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Dimensionality Reduction en

Dimensionality reduction – TSNE

t-SNE | T-distributed stochastic neighbor embedding The goal is to take a set of points in a high-dimensional space and find a faithful representation of those points in a lower-dimensional space, typically the 2D plane. The algorithm is non-linear and … Read More

dimensionality reduction en

What is Dimensionality Reduction?

A lot of Machine Learning problems consist of hundreds to thousands of features. Having such a large number of features poses certain problems. This problem is also sometimes known as The Curse of Dimensionality and Dimensionality Reduction or Dimension reduction … Read More

scopingdataprojects en

Scoping Data Science Projects

Scoping data science project is an iterative process and the scope gets refined both during the scoping process as well as during the project, however it is important to have an initial scope to have an idea of the project … Read More

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Key Data Engineer responsibilities

Data engineer roles have gained significant popularity in recent years. Number of studies show that the number of data engineering job listings has increased by 50% over the year. Moreover, it is also becoming one of the most paid jobs … Read More

data announcement

Data-Driven Announcement

Gema Parreño leads Data-Driven Apiumhub’s division, facilitating competitiveness in intelligent decision making in the technology industry. This new business area is accompanied by a renowned Data Science professional, Gema Parreño, who joins the Apiumhub team as Lead Data Scientist. After … Read More


Data Science Interview with David Suárez – Data Scientist at Apiumhub

We are continuing with our interview series (previously we had interviewed Diego Ojeda – Android Lead at Apiumhub,  Serhii Zabolennyi – QA Automation engineer at Apiumhub, Javier Gomez – backend developer at Apiumhub, Cuong Le – Backend developer at Apiumhub & Oriol Saludes – … Read More


Data-driven innovation: Machine Learning & Data Analysis

Data-driven innovation is trending. Data-driven innovation forms a key pillar in this century. The confluence of several trends, including the increasing migration of socio-economic activities to the Internet and the decline in the cost of data collection, storage and processing, … Read More

Interview with Gema Parreño, Lead Data Scientist at Apiumhub

Interview with Gema Parreño, Lead Data Scientist at Apiumhub

Lo que AI que oir is a podcast initiative of Spain AI that explores interesting information to discover and understand the present and future of Artificial Intelligence. Last May 12th they interviewed our Lead Data Scientist at Apiumhub, Gema Parreño, … Read More

data mining use cases

Data Mining: use cases & benefits

In the last decade, advances in processing power and speed have allowed us to move from tedious and time-consuming manual practices to fast and easy automated data analysis. The more complex the data sets collected, the greater the potential to … Read More

Data modeling tools

Key Data modeling tools

Every day quintillion bytes of data are created, and this pace is accelerating at a daily rate. With so much information at our disposal, it is becoming increasingly important for organizations and enterprises to access and analyze the relevant data … Read More

Data Visualization Software

Data Visualization Software

In the world of Data, data visualization tools and technologies are essential to analyze massive amounts of information and make data-driven decisions. Our eyes are drawn to colors and patterns. We can quickly identify red from blue, square from circle. … Read More

Data Science experts

Top Data Science experts you should know about

With the Data Science industry continually evolving, there can be a lot to keep up with. New trends are coming up quite frequently, and if you want to do a good job and improve your skills, you must keep yourself … Read More

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