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Lately we’ve been going through some changes here at Apium. We actually re-branded, got a new look, changed domain, and more! Here’s a bit more detail about what made us go through all those changes, about what makes us Apiumhub.


Why have we transformed into a hub, into Apiumhub?


Our group of experts has always shared the same vision, putting agile methodologies in the centre of all processes.

Over the years, the more experience we acquired working on design & development projects, the more it made sense to separate them.

That’s why we launched a spinoff studio specialised in digital product: North. Since then, we have decided to expand our services and network of collaborators to be able to cover the whole process of digital product transformation and development.

A fresh new start for us! That’s why we have decided to re-brand. Today, we are Apiumhub.




Apium has and will always be representative of our identity. You might not know this, but Apium comes from the word Apium graveolens which is the scientific name for celery. Yes, celery, the vegetable.

I must say it all started over a celery fight but that’s what lead us to doing a research about this amazing vegetable which we found out has great benefits, just like the software we develop. What are the main benefits? It cleans your system, fixes all sorts of health issues and is preventive of various illnesses.

So we thought, why not a clean & healthy software?




What is a hub? There are various definitions to what a hub is, and one of them is “the effective centre of an activity, region, or network”.

A hub can be seen as a common connection point, the centre of an activity or the central or main part of something where there is most activity.

That’s what we want to be. We are more than just a software development company, we are a tech hub that reunites innovation, design & technology. Quite logic isn’t it? Apiumhub!




An obvious reason would that celery is green. But that’s not why we chose the color. Actually, we were looking for a color that would represent our fresh new start and at the same time would give a feeling of a clean renewal.

In fact green can mean many things as for example growth, reliability, prosperity, mental clarity, renewal & safety. And let’s be honest, we love the color!


A bit more about Apiumhub


Our mission

At Apiumhub, we want to continue growing our community & our areas of expertise by bringing together the most passionate & advanced experts to deliver working software that will have an impact on the tech industry.


Our values

We truly believe in building long-term relationships with our clients to become their technology partner and stand by their side along the way.


New office


We finally moved to our new office! I am not going to lie, it’s been difficult and quite long to find the perfect place. The team was growing, specially since the launch of our spinoff North, there was almost no more space in the old office.

So after months of research, we finally found it. Our new home. A beautiful charming office in the Eixample neighbourhood, right in plaza Urquinaona. Separated in two spaces, we share it with our partners, North. The office is big, high ceilings, natural light coming in, ping pong table, terrasse.. What more can we ask for?


Platform improvements


From one side we just used a CMS framework, but from the other side, we automated the deployment with docker. This allows us to have multiple environments that have automatic processes for synchronisation: database migration, plugins installation, assets, etc.

Of course rebranding also includes redesigning our website. We absolutely wanted it to reflect who we are & our identity; a dynamic & strategic team of experts in platform scalability & performance with a strong focus on clients, quality & clean processes.


Monthly newsletter


We listened to our followers & asked some feedback and decided to adapt the content of our newsletter to your needs. From now on, our newsletter will mainly include industry news & tech events & meetups.


Some of our latest projects



Agora is an amazing marketplace for images. It gets rid of intermediaries and brings together potential buyers & people that are willing to sell their own images & art.

One of the greatest features of Agora is the option to create “requests” (a feature we are very proud to have developed) which are contests that companies start, requesting a specific image to the users of Agora.

I won’t go too much in detail regarding the product, here’s their website if you’re interested.

This project is like out “baby”. We have covered the whole product development cycle and have become their tech partner.



The solutions that icar provide help their customers when it comes to validating the identity of people through automatic read of ID documents.

Icar helps prevent identity fraud by combining the need to provide maximum security with an optimal user experience.

We have worked on various projects of icar with the help of North, our digital product partner, and hope to keep this strong relationship. Also we were very happy to see Icar on MWC17 presenting their new app developed by us. This company is promising to grow and we belive that they will change the future of identity.



Cl3ver offers its users a cloud based platform that allows engineers, architects, and other design professionals to create interactive 3D presentations.

This innovative Barcelona startup is an award winning cloud based platform that got +2.55M of funding in the last 4 years. If you would like to know more about them, here’s their website.

We are proud to say that we worked with Cl3ver on multiple projects with the help of our partners North & SEOCOM, and hopefully, there will be many more to come!

This year has been incredible for us. We reached the point where we had more projects coming in than people able to do the job. Yes, we had to say no to certain projects. Not because we didn’t want to do them, but because we didn’t have enough developers.

We got amazing projects with Nestle, Banco Falabella, Fitness First, Antai, and many others. Check out our projects page to know more.


Do you want to discuss the possibilities for your company ? Please contact us, we will be happy to discuss your project!


If you are interested in knowing more about us, you might find interesting these articles…


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