Top Data science blogs to follow

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There are a lot of excellent blogs on data science, and it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start. This article will list some of the most useful blogs for everyone – from data science experts to complete newbies. In addition to offering advice and learning resources, this list of data science blogs is also full of current news, trends, and opinions from professionals.

Top Data Science Blogs to follow

1. Towards Data Science
It is a blog powered by the community of data science professionals. Towards Data Science is helping build an ecosystem of content and welcomes insightful people to share their take on several of innovations in the form of tutorials, tips, analysis, and hands-on experiences, to the readers. It is among the top trusted sources of gaining reviews and real-life examples of the diverse implementation of the technology. On Towards Data Science you will get high-quality content that is specifically designed for data science audiences. You will often learn some new concepts and actionable tips to enhance your data science and machine learning skills.

2. Data Science Central
Data Science Central acts as an online resource hub for just about everything related to data science and big data. The site covers a wide array of data science topics regarding analytics, technology, tools, data visualization, code, and job opportunities. Industry experts contribute discussion and insights about key topics.The site updates frequently, nearly two blog posts a day from contributing writers, and it also offers a community forum for discussion or questions.

3. Data Science | Google News
Google’s News platform covers the latest trends and bits of information across a wide range of topics, including general news and specific trends in the data science industry. Being a repertoire of almost every leading source of information on the internet, Google News offers an equally broad range of latest innovations from some of the most reputed Data Science platforms.

4. SmartData Collective
SmartData Collective is a community site focused on trends in business intelligence and data management. It also features insights into data science through contributions by industry experts.

5. IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub
The multinational giant powering thousands of successful businesses is a pivotal figure in the numerous innovations in the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence industry. IBM believes in sharing the knowledge with the world and created IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub for Data Science fanatics and interested readers where all the information is readily accessible in a systematic manner.

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6. Datafloq
Datafloq is run by Mark Van Rijmenam, author of “Think Bigger: Developing a Successful Big Data Strategy for Your Business,” and is a great resource for big data in data science. The blog focuses on the business aspects of big data and how to make data science work for organizations. While it largely acts as a resource with articles and insights, Datafloq also seeks to connect professionals via job postings, vendors, events, and training.

7. Data Science 101
For anyone looking to enter the field of data science, here is a great start. Ryan Swanstrom has worked in data science for Microsoft, Wells Fargo, and government defense contractors. He currently consults as the Director of Data Science for Unify Consulting. In this blog, he shares his valuable experience, tips, and advice on how to be a successful data scientist.

8. Dataconomy
Dataconomy is another resource for prospective data scientists. It features the usual big data news and tech trends as well as editorials from industry experts. But what sets it apart from the other data science hubs is its resources for building a career in data science. The site offers a free IT research library and beginner’s guides to get started. For those already in the industry and looking to advance, it also has a job board and candidate database.

9. Data Science Report
The site collects free courses, articles, books, videos, and TED Talks to help any level of data scientist. You can filter the topics to find select information regarding how to get started, salary negotiation, interviews, technology, social media, marketing, and topics that are just “simply interesting.” It’s a resource hub for data scientists at any point in their career and anyone with a mind to learn about data.

10. Facebook Data Science Blog
The top social media giant Facebook is also a key player in the Data Science industry. The enormous user base compelled Facebook to invest in reliable and competent Data Science techniques for an in-depth insight into its users. Due to several key reasons like this, Facebook actively researches about better techniques and innovations for data management and posts their findings in the Facebook Data Science Blog.

11. Apiumhub Data Science blog
Apiumhub has data science experts who work on Data-oriented Software, Business Analytics Systems, Business Intelligence Solutions and Predictive Analysis. In this blog you may find key findings and explanations. Also, authors share book reviews as well as recommend key influencers and events to keep an eye on. Some of the latest publications cover data science books, Data Lake architecture, Business analytics use cases, Business Intelligence tools, Data Driven development elements, Data architecture characteristics, Data as a service ( DaaS ) trends and Data Science use cases & tools.

12. O’Reilly
O’Reilly offers a professional and in-depth look into data and data science. The contributors here clearly know what they are doing. Posts include videos, podcasts, and superbly written articles..

13. Oracle AI & Data Science Blog
It is one of the top data science blogs. Stylish, quick and easy to use. This a hub of data science information and a must for anyone interested in the world of data.

14. Airbnb Data blog
Airbnb’s Data blog is the place where their data scientists go to write about how the company uses data to provide their service. It’s an open look into one of the most successful businesses in recent history. It has great insights, not only if you use the service, but for anyone interested in real-world uses of data. With many contributors, you’re sure to find an interesting post.

15. Learn Data Science Today
Learn Data Science Today belongs to Data Science PR Network, the global leader in the press release distribution, and the digital marketing services for data science. The blog gives you the latest on Machine Learning & AI, big data, data visualization, blockchain, and technology fields. 

I hope you found this list useful, and if you need any help with data science projects, we are here to help!

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