Agora platform democratizes photography & launches The AGORA Awards

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The biggest photo contest in the world took place in Barcelona 6th of October and we were incredibly proud of being part of it! The AGORA Awards 2019 rewarded the world’s greatest photo of the year with $25,000. After 9 months and hundreds of thousands of submissions, finally we know who is the hero! The author of the winning image flew to Barcelona to the Awards ceremony and went down in photography history. Continue reading to know what is Agora Platform? Who is the winner of the best photo of the year? And what Apiumhub has to do with all that?

What is Agora Platform?

Born in Barcelona, Agora platform empowers people everywhere in the world to share their visual stories with a mission to democratize photography.

Agora platform disrupts the industry, enabling people to make money with their best photos by joining the biggest international photo contests. It is all about humanizing photography, inspiring people to learn, to showcase their work and to connect.

With its’ origins in Ancient Greek democracy, Agora platform has evolved to be a place that empowers infinite points of view that shape the way we see today’s world. Over the past couple of years, Agora platform has transitioned from being a social photo market to a digital channel where people create, vote and curate the best images made worldwide. Every week, the universal concepts launched through Agora’s Hashtags such as #summer, #water or #colors, are being illustrated by thousands of creators who are sharing their best points of view on the concept.

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Agora & Apiumhub

Apiumhub couldn’t ignore this brilliant idea and decided to contribute to it and become a key technologic partner and shareholder, developing the platform. Since the beginning Apiumhub has been working hand in hand with the software development team of Agora and implemented all the features required to enter the market. Also, Apiumhub team has built robust software architecture to be ready to scale fast. Apiumhub was in charge not only of the development of the digital product but also of the technical strategy, implementation of the option “buy/sell images”, Elasticsearch and Contests. Well, you may find more information about the collaboration and platform development here.

Agora Awards 2019

Now, it’s time to announce the winner! Probably, you won’t experience all those emotions that we have experienced being there, but at least with the pictures and videos you may feel all the power that Agora platform gives to people and how it changes peoples’ lives.

It was the most anticipated moment of the year for the Agora platform. After 10 months and hundreds of thousands of submissions the winning photo of the Agora Awards 2019 has finally been announced! But before showing you the photographer and his photo, I highly recommend you to look at the finalists here as their shots are incredible also!

agora finalists

Source: some of the shots of the Agora Awards Finalists

Ready? The winning photo of the #AgoraAwards2019 – Songs of Freedom

agora awards winner

Photographer Michael Aboya, @eighthman, the #AgoraAwards2019 Hero!

How this photo won the award? It got the highest number of votes by people worldwide.

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This shot is very powerful and when you know the story behind it and how it changed life of Michael, it becomes even more emotional and heartbreaking.

“I discovered Agora platform in May 2018.I downloaded it and I was amazed. Within 6 months of being part of the Community I won two Contests: #Sound2018 & #Eyes2018. Joining Agora platform has helped me beyond words on this journey because it exposed me to amazing photographs from photographers around the world. It’s like a photo paradise where everyone has been given a space to display their imaginations. Aside from this, it’s also a space I learn from. The contest themes, for example, inspire me to go out and create images, the blogs are where I learn from other photographers, and the photos displayed in the Top 50 is another place of huge inspiration to me. Winning this prize empowers me to invest in myself“ Michael Aboya – photographer from Ghana.

agora platform contests

You can read the full story here and watch the video about the winner here

Download the Agora app, it is available on Apple Store & Google Market and be part of photography democracy! 

Projects like that really motivate us to develop high quality and scalable software to keep changing the world and make it a better place to live!


  • Ekaterina Novoseltseva

    Ekaterina Novoseltseva is an experienced CMO and Board Director. Professor in prestigious Business Schools in Barcelona. Teaching about digital business design. Right now Ekaterina is a CMO at Apiumhub - software development hub based in Barcelona and organiser of Global Software Architecture Summit. Ekaterina is proud of having done software projects for companies like Tous, Inditex, Mango, Etnia, Adidas and many others. Ekaterina was taking active part in the Apiumhub office opening in Paseo de Gracia and in helping companies like Bitpanda open their tech hubs in Barcelona.

  Apiumhub client BeYou has transformed the way to conduct Citizen Science Initiatives into a digital and gamified experiment; a project funded by EIT Food.

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