Another record breaking year for the Mobile World Congress and 4YFN in the current edition! In this articles I will be briefly describing how the Mobile World Congress was, and then will go over the latest mobile insight we discovered & talked about! 

  • Over 100,000 attendees came to Mobile World Congress last year; 108,000 to be exact. People from more than 204 countries attended the MWC this year.
  • More than 2,300 companies participated in our 2017 exhibition. Everything from connected cars, virtual reality, new handsets and ingenious app ideas, to 3D printing, privacy protection and backend solutions were on display. 
  • 322 speakers from leading brands, mobile organisations, investors and booming startups


MWC is the epi-centre for innovation! Startups and the most cutting-edge companies exhibit their latest products and services, and they all have one thing in common; a devotion and interest for innovation. This is a perfect place to discover latest mobile insight from the mobile leaders and to discover breathtaking projects from every continent of the globe. Everything going from virtual reality to mobile phones and app ideas, to privacy protection and backend solutions were presented and discussed in MWC and 4YFN this year.



 4YFN 2017 is the fourth edition of the MWC’s tech startup event in Barcelona, with more than 600 exhibitors, 8 stages and nearly 300 speakers. 

Actually, 4YFN is the fastest growing digital startup event in the world! The home of the growing global tech startup community, creating lasting connections among startups, investors and corporations during the GSMA Mobile World Congress Barcelona, the world’s largest mobile industry exhibition. There you will be one of the first ones to hear mobile insight of the upcoming years from the first sources. 

4YFN is really a place to get inspired, to learn, to get advice, to participate, to show and to share your ideas with the world’s most prominent mobile influencers of our time. In 4YFN you will find promising startups now not only from Spain, but from all over the world. Projects starting from innovative mobile apps that may revolutionalize the way we live to services and algorithms that may help us increase officiency and performance.  The event brought together mobile leaders, start-ups, investors and interested business owners for learning and networking opportunities, with the aim of giving them the exposure they need to take their mobile insight and mobile ideas to the next level.

The event also brings together mobile leaders, renown entrepreneurs, investors and interested business owners. This year the participants were lucky enough to have a chance to speak with Terry von Bibra – general manager in Europe of Alibaba, Nicola Mendelsohn – vice president in EMEA of Facebook, Fernando Fanton – Chief product & Technology officer of Just Eat, JP Rangaswami – Chief Data officer of Deutsch Bank, Michael Spiegelman – Director of Product Innovation of Netflix, Jon Bradford – Co-founder of, Yolanda Pérez – BStartup Director, Javier Placer – CEO pf Telefonica Open Future, Martin Hofmann – CIO of Volkswagen, Miquel Montes – General Manager of Banco Sabadell, Paulin Dementhon – CEO & Co-founder of Drivy, Gina Tost – CEO of Geenapp, 
Filippo Catalano – Chief Digital officer of Nestle, etc. 

4YFN event really builds, empowers and boosts connections between Barcelona’s tech ecosystem and international tech hubs. 4YFN helps corporations to innovate in collaboration with a global ecosystem of tech entrepreneurs. They bridge the gap between corporations and startups and help them to approach innovation with a shared vision in order to co-create products and services. Also what is valuable they help investors to connect with other investors from different international markets, while discovering together the most promising startups from each ecosystem. They build an exclusive platform for investors to share mobile insight, co-investment projects and increase their deal flow.

Other than that, 4YFN featured interactive workshops, cutting-edge exhibitions and unique networking opportunities. The programme included also stages where experts discussed hot topics with the audience and discussion was led by globally known experts and entrepreneurs. For example:



Together with Borja Rossell – co-founder & CEO of Verse and Bernardo Hernandez – General Partner of there was a discussion about how banking industry is struggling to keep pace with consumer expectations for digital experiences, especially with mobile services. In this session, two experts in payments and entrepreneurship discussed future trends in payments and the advances and approaches that different internet companies are implementing to create opportunities for the payments industry, and promote consumer-friendly innovation.



This one was about innovative mobile projects in Fintech, Smart cities, Health and IoT. Imagine Express is a hackatrain aimed to generate businesses in the Mobile sector, which takes place during a 4-day trip by train to and from Barcelona-Paris-London. The participants have the challenge of making groups of 3 with the goal of generating innovative apps for the FinTech, Water, Health or IoT sectors. The ideas are presented to investors and experts in London (at the London Eye) and the best team in each sector receives mentorship to carry out their project.



Together with Oriol Juncosa – managing Partner & Co-founder of Encomenda VC, Lucas Carne – Co-founder & Chairman of Privalia, Iñigo Juantegui – CEO of Ontruck, Javier Rubio – Chairman of Social Point there was a discussion about technology and it’s exits in Southern Europe, that are still less common than in the UK and Northern Europe but every year there are more successes. On stage there were founders that have achieved the best exits in the last few years. They talked about how to scale a company, how to build an international presence and discussed what needs to happen in the Southern Europe ecosystem to have more tech exits, both sales and IPOs. 



Interesting discussion with Jennifer Schenker – Founder & Editor of The Innovator, François Dufour – development director of Orange Technocenter, Maxime Bayen – Senior Insights manager pf Ecosystem accelerator, GSMA and Philippe Thiltges – managing partner of Whataventure. Actually a huge number of large corporates in areas as diverse as telecoms, energy, automotive, media, health, food and financial services, are interested in investing in startups. This discussion was about how and why corporations should find best-in-class startups and effectively integrate startup culture and new technologies; challenges and the opportunities.



