Typography Tips

Typography tips for ux design beginners

If you have read my article about typography trends in modern web design and you are a beginner in UX design, probably you had a lot of questions, therefore I decided to write an article explaining the basics in Typography … Read More

Storytelling Enhances UX Design

Storytelling enhances UX design

Stories have defined our world, they are the basis for all the rules we have right now. They have been with us since cave drawings. They have continued to evolve with their purpose remaining the same; to entertain, to share … Read More

Neuroscience In UX Design

Neuroscience in UX Design. 2 thinking systems.

Neuroscience is a term that is used more and more often in different spheres of business and daily life. So why not study the brain to create the most efficient user experience designs? In today’s article, I’ll be talking about an … Read More

Wearables: 10 UX Design Tips For Smartwatch App

Wearables: 10 UX design tips for smartwatch app

Wearables are the hottest thing after the launch of an iPhone. They have been the buzzword in the tech industry during these recent years. According to CIO, in 2015, 39.5 million U.S. citizens used wearable devices, an increase of 57.7% … Read More

UX Research Tools

Top UX research tools in 2018

Have you ever faced the problem of high bounce rates and low conversion rates? Do you have an idea why your performance is suffering? Do you know what it looks like when someone browses your site? Do you know where they click, … Read More

Material Design

Material design: smarter alternative to flat design

Flat design is a current trend and a buzzword these recent years. Everything is going towards simplicity and flat design is all about that. Like all other trends, Flat design has evolved and adapted changes. It  is mostly being criticized for … Read More

Skeuomorphic Design, Flat Design

Skeuomorphic design, flat design, what’s next?

When this boom of smartphones and mobile apps began, when technology started to dominate our lives, skeuomorphic design was the best option for that time, why?   ERA OF SKEUOMORPHIC DESIGN   Skeuomorphic design is intuitive by relating tasks and … Read More

Flat Design

Flat design inspiration

Web design trends change very fast, they come and go! You don’t have time to adapt to the current design trends and you see the new one coming out again. As I work in this industry, I noticed that on … Read More

Creating Color Palettes

14 useful tools for creating color palettes

If you read our previous articles about colors, you know how colors are important in terms of marketing and sales, what are the color trends in 2016, and how to achieve color harmony to achieve your goals. In this article, … Read More

Color Trends

Color trends & 11 tips by UX designers

Color can grab attention, set a mood, and even influence our emotions, perceptions and actions. But sometimes it can be hard to know where to start when choosing a color palette for your design project. Therefore, our UX designers listed down some … Read More

Color Combination

Color combination: the beginner’s guide

Everyone has favorite colors that they usually use for their interior design, for clothes, etc. In a way color represents a person and can say a lot about his or her character and preferences. As for the UX design, skilled UX … Read More

UX Designers

UX designers increased responsibility

All successful companies started to be leaders in their industries not only because of the brilliant ideas and smart business models but also because of the customer-centric approach, designing not only cool and beautiful websites & apps, but platforms that … Read More

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