in InterviewBit.

13. CodeChef

CodeChef is a really good place to practice coding. There are tons of problematic cases that will help you to strengthen your coding skills. First, try to solve the problem on your own, but if you aren’t getting the required output you can always check other people’s solution and learn from it. While CodeChef focuses on competitive programming.

14. Stackoverflow 

Of of the most popular sources to read, learn, share the knowledge and build career and for sure it’s one of the world’s largest developer community.

15. Vogella

Vogella is a site that’s packed with in-depth tutorials that range from the basics of setting up, all the way to some more specific and advanced concepts. The site is still free to use and makes most of its revenue from advertising and user donations. If you get some benefit from these materials, why not show some love?

16. Upskill

There are no requirements to start and you don’t need to have any previous experience to learn with Upskill, a free Bootcamp which takes you from beginner to advanced. A series of video episodes leads you through a variety of portfolio projects, with a laid-back, conversational style. The main focus is on full-stack web development, so you’ll learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Git, Bootstrap, and much more.

 17.  Tutorialsdojo

Tutorials Dojo is a one-stop learning portal for tech-related topics. They covered 3 big areas: Mobile development with its main technologies; Web development and online tutorials that include videos.

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 18. Apple Developer Page

Especially for those who would like to learn Swift code and how to create and implement a mobile application on iOS platform, you check Apple Developer Page that has for you more than enough details, tutorials and explanation.

19. Code Academy

Code Academy is well-known source among the beginners and those developers that would like to learn new things. It’s a free option. From this coding resource, you can learn technical and programming skills through a wide range of courses covering topics: PHP, Python, AngularJS, Java, JavaScript, jQuery and many others. Already, more that 20 million people used to learn to code on the platform. Don’t miss the chance to learn and understand coding from scratch.

20.General Assembly

General Assembly is a pioneer in education and career transformation, specializing in today’s most in-demand skills in frontend, backend and iOS fields.


21. Edabit

Edabit helps to learn code fast and easy with interactive challenges. 



This list I would like to finish up with the source that might cover all others that haven’t been mentioned here. Hackr is searcher of the tutorials, courses and resources divided into technologies and languages. 

23. Guru99

With Guru99 you learn by practice. They make tons of efforts to take boredom out of learning and make education a fun experience. They have provided training to more than 100 million people. Free Training Tutorials & Video for IT Courses. They helped their students to learn new skills and get better jobs. The tutorials are created by a Google veteran and one of the trendy course is a Pythin one: Introduction, Environment setup and install guide, main function, variables, strings, tuple, conditional statements, OOP Concepts, and Loop, etc. 


24. BitDegree

BitDegree is a leading online educational website. This website offers job-ready digital skills, such as programming languages, web development, the blockchain, and many more. By providing interactive courses, certifications, scholarships, and many other features, BitDegree makes learning fun and engaging.



I hope that with these sources you will learn coding basics so far. Like always we appreciate your favorite learning code sources and if they are relevant & suitable to the topic we can include them in the list.


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