Why should you subscribe to our Newsletter?

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Newsletter is very important when it comes to communication. It’s actually the second most important communication tool after a website.

At Apiumhub, as we don’t really want to overload you with information, our Newsletter is sent on a monthly base and it’s a great way to follow news in the tech industry. So here are a few reasons why we believe you should subscribe to our Newsletter.  

Why should you subscribe to our monthly Newsletter?

Latest news 

By subscribing to our newsletter, you ensure that you will stay up-to-date with latest news, and get a regular summary of the most important information in the tech industry, specially if you don’t really have the reflex to regularly check out a webpage. Because yes, staying up to date with the most recent news and tips in your industry takes time! 

Events & meetups in town

We always look for interesting events & meetups regarding the Tech industry. It’s a great way to get inspired, meet new people and know about the latest trends and news in the industry.

In our Newsletter, we inform you about the events & meetups there are each month. So instead of having to look for it yourself, you can just receive it by e-mail in the beginning of the month. What type of events do we look for? Mostly about programming, mobile development, user experience, IoT, project management, agile development, virtual reality, software architecture and others. 

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Apiumhub meetups

Although we always attend meetups and find it great, there are many topics that are not covered and we believe that many could benefit of it. 

This year, we started organising our own meetups. We’ve been thinking about it for a while, we’ve got an amazing team of developers with a very high level and we want to share our knowledge, discover talent, get to know better the community, and learn from others. So what a better way than host events? 

This year we moved to our new office, which is quite cool and big and this is a great way to invite you to check it out. We will be informing you via our Newsletter about the topics and the dates. By the way you can check photos of our new office here

Upcoming meetup is 30th of November, 19:00 “DDD in practice“. Don’t miss it! 

Interviews & tutorials videos

We do interviews with our developers, head of departments and C levels. It’s a great way for them to share experiences and thoughts regarding how the industry is evolving, give tips and talk about challenges we face. 

Other than interviews, we do tutorial videos and videos where we develop on certain topics in which we are experts, answering common questions. 

Of course, if you subscribe to our Newsletter, you will get those videos straight in you inbox! 

Job offers

Our team is growing, a lot. We constantly have new positions and are looking for talented people to work with us and the quickest way to know about those new job vacancies is to subscribe to the Newsletter. 

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Top articles

We write 2 articles per week in our blog about various topics, latest news, top trends, infographics, statistics and tips. In our Newsletter, we share we you the most famous ones and the most appreciated by our readers and followers. You save time but still get the most out of it!  

Convinced? Stay updated and connected by signing up to our monthly newsletter by clicking here. Keep in mind that we respect your privacy; we will never give your data to third parties. And if you change your mind, unsubscribing is extremely easy, so you loose nothing trying it out!

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