Breathtaking discussion with Mª Julia Prats Moreno – head of the entrepreneurship department of IESE Business school, Bruno Gutiees – founder & head of Airbus Bizlab, Gregor Gimmy – founder of BMW Startup Garage, Edgar Hardless – CEO of Singtel Innovo8 Ventures, Megumi Ikeda – managing Director of Hearst Ventures. Nowadays, digitisation is affecting industries in unforeseen ways, changing industries’ economics dramatically. Now, companies must find new paths to reinvent their business models to remain competitive if they do not want to risk being left behind. If we do a research, we see innovation coming from initiatives that combine the best features of corporate research and the startup world. We are moving toward a hybrid model in which innovation from the combination of features of corporate research and the startup world provides the new solutions for the complex problems we face in business and society at large.

There were some more interesting talks, but these ones we found the most interesting ones.




As for the MWC 2017, this event was impressive with a lot of promising projects and innovations. The biggest and best mobile insight event for 2017.  Engaging and fun, creative and interesting. There you can try and use new products that are not available in the market yet and be the fist ones to buy it. There you actually see Giants & leaders in their industry with their new wave of innovations, digital products and mobile insight.  

Beyond meetings and conference sessions attendees had fun! GSMA and Niantic, the force behind the Pokémon Go app, partnered together to create PokeStops and PokeGyms throughout MWC to encourage networking. 


Mobile insight & inspiring projects from 4YFN & MWC 2017


1.  IOT

First mobile insight is about IOT. Smartphones, tablets, wearables and even refrigerators all contribute to IOT growth. Many of these devices rely on a mobile app to function. For example, a lot of new cars encourage the driver to download an app, which allows them to turn the car off or on and lock or unlock the doors all from their mobile device. And that’s just one aspect of the IoT . There are appliances, printers, lights, thermostats, garage doors, TVs and so much other stuff that connect to the Internet and require their mobile app to function. The number of apps that all of these individual devicesncreate is going to cause a significant boom in mobile this year


2. AI & ML

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have experienced tremendous advancements over the past of couple years. By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human. Software with machine learning capabilities have become very sophisticated and has resulted in more accurate language translation, better data-based predictions and more. The simplest example of machine learning is when an e-commerce store tracks what you’ve purchased or viewed in the past and recommends similar products. There are more complex applications for machine learning in mobile apps: a study tool that determines a student’s strengths and weaknesses, an accounting app that learns a user’s spending habits and recommends strategies to save, etc.


3. Mobile-Only Social

This has been on the rise for years, but this year the hottest social network was Snapchat; mobile-only app. Facebook’s biggest product rollout was FB Live; mobile-only. Instagram – also mobile only app has become a cash cow for Facebook. As more and more people come online via mobile, social networks rooted on mobile will continue to grow.

Every year, the mobile industry evolves very fast. And these years we can’t permit ourselves to be out of the track. Attend the events and get inspired! 


4. Chatbots 

It was a huge trend in during past years and it is expected only to grow, a lot of big companies implemented chatbots to their CRM programmes. Their use will only continue to grow, however: 80 percent of businesses want chatbots by 2020.


5. Long-distance drones

Imagine your burger being delivered by a drone. Companies like Alphabet’s Google are already experimenting with using drones to deliver products. Amazon just delivered its first package via drone earlier this year and they are keep working on it. What’s really needed for this technology to take off are 5G wireless networks, which will reduce the lag time on the network, ensuring these unmanned aircraft can respond instantly to commands. 


6. Wearable technology

Clearly, this years is the year of wearable technology. MediaPost reported that there are now over 111 million devices on the market in hundreds of configurations, from smart watches to digital wristbands. Numerous industries from healthcare to insurance and retail will only continue to be affected by increasing advances in this category. Wearables are expected to expand by over 150 percent in the next two years.


7. Big data & analytics

Another one of the top trends nowadays focuses on leveraging connected devices and the data on user behaviors and purchasing patterns they can collect. 


8. Video

Mark Zuckerberg recently shared his vision of “a world that is video-first with video at the heart of all Facebook’s apps and services.” The growth of video has been noticed for some time now: Facebook’s algorithm has been prioritizing video since 2014 and live video since 2016. And it’s not just Facebook: Snapchat users watch more than 10 billion videos per day. “Brands that fail to incorporate visuals and videos will be left by the wayside,” according to Forbes.  



  • As always, Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, 28 June – 1 July
  • Mobile World Congress Americas will debut September 12-14 2017, in San Francisco. It will attract nearly 30,000 professionals and 1,000 exhibitors to discuss mobile insight of the upcoming years. Under the theme “The Tech Element”, it will highlight innovation in areas such as 5G and next-generation networks, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the intersection of mobile with entertainment, content and media. 
  • The Mobile 360 Series will bring together leaders from around the world to address regional issues and industry-specific topics. With a global platform, this series of conferences assembles the brightest minds of the mobile industry.
  • Mobile World Congress, 26 February to 1 March, 2018, in the Mobile World Capital Barcelona 


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