20 Best Pregnancy Apps for Android and iOS

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If you are planning for a baby, then you definitely need a set of pregnancy apps that can guide you right from conception until delivery. These Pregnancy Apps help you track your progress and stay healthy through the gestation period. There are thousands of Pregnancy Apps available in the market: general pregnancy trackers, pregnancy countdown calendars, pregnancy weight trackers, contraction counters, exercise trainers, etc. But which ones are worth downloading and using? This article will answer this question. I’ve done the research and tried them all so you can feel confident that you have chosen the very best pregnancy apps for iOS and Android.

Best pregnancy apps for iOS and Android every mum-to-be needs to download

1.Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

This one is one of the most popular pregnancy apps for iOS and Android. What makes this app so efficient is the ability to let you keep track of the ovulation, development of your baby day by day with ease. Also, it has a Contraction Timer to monitor contractions and be able to send results to a medic.
To get going, all you need to do is just enter your baby’s due date and the app will start offering you the right tips and what to expect during pregnancy: from expert guides, helpful articles to handy video guides. What is more, this app has a huge community of parents to exchange thoughts. You can also take pictures of your growing bump to create a pregnancy journal and search the baby names database by meaning or theme to find a name you like. After you give birth, the app will automatically switch over to giving you parenting advice for baby’s first year.

Available for iOS and Android.

2. Pregnancy +

Well, Pregnancy+ is my favourite one, however, there are other brilliant Pregnancy Apps that are complementary to this one an I will mention them later on in the article. With Pregnancy+ you can track your baby’s kicks and your weight gain, as well as learn about your baby’s growth through size-specific illustrated charts and images from every angle through every week of your pregnancy. It features a personal dashboard with daily pregnancy information, color and scan images, a personal diary, logs for weight gain and doctor’s visits, a kick counter, contraction timer, baby shopping list, baby names, labor info, kick counter, contraction timer, and much more. And my favourite feature is to see how big is your child, comparing it to an animal or a fruit. So exciting!

Available for iOS and Android.

3. The Bump Pregnancy Countdown

The third one on the list of Pregnancy Apps – The Bump Pregnancy Countdown. This app prepares moms for upcoming doctor’s visits, while an interactive 3D visualization shows the baby’s growth. The app features daily pregnancy and baby editorial articles, real-time answers to all your questions, a registry, a photo album to document that growing belly, and much more, all offered on a beautiful interface.
Also, one of the most liked features compares your baby’s growth in utero to beautifully illustrated fruit, for example “Baby is as big as a peach”, that’ll delight you and make you excited to share with friends and family. Plus, this app helps your to find comprehensive updates about the changes and developments happening to both your baby and body, and learn how best to prepare for them.

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Available for iOS and Android.

4. Mind the Bump

Mind the Bump provides tailored exercises to mentally and emotionally support you from day one of pregnancy through to 24 months after birth. If you’ve never been a big fan of meditation, you might want to reconsider now that you’re pregnant. You’re about to experience a life change unlike anything else, and your emotional well-being is just as important as your physical one. Designed by mental health providers trained in meditation, mindfulness, and perinatal health, Mind the Bump is a great way to prepare your brain and your body for all the big changes coming your way.

Available for iOS and Android.

5. Baby Names

Struggling to find the perfect name for your little one? The Baby Names app can help. With more than 30,000 names, you can browse ideas; learn about the meaning, pronunciation, and origin of different names; and check name popularity. Add, rate, and share your own names, or ask the Genie for names that will complement other family names.

Available for iOS and Android.

6. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Ovia gives you a daily countdown that tracks how far along in the pregnancy you are, as well as how much time is left until the big day. There is a calendar for logging milestones and all those doctor visits. Ovia has tons of tools including kick counters for when that baby starts moving around, articles and videos, pregnancy details by week, a contraction counter, and even food and medication lookup.

Available for iOS and Android.

7. Full Term – Contraction Timer

This app helps track your contraction time during labor to see if there’s a pattern that means it’s time to head to the hospital. It offers a user-friendly interface and has been designed to track the entire labor period, from the start to the end of each contraction, specifying the intensity of each one. Tap one button to track the beginning and end of each contraction, and the app will monitor times, durations, and frequency during your entire labor. The simple interface is purposely free of clutter, and the app also features a kick counter, pregnancy reference section, and weight tracker. This app is also perfect for tracking breaking of waters.

Available for iOS and Android.

8. Glow Nurture Pregnancy App

With this pregnancy app, you’ll get alerts and insights based on your personal data, a symptoms tracker, beautiful charts, community support, and daily articles full of up-to-date info on being pregnant. The all-in-one experience also offers baby bump photo sharing, hospital bag and registry checklists, fetal development images, and even medication reminders. What is more, you can email yourself a PDF of all your pregnancy symptoms, weight, medication and other health data.

Available for iOS and Android.

9. Hello Belly Pregnancy Tracker

The app gives an insight into how your baby is developing inside the womb. It features realistic illustrations of your baby during each stage of your pregnancy. It also provides professional advice for every week of pregnancy and tells you everything you need to know about what to do once the baby arrives. The most used features include: baby due date calculator by date of conception, “you and your body: what’s happening, what’s normal, and what to eat”, what’s going on with your baby week-by-week, what you need to know about the first six months after birth, over 400 tips written by top experts, best-in-class Meditations, crafted for pregnant, useful checklists & handbooks: Shopping, Symptoms, Nutrition, Pre-birth To-Do list etc.

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Available for iOS and Android.

