Apiumhub was featured in Viet-X-Startup magazine

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Top news; Apiumhub was featured in Vietnamese magazine Viet-X-Startup! This magazine is for businessmen who are interested in successful business cases, start-up strategies, useful tools, ideas, growth strategies, investment opportunities and many other things, which start-ups.

The first article that we wrote for this magazine was Vietnam- the brightest future for technology evolution with information about Vietnam IT industry and why Vietnam is growing so fast in terms of technology.

We also share our opinion about Vietnam IT market and it could be interesting for startups or companies that want to expand new market in Vietnam. The content is based on our experience as we have an office there and we also do researches based on reports and findings of leading analysts, experts and economists.

In this article readers can know why Apiumhub decided to invest and do offshoring in Vietnam.

  • Scalability: In Vietnam the level of developers is very high and it is much easier to grow there in terms of number of developers than in Europe.
  • Cost attractiveness: In Vietnam cost is lower comparing to many countries in the world. For example the cost to find and hire developers in Europe is very expensive as Spain but in Vietnam, it is lower than 2 times. I just mentioned human resource factor, you can imagine how cheap the living cost is (food, apartment, entertainment…)
  • Stable country: Vietnam is one of the most stable countries in the world

Apiumhub was featured in Vietnamese magazine

We want to share our experience and find like-minded people. We are opened to collaborate and we are more than happy to get to know people who have the same vision as us and start working with them together. In Vietnam we are growing, we have a lot of global interesting projects and we would like to find developers who would be interested in working with us.

  Apiumhub is hiring software developers! Join us!

As Viet-X-Startup is a magazine for startups and usually startups have really good innovative ideas, we want to be part of it and give useful ideas how and why companies can grow in Vietnam. This magazines publishes articles from successful entrepreneurs and Apiumhub wants to bring additional value to the readers.

It is the long-term cooperation between Apiumhub and Viet-X-Startup. In next editions you will find our more information about hot trends in software, key methodologies like Agile, project management methods like Scrum and Kanban and key programming languages. Apiumhub will show the greatest things of Continuous Integration, TDD, Docker, Microservices and many more.

Stay updated, follow us on social media and if you share the same vision as us and you would like to cooperate with us or work with us, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to discuss with you possible collaborations.

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