5 AI Trends that will change the future of sales

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Machine learning and AI-powered projects have been talked of the town for a long time now. Technology keeps moving ahead, and AI trends are no different. And with organizations incorporating AI to enhance their processes, the hype does not seem to settle for now.

If you ever browsed through Netflix to check out what movies to watch, an AI algorithm was sure running in the background. If Amazon recommended you products that you ended up buying eventually, major credit goes to Artificial Intelligence. This is all the AutoMagic powered for you by Artificial Intelligence.

Tech-savvy Marketers are harnessing the potential of AI to enable augmented revenue with scalable growth and of course, personalized customer experiences. You can now target your audience using carefully crafted messages, curated recommendations, and anything you can imagine without having to put in too many efforts. How can sales be left behind? Thanks to the most incredible combination of all times- AI and sales.

Integrating AI in Sales has open doorways for possibilities that ensure improved marketing and sales alignment. The healthy pipeline, in turn, provides terrific revenue. Looking at the popularity and unsettling nature of this combination, in this article, we’ll explore how will this trend tighten its grip.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started!

#1. Improved Analytics

Who would not love the convenience? We all do, and so do our customers. And hence, the key to winning their hearts lies in leveraging better analytics. That typically involves the process of implementing test cases, measuring the results, and analyzing them to render forecasts.

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While this trend tends to organize the analytics significantly, it is something to watch out in the upcoming years as well. Savvy marketers worldwide are using artificial intelligence to pave ways for more rewarding human interactions. Platforms now leverage this technology to collect and aggregate marketing metrics and draw meaningful analytics out of the data.

This overall implementation enables creative solutions and meaningful engagements while building an ecosystem of aligned sales and marketing.

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#2. Voice-enabled Powerful Applications

From offering recommendations to the users to helping them with a quick resolution to queries, AI-powered ChatBot assistants have made a long-lasting impression on the salesforce.

Screenshot 2019 01 10 at 09.45.02

Not only this, Alexa’s voice assistance and Google’s extensive range of the gadgets are really winning battles, and it becomes a non-debatable motion that the giants will certainly keep refining them.

Combining AI’s potential in both the ways has given a boost to the salesforce processes.

Imagine being a marketer who is driving. A customer shoots an email regarding one of the products you are selling. While you are driving, you cannot really cater to him/ her at the moment. However, the introduction of voice assistants has changed the game forever. Not only do they allow you to use your voice as passwords, but also send a timely reply to the customers whenever you need. What else? The latest generation of AI-powered voice assistants can genuinely support you by analyzing the customer’s mood to help you deal with them the way you should be.

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#3. CRM: Lead Generation and Scoring

Losing time amidst leads with no growth potentials is the worst someone can do to their business. They can severely decimate the companies, eventually causing salesforce teams to miss their target and motivation.

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Integrating AI into the system gets you sorted at this end. With useful machine learning tools, they analyze the types of leads and then offer predictive lead scoring. With an increase in data comes highly accurate predictions and hence the benefits. Helping the salesforce professionals to prioritize leads, AI-powered CRM supports to ensure that they spend their precious time only on the leads that are more likely to convert. This ultimately benefits the organizations by increasing the sales par excellence.

#4. Enhanced Sales Forecasting

For many years now, sales forecasting has been an element of human intelligence. And so, emotions and hunches had their way to influence the entire quarter. This is the reason that bringing AI into picture really makes it amazing to forecast sales accurately. It helps you dig deeper into the insights simultaneously while growing its data and applying it to provide valuable results. What makes it more exciting is, these results are not driven by anything but a data-oriented rationale. While businesses are truly leveraging the power of data science to forecast accurate measurements and lever the growth, the trend seems to reach new heights of innovation in the upcoming years.

#5. Personalize and Scale Messaging with valuable Insights

Well, this is the place ruled by Google. Probably no one in the world, I repeat NO ONE, ever leverages AI this effectively to render the users with the experience they always need.

With its efficient Machine Learning program, Rankbrain, Google constantly monitors user engagement at every time of the day to offer them better search results, no matter what the search query is.

For instance, if you are into creating ERP solutions, data-driven insights into your target market is only one Google search away. Search for the corresponding terms and take note of the results.

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Is the displayed result a definition?

Is it a product page?

What is displayed under the related searches section?

Well, this is where you’ll get critical statistics about your audience. Imagine if this is so fruitful for you, how drastically it will transform your salesforce for better.

You can easily apply this technology to provide your customers with more personalized content, which will result in help you give them a better experience and enhance the engagement.

Being into infancy, it is expected of this realm of AI to venture into a new era of innovation.

Key Takeaway: AI trends

AI trends are really proving a game changer for the marketers. With e-commerce being one of the early adopters, most of the industries have now automated their processes using AI. While there is still some time to get on-board for the competition, savvy personnel can truly establish themselves as great players by incorporating the change on time. Improved quality of leads, content delivery spectrum, messaging, analytics, strategy, you name it. AI trends have the potential to offer excellent opportunities to augment growth.

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