10. Babylist Baby Registry App

Preparing your home for the newest family member should be fun, not overwhelming. Anytime you come across a really cool gadget or the cutest-ever bodysuit you can add it to the Babylist Baby Registry App, no matter which store it comes from – big or small. It’s a one-stop registry for everything parents need to deck out the nursery, prepare for breastfeeding and even get support after birth: meal delivery, house-cleaning services or postpartum doula. Babylist lets you get exactly what you want for baby. Add gifts from all your favorite stores right from the app.

Available for iOS and Android.

11. I’m Expecting Pregnancy App

This beautiful app guides you through every step of your pregnancy, with daily updates that feature videos, articles, tips and more. Find information about your pregnancy symptoms, what’s happening with your body and your growing baby, and detailed guides for navigating the ups and downs of pregnancy. Record baby bump photos, track your weight, and keep reminders and notes in a handy to-do list.

Available for iOS and Android.

12. Headspace

Worrying about your baby, pregnancy or what’s to come can fuel anxiety and stress, which isn’t good for anyone. To get back to a better mental place, consider meditation. Headspace is an easy-to-use app that provides a free course to teach you meditation basics. Headspace is your guide to health and happiness. It’s the simple way to let go of stress and get a better night’s rest. Learn to relax with guided meditations and mindfulness techniques that bring calm, wellness and balance to your life in just a few minutes a day. Get more from your day through mindfulness, be less distracted and reactive, and focus on the things that matter most to you.

Available for iOS and Android.

13. Sprout Pregnancy

Sprout Pregnancy guides you through every day of your pregnancy. It helps keep you organized and educated about the many exciting changes and developments happening in your body and for your growing baby. Thanks to the unique 3D interaction, you can get to know the wonderful world of your baby and discover every important thing. The interactive movements like kicking and heartbeat let you track the development in a fun way. With this app you can take photos of your belly and record all of your memorable pregnancy thoughts and moments. Tools like a weight tracker, kick counter and contraction timer makes your task pretty simple.

Available for iOS and Android.

14. TMSoft White Noise

When you’re pregnant, there are a lot factors working against getting a good night’s rest: feeling hot, needing bathroom breaks, having trouble getting comfortable. This app helps you sleep by blocking distractions and offering you 40+ perfectly looped sounds that makes you relax: fom the hum of an air conditioner to croaking frogs to a crackling campfire. You can even record your own sounds – like crashing waves on your tropical babymoon getaway or mix sounds to create personalized white noise guaranteed to get your snooze on. When baby comes, you can use it to help them get to sleep, as well.

Available for iOS and Android.

15. Pregnancy Tracker – BabyCenter

Baby Center’s big focus is the articles that they deliver. Each article is dedicated to a different period in your pregnancy and details ways to stay healthy, how your baby is developing, and even what kind of purchases you might be considering for your growing child. The app delivers groups and forums that are based around your birth month, frequent questions other new moms might be asking, etc. Baby Center also includes an area for sharing bumpies as your pregnancy progresses, a kick tracker, registry checklist and even a baby name generator if you can’t seem to pick a favorite.

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Available for iOS and Android.

16. Kegel Trainer

It is an excellent workout app for pregnant women. It contains ten different exercises that help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which play an important role during and after pregnancy. It also gives notifications on the exercise sessions. All session are just between 30 seconds and 3 minutes long making it perfect for those with a busy lifestyle. This app allows you to unlock achievements for completing exercises and beat your previous record exercise streaks.

Available for iOS and Android.

17. Totally pregnant

The app is most known for their 3D videos of growing babies, but it offers so much more like access to vlogs posted by other moms, virtual prenatal classes, and a birth plan creator.
You can also book appointments for your prenatal classes directly from the app, which is an incredibly convenient feature to have. This ensures that you don’t miss any classes and that you’re ready. There’s magazine styled content on offer to give you useful tips on pregnancy.
It helps you stay up-to-date with your baby’s development. Other than that, this app allows you to calculate your due date, sign up baby registries and shop for all the products you’ll need and let your friends and family spoil you. And this is a great place to take photos of your scans and documents and track your pregnancy in the app photo album.

Available for iOS and Android.

18. Prenatal Workouts

The pregnancy yoga app contains a series of low-impact exercises that are beneficial during pregnancy. Each exercise routine is designed and categorized trimester-wise and lasts for 20 minutes. The timer ensures that you are doing the activity within the time limit. It also features some easy graphics to follow.

Available for iOS and Android.

19. WebMD Pregnancy

The app features over 900 doctor-approved articles which can be enormously helpful in guiding you on how to deal with the changes that come during pregnancy. This app allows you to monitor your baby’s and your health using several pivotal features such as symptom tracker, weight and blood pressure tracker, kick counter, and contraction timer. What’s more, this app has Pregnancy Community to interact with like-minded people and share thoughts. For visual people, this app offers videos, slideshows and quizzes, safety tips, and expert-curated checklists. Fun features such as the journal and the belly photo album will help you prepare for your pregnancy and fully embrace the experience.
Btw, this app is also great for keeping track of everything you need to do, and set helpful reminders for doctor visits, prenatal yoga classes, babymoon, baby showers, and more.
It offers features to save important documents, create lists of potential baby names. Record your milestones to help you track your progress, as well as baby kicks.

Available for iOS and Android.

20. Pregnancy Workout Advisor

And the last but not least on my list of Pregnancy Apps is Pregnancy Workout advisor. This app contains illustrations and instructions for carrying out a series of exercises that are beneficial during pregnancy. It also features a weight tracker and gives descriptions on the best sleeping positions during each phase of pregnancy. This app also gives recommendation on food that benefits you, and food to be avoided. Every workout is detailed with hand drawn visuals and clearly written instructions.

Available for iOS and Android.

I really hope that you find these pregnancy apps useful! If you know other ones that you believe should be mentioned here, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

And if you are interested in knowing more about pregnancy apps and other innovations in this field, I recommend you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

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