machine learning

Machine Learning Frameworks For Web Development

5 Best Machine Learning Frameworks for Web Development

Machine learning is a branch of computer science that uses statistical methods to give computers the ability to self-improve without direct human supervision. Machine learning frameworks have changed the way web development companies utilize data. Machine learning algorithms can process … Read More

Cyber Security

Applications of machine learning in cyber security you need to know about

Machine learning is a branch of computer science aimed at enabling computers to learn new behaviors based on empirical data. The goal is to design algorithms that allow a computer to display behavior learned from past experience, rather than human … Read More

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence – In math I trust

Artificial intelligence has been shaping our world since the 70’s or even before. There were three big moments of investment going to Artificial intelligence, and those were: Neural networks – statistical machine learning algorithm, which is inspired by the general … Read More

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