Test Driven Development

20 advantages of Test Driven Development

In Apiumhub we love Test Driven Development. In this article, I will be explaining what is TDD exactly and what are the advantages of Test Driven Development and why you should use it in software development, specially working in an Agile … Read More

Benefits Of Unit Testing

Top 8 benefits of unit testing

As we write a lot about Agile, about CI and TDD, we couldn’t not mention Unit testing and this time we will talk about what unit testing is, why for us it is part of Agile methodology and what are … Read More

Software Development Influencers

15 software development influencers

From software developers to software architects, the software world is full of influential people, many of whom have active social media presence. Therefore, I decided to write an article about those top software development influencers who changed our lives. Following … Read More

Working Software

Working software; go live strategy

Nowadays most of the companies claim that they are Agile, it became kind of a standard. The majority of them also say that they build working software, but in reality each company understands it differently. And here is the problem! … Read More

primitive obsession

TDD: primitive obsession ( part 3 )

Last month we talked about TDD example in software development ( part 1 ) and TDD first cycle ( part 2) . In this new TDD and primitive obsession article, we will focus on removing duplication and reinforcing the constructors … Read More

TDD first cycle

TDD First Cycle ( part 2)

Let’s continue with our series of TDD articles, in the first part we looked at the theory behind the TDD and Unit  Testing. In this second part, TDD First Cycle, we begin to develop our application, an application of notes … Read More

Simulate Server Responses With NodeJS

Simulate server responses with NodeJS

A few days ago while I was working on the frontend of a new project, I found myself in a situation where I needed to simulate different responses from the backend to check some functionalities and behaviour in different browsers. … Read More

Code Kata

Code Kata; way to become a better software developer

Japanese culture influenced a lot software and project management fields. Concepts like Lean, Kata, etc has come from Japan. And we should admit, that they have improved the existing processes, increasing efficiency and satisfaction overall. So, what is Kata? Or … Read More

How To Do Guest Posting At Apiumhub

How to do guest posting at Apiumhub

Apiumhub has started guest blogging in 2017 and we are very happy about it! It gives our blog more value because software experts from different industries and countries share with us their opinion, and we end up seeing the same … Read More

Test Academy Event

A day at the Test Academy event in Barcelona

At Apiumhub, we like to be updated and aware of the latest news in everything that has to do with testing, and that’s why we couldn’t miss the Test Academy event in Barcelona this year. We believe that TDD is a friend … Read More

device driven kata

Device Driver Kata Meetup

On Monday the 8th of August, Barcelona Software Craftmanship organized a coding dojo to practice the Device Driver Kata of Emily Bache and I had the luck and pleasure of attending it and got the opportunity to learn and improve my … Read More

Why Microservices Are A Good Idea

Why microservices are a good idea

Here at Apiumhub, we always help our clients build solutions that are complex in multiple areas and our primary work is to define a software architecture adapted to their needs. Software architecture doesn’t only search about technical requirements like scalability, performance or … Read More

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