Top Agile blogs to track this year

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There are many great Agile blogs and project management blogs to read, but do you ever wonder which Agile blogs are most readable? At Apiumhub, we do. Here are the best of the best – 20 agile blogs to read. They are all unique and special; some are focused only on Agile, while others more on specific methods, news, tips, etc.

Top 20 agile blogs

1 – Project Management

If you want something more than a blog, then project blog is for you. What makes it stand out is that you can start a discussion, connect with other project management experts. Additionally, you can also find useful material to prepare for your certification exams on this blog. Informative and how to articles make it a blog that every project manager should bookmark. It offers everything a project manager needs.

2 – Ron Rosenhead

Ron Rosenhead is a well-known project management expert, trainer, consultant and coach with an experience for more than 15 years. For sure, you will find some unique ideas on his blog because the ideas he discusses on his blog are usually those that came during work. Those topics include benefits management, project management strategy, training, and many other related fields.

3 – PM Tips

Being more formal than other Agile blogs, Project Management Tips blog can give some valuable knowledge and advice. You can read here case studies and stories from the experts’ lives, their tips and main challenges in implementing agile. Moreover, if you feel yourself an expert in Agile that could share with others some valuable experience, then PM Tips blog is welcome to contribute your story.

4 – Apiumhub Blog

On Apiumhub’s blog, you can find best Agile practices as well as theoretical articles that will explain you from the scratch the concept of Agile Manifesto. Furthermore, this blog will be useful for software developers doing Agile.

5 – Blog

Brad Egeland is known as an independent IT consultant from Las Vegas that works with software and business services. Moreover, he is a successful project management author, agile expert, leader and influence.The variety of topics he touches upon makes the blogs an interesting read. It covers everything from project management methodologies to task delegation.You might also find interesting the other format of the post – short videos with tips and recommendations.

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6 – Mountain Goat Software Blog

It’s the blog of Mike Cohn. His blog provides definitive, realistic and actionable guide for individuals and teams to start with agile and scrum. Mike tries to focus on the actual, specific topics that teams may face with while implementing agile. You can find here constructive and detailed recommendations, tips and tricks. His blog definitely has to be included in your daily/weekly reading list. By the way, you can check Apiumhub’s software developer tips in which we included Mike Cohn’s book as a must-read.

7 – Leading Agile Resources

As you might get from the name of the blog, it contains a lot of useful resources both theoretical and practical about Agile. They use not only written ways of publishing but also more visual ones like presentations and video.

8 – Agile Zone

Agile zone being a part pf Dzone has definitely the best collection and sources about Agile on their blog. If you are afraid to miss something from the Agile industry, no worries, you will find it on Agile Zone.

9 – The Program Manager

The Program Manager’s Blog has a huge amount of articles by different authors from around the world. They accept a lot of guest posts so it’s a good site if you want to contribute your own ideas and get published. While there’s a ton of valuable info here, the website loading times are a little slow. This can be frustrating if you’re on an article reading binge!

10 –  All about Agile

Other than the insights on Agile Development and Scrum, what is particularly interesting about this blog is they also discuss about transitioning into Agile Development. Not only good for beginners in Agile thinking, I found the posts are very easy to read and understand; pointing out each main point and explaining the context in great detail. Some of the posts actually talk about failure – what had happened that considered a failure and suggestions on how to try to encounter that problem.

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11 – Blog

“The home of Scrum”; you can choose what to check articles, events or news sections. Of cource, as its the home of Scrum here you will read mostly about Scrum, get new tips, knowledge and develop yourself on the way to becoming a Scrum master.

12 – Scrum Breakfast

It’s a community of Scrum lovers that was created by Peter Stevens from Switzerland, a certified scrum trainer, speaker, coach, nd mentor. On his blog, he publishes practical stories, interviews, and case studies, so if you want to add to your theoretical knowledge of Agile some real cases & challenged with which you can face up one day and solutions to them, then check his blog.

13 – Sprint Agile

In this agile blog, authors love writing and sharing ideas about agile project management. In this blog you will see articles on all sorts of topics, from Lean, Agile, and Systems Thinking, to process improvement, project management, entrepreneurship, DevOps, and software engineering. How to build better organizations, systems, Products, and people.

14 – Agile for all

The blog’s slogan is “Making Agile a reality” and it can be named as one of the most practical blogs about Agile. The blog has many practical stories not only from the Agile for all content writers but also from their guest writers, experts in Agile.

15 – SolutionsIQ Blog

SolutionsIQ mainly is an Agile Entreprise that runs a blog about Agile and Scrum. SolutionsIQ’s blog contains a variety of articles that draw on their consultants’ vast knowledge of Agile practices and methodologies. You will find there many specific sub-topics of Agile and its explanation, tips, tricks. If you prefer more to listen than to read you can add SolutionsIQ podcast to your playlist.

16 – Growing Agile Blog

Growing Agile Blog was created by agile coaches and trainers – Karen Greaves and Sam Laing. They publish on a regular base many informative and important tips for coaches, workshops, retrospective and others.

17 – Trello

First of all, if you still don’t use Trello, I would highly recommend you to give a try to this tool; does not matter for professional or personal use. Basically, Trello is an Agile Project Management tool that many companies and individuals use, we are also not an exclusion, of course. Trello blog is more about great tips on how u can manage your tasks more efficient, how to implement successful Agile Project Management in your daily life and get from it as much as it’s possible.

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18 – Atlassian

This blog should be included both in the Agile blogs and Software Development Blogs. Those who interested in Agile will find practical tips and case studies for agile software development based on Atlassian experience.

19 – Girl’s Guide to Project Management

Firstly, I really like the name. The blog offers you to look at the things from a female agile project manager’s perspective. However, I am sure that both genders will find it interesting to read. You will find there a lot of tips, free and useful printable templates, PM tool reviews, eBooks and much more that you can imagine.

20 – FunRetrospectives Blog

Are you looking for any new sources or ways how to make agile retrospectives more engaging and resultative? Then, you have to check this blog. It’s one of those great agile blogs where you can learn new ways to make such effective activities like team discussions, retrospectives, project kick-off meetings more fun and positive going.

I hope the list with top agile blogs will be useful for you and you can get new knowledge, tips and real cases for both personal and professional activities. I will be also happy to receive any comments; I am always glad to read them.

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    Technology is all about innovative brains bringing revolutions to an extent that every decade brings about a huge disruption. Agile development is also one such groundbreaking practice.
    Keep share this kind of posts.

  4. Joshua Render

    A good list of blogs. I follow several of them. The is among my favorite. It comes from a more definitive source on Scrum and what Scrum is.

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