Top 8 innovative recycling apps that make a difference

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In an effort to reduce waste, and increase and improve recycling, industry leaders, counties, cities, startups and technology companies are launching innovative recycling mobile apps that can make a difference. These recycling apps allow users to manage their waste and recycling, find nearby locations for pick-up, discover industry news and insights, and increase their knowledge about where items should go.

Top 8 innovative recycling apps that make a difference

1. iRecycle

The first one on our list of recycling apps is Earth911 – an organization that helps people all over the world learn more about recycling by providing ideas that are easy to implement. To spread this initiative further, they created the iRecycle app, which helps you find accessible recycling venues in your area, and suggests a million different ways to recycle materials. It has one of the largest recycling databases in the world. It has a well-designed search directory that allows users to look up products of all types, from automotive to household items, and provides relevant information regarding the drop-off point such as location address, phone number, and opening hours. The iRecycle app also offers a news section that provides the latest information with regard to the waste and recycling sectors. Join the recycling movement!

Available on iOS and Android

2. Gimme 5

For those who are not yet experts in the recycling business but are interested in becoming one, some of the most important things to know are the Recycling Numbers. Recycling Numbers, also known as the SPI resin identification system, is a set of numbers that you can usually see at the bottom of a plastic container which is inside the recycling logo. This helps identify what kind of plastic it is and if it’s safe for recycling. The most common and profitable kind of plastic to recycle is number 5 which is known for its polymer name, polypropylene. These include yogurt cups, auto parts, and dishware. Gimme 5 is a great app for helping you identify whether the plastic you’re about to recycle is a 5 or not. It also helps you learn more about plastic recycling in general.

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Available on iOS and Android

3. Recycle Nation

RecycleNation is a location-based mobile app designed to improve recycling knowledge and overall recycling rates. RecycleNation has one of the most comprehensive recycling databases in the world that helps to determine what they can and cannot recycle. RecycleNation also provides users with a map of nearby recycling locations for items such as clothing and electronics and even provides directions, hours of operation, contact information, and much more. It also has a news section to keep users up-to-date with the latest in environmental news, and even allows people to track their environmental impact through the ‘My Recycling Story’ feature.

Available on iOS and Android

CTA Android

4. RecycleSmart

The RecycleSmart mobile app was built in partnership with Planet Ark and is Australia’s most comprehensive recycling mobile app. It lets users select their council from a full list of over 500 Australian councils. By setting location, it enables them to find the nearest recycling drop-off spots and special waste facilities nearest them. The app has a user-friendly search functionality that allows easy searching for items where users can type the item in or browse through the main categories on the home page to learn whether an item is recyclable and compostable. The app also has reporting capabilities so users can report recycling issues in their region.

Available on iOS and Android

5. Recycle Right

The Recycle Right mobile app helps to improve recycling knowledge and understanding of which items go in which bins to improve recycling rates. Users are able to choose their local council, find the nearest recycling drop-off locations for items such as car batteries, and have an A-Z materials recycling guide. The app also features helpful advice and categories such as “Handy Tips” which provides information on how to compost, create worm farms and how use real nappies. It also has a section entitled “Leftover Recipes” filled with a variety of recipes that help users reduce food waste.

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Available on iOS and Android

6. Brisbane Bin and Recycling

This mobile app helps users keep track of bin collection days and helps residents recycle, providing an alphabetical list of materials, and information on how to properly dispose of, recycle, or compost. It also provides a list of recycling centers and drop-off locations, including maps and directions.

Available on iOS and Android

7. Grow recycling

Gro Recycling is a preschool kids’ game about recycling that is fun, but also a great way for kids and parents to learn about recycling and taking care of our planet’s resources. Kids feed the recycling bins their garbage to find out which characters like which recyclables. Then trash is made into new products that the players sorted with the recycling machines. Right now, grow Recycling is used in sustainability education by thousands of schools and preschools in the USA and Europe.

Available on iOS and Android

8. Recycle!

And last but not least on our recycling apps list is – Recycle! This app provides residents the information they need about recycling, collection times, recyclable items, photo reports of potential hazards or miss-collections as well as latest news.
Also, this app allows you to receive reminders at a chosen time and never forget to prepare your waste for pick-up. And with this app, it is extremely easy to find the collection points available around you: battery & electronic collection points, glass domes, recycling parks, second-hand shop, etc, as well as their opening hours & closing days.

Available on iOS and Android

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I hope that these recycling apps will help you to recycle better, together we can make a change!


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