Apiumhub Is Recognized By Techreviewer As A Top Software Development Company

Apiumhub is recognized by Techreviewer as a Top Software Development company in 2021

Apiumhub has been named one of the top software developing companies by Techreviewer.co. The list of leaders was compiled based on expertise, experience, quality of services, and reliability of the development companies. To make an assessment Techreviewer collected information about … Read More

Apiumhub Is Hiring Software Developers! Join Us!

Apiumhub is hiring software developers! Join us!

We are hiring software developers! We are growing our software development team and we want essential people to be part of it. We need more software experts in Apiumhub. We have different interesting projects from all over the world, but … Read More

Entrepreneur Books

Entrepreneur books that made Apiumhub grow

The most successful people get to where they are through constant learning. No matter how experienced you are as an entrepreneur, you can always benefit from highlighting something useful from entrepreneurs’ experience. Maybe you need a little inspiration to rev … Read More

BeYou Has Transformed The Way To Conduct Citizen Science Initiatives

Apiumhub client BeYou has transformed the way to conduct Citizen Science Initiatives into a digital and gamified experiment; a project funded by EIT Food.

      Citizen science initiatives, and scientific studies in general, are often done using traditional techniques. Researchers typically send questionnaires to target respondents by email or post and expect to receive enough of them back in kind. Processing of … Read More

Discovery Phase Of A Software Development Project

Discovery Phase of a Software Development Project

Apiumhub has been in the software development industry for many years and we have tried different ways of launching projects, we have used different sales approaches and have sent different kinds of proposals. And today I would like to discuss … Read More

apiumhub open space

Open space in Apiumhub

On average how many interesting speeches you remember from each conference you attended? And how many of them were just waste of your time? As time is money, in Apiumhub we decided to have Open Space every friday in order … Read More

Software Architecture Youtube Channels

Software Architecture Youtube Channels to Follow

As Youtube is one of the most preferred channels nowadays, we decided to create a list of our favourite software architecture youtube channels that we believe will inspire you. These youtube channels are managed by leading software architects who have … Read More

Apiumhub And AGORA Images

Apiumhub and AGORA Images – together we can do so much!

AGORA images is the first global images community, where different brands and media have access to images of any person without intermediaries or commissions. It is a Barcelona based app and web platform for photography, which has become an essential … Read More

Software Architect Path

Software Architect Path: how to grow from a software developer to a Software Architect

The journey from developer to software architect is a difficult path full of challenges and doubts. Many developers start as juniors and progress into senior and team lead roles. But there’s more than one direction to grow as a software … Read More

Software Architecture Blogs

Software architecture blogs to follow

In this article I would like to share with you our favourite software architecture blogs that help Apiumhub stay on top of the latest news and constantly learn something new. These blogs are guided by leading software architects who regularly … Read More

Write Sustainable Backends

Apium Academy’s Backend Architecture course: Write Sustainable Backends

Apium Academy has been part of our ecosystem for a while now. We have an ongoing close collaboration with this academy specialized in software development courses, and we’ve already talked about them in the past, like when we announced the … Read More

Tech News

Tech news – monthly update by Apiumhub

Hello, hello! Thank you for your interest in tech news, events, trends and tips!    Tech news: February   1. Top 8 tech events in Barcelona Here you will find a list of top 8 tech events in February. Don’t miss them, … Read More