5 AI impacts on tech industry in 2019

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The concept of artificial intelligence technology has been around since the 1950s when Alan Turing introduced the Turing Test to prove that a machine could carry on an intelligent conversation with a human. Obviously, there have been a number of advancements that have brought us to the self-driving cars, “smart” everything, and “bot” culture we currently find ourselves in. Obsession with AI technology seems to be at an all-time high, with many VC-backed incubator programs dedicating special resources to artificial intelligence related startups and solutions. And this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. And today we will share with you top AI impacts on tech industry you should know about. 

Here are 5 AI impacts on tech industry in 2019


1.The AI trend will continue to spawn startups dedicated to healthcare technology, which could lead to a cure for cancer and other diseases.

The healthcare industry stands to benefit the most from advancements in AI. The ability to continually analyze different types of diseases and potential treatments could eventually lead to a cure for cancer.

From new drug discoveries to creating artificial limbs that learn from the body’s own nervous system and react accordingly, AI-based healthcare technology contains the power to help people live longer and healthier lives.

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2. Machine learning algorithms will become the new software.

In the past, startups were scrambling to create solutions that could gather large amounts of information through the use of complicated algorithms utilizing artificial intelligence. Now it’s all about selling those algorithms.

Enterprise companies will pay big bucks to be able to target their customers as precisely as they can, with customized offers and retargeting ads.


3. The Internet of Things will become more about the data collected by those things than the things themselves.

Technology advancement surrounding IoT has been on the rise for almost a decade. The next wave is in the data all those “things” in the Internet of Things collect. Solutions that utilize AI to analyze the increasingly large amount of information will continue to do well in 2018, especially in the areas of healthcare, finance, and security.


4. AI will have an even greater impact on education technology.

Will robots replace teachers one day? Probably not completely, but artificial intelligence is certainly playing an ever-increasing role in the field of education.

From adaptive learning programs that cater to special needs children to online learning schools that automatically adapt to a student’s native language anywhere in the world, advancements in education technology powered by AI are helping to shrink the knowledge gap.


5. Automation, automation, automation.

A lot of people bristle at the thought of automation and robots replacing human workers in the future. But there are certain jobs that should be automated, especially dangerous ones like bomb-detection, underwater exploration, space exploration, and even military exercises.

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Any type of artificial intelligence technology that can take a human being out of harm’s way is good, not bad. And more and more safety-focused applications and solutions will continue to be developed and advanced in 2018.


In conclusion, artificial intelligence will play an important role in pretty much all aspects of technology in the coming year and for many years to come. It’s a pretty exciting time to be an innovator or developer when you consider the fact that your AI-enhanced solution may one day cure cancer or bring about world peace.



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  1. Martina Wilson

    European utilities could achieve efficiency gains of up to a fifth over the next five years using such technology, it said, adding that less than a quarter of firms had a strategy to do this.

  2. Alex sandro

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  3. Syed Qasim

    We can see the whole world is going to transfer their tech industry to IoT. Even IoT’s hardware & software testing will become the best industry in the world.

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