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On September 29th – 30th, we were sponsoring Software Crafters Barcelona 2018, where we also had a chance to give an opening speech and workshop on MVP & FRP for a controlerless architecture.

I should say, it went very well, the level of attendees and speakers was high and we had very interesting conversations. In this short article, I would like to share the “motivational” talk that we gave at the beginning of the Software Crafters Barcelona 2018 conference. And this month we are going to post 2 more articles about Software Crafters Barcelona 2018 and Software Crafters London 2018, which we also attended, focusing on the tech side of the workshops and topics.

First of all, I would like to clarify that what I talk about is not an absolute truth, it is our experience and vision, that we simply share with you. We believe that it is very much in line with the Software Crafters Barcelona 2018 event and I hope, that some of you will find it useful. It is about growing and training.

Lately, more and more you hear people talking about wanting to grow and learn. And they begin to choose the company, where they can constantly learn something new and grow professionally. And, what we have seen in many cases, they expect to have an infinite number of talks and training, to have someone who would teach them new practices and show them new tools. What we also noticed, that sometimes people learn just to learn, to put check on “hot” trend, not taking into account projects they work on.

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What we understand by the concept of training is a bit different. We believe that we need to learn and train people for their projects, give them knowledge that would help them to be more productive and efficient in what they do. We also believe, that practice here is a must, without practicing the theory, it stays as a theory. So, basically everything we learn in Apiumhub, we immediately apply it to our projects to make the processes better. So, as I said the training, in our case, always has a practical purpose.

And here is our hypothesis: if we know how to do things in the best way, if we investigate the best practices and contrast them with others, maybe we can work more comfortably, today and in the future because things will be done in a better and more productive way. This is the key for us. Be more productive. All the training, talks, pairings we do is to be more productive. Our final goal is this and professional growth and trainings are the path we must take to reach it.

Hence, I would like to give you an example: programmer’s daily life. In TDD it is very common to hear that it is about writing the test before actually coding to better refactor or to push you to a certain architecture or to tell you immediately if you are breaking something while writing a new code. For us, all this is true, but, nevertheless, learning TDD is not about learning how to write tests, but instead, it is about finding the fastest way to test your functionality, architecture, etc. We do not want to be trained just to put a check that you took this training, we don’t want to score a test to have a better coverage. We look for productivity and that everything we do has an applied purpose. At the end of the day, you are looking for feedback, you are looking to be more productive. The final goal of learning TDD is not to be a test expert. We could go very deep into this topic and have longs conversations whether it is true or not and we will all have our points of view. But this is the philosophy of Apiumhub, and I just share with you what works for us.

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For training workshops like the Software Crafters Barcelona 2018, our proposal for you is that you look for an application in your projects. Think about the practical side, how the material would affect you or how it would be possible to implement it in your cases.

I believe, and I say this on behalf of Apiumhub, that this is the most “productive” way to learn.

Stay tuned, our software developers will publish 2 more articles this month with top highlights from Software Crafters Barcelona and London 2018.

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