Software Architect Path: how to grow from a software developer to a Software Architect

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The journey from developer to software architect is a difficult path full of challenges and doubts. Many developers start as juniors and progress into senior and team lead roles. But there’s more than one direction to grow as a software engineer, for example, software architect. In this article I would like to give you some ideas on how to become an effective software architect. 

First of all, let’s discuss who is a software architect? We have discussed it in one of our articles “The role of a software architect” written by software architect of Apiumhub. 

Software architect is a software expert responsible for making executive decisions on system design, infrastructure and tech standards including language, tools and platforms, for a given digital product. The software architect sets the vision and oversees the system as it’s built. 

Also, software architect should be able to share a technical vision and technical direction, plan based on the requirements of the software project. On the other hand, software architect should know the disciplines he or she will use to build the system, for example, development environment or estimates or part of DevOps and even methodologies and best practices. 

Btw, in this article you may find key skills of a software architect we believe make a difference. 

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So, how do you become a software architect?

  1. Improve your communication skills

You’ll need to practice business speak when you talk with stakeholders, managers and VPs – and then translate everything into requirements for your development team to understand.

  1. Upgrade your tech knowledge

Think of a software architect as an orchestra conductor. While the “conductor” may not be the premier player of any given instrument, software architect knows what role each player has. Software architect should be a reference and guide for the team. It is a matter of practice, studing programming patterns and project structures. Write code and explore different ways of making things happen. 

  1. Surround yourself with software architecture experts
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Attend hands-on software architecture workshops, go to global software architecture summit and learn from the best. Follow them on social media, read their blogs, nowadays every single day you can learn something new. So, finding people who challenge you to get incrementally better, every day, will help you grow professionally. 

  1. Get a Mentor

Find a software architect who’ll let you look at their code, question their decisions and talk in depth about how they got where they are today.

  1. Teach others

Sometimes, teaching others what you do and how you do it is the best way to slow down and see your work in a new light. 

  1. Be proactive

When the next project comes along, step up to the challenge and responsibility of software architect. 

  1. Plan it

Your desire to grow into a software architect position shouldn’t be a surprise to your team members. Seed the conversation early and keep it top of mind with your team members and other leaders in your company.

  1. Take responsibility

Architect decisions are usually the most expensive. Therefore, a software architect should take the most responsible approach to his work and the decisions made. 

  1. Solve problems

The primary responsibility of a software architect is to act as a problem-solver. A business provides the architect with a broad request and the software architect must separate the request to solve it with the software development team.

  1. Put extra attention to detail

A software architect should ensure the functionality of each segment of a project, and must be able to easily check project code for quality assurance to prevent any codes issues from reaching a project’s release. Although, software architect is responsible for the blueprint of the project, details also matter and should be well thought. 

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I hope you found this article useful! If you are interested in growing as a software architect, send us your CV: [email protected], we would be happy to know more about you! 

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