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We had an article about leading UX Influencers and after receiving a comment from one of our followers asking us about women in the UX design world, we decided to dedicate an article to top female UX Influencers where you will find their notable works, blogs & twitter.

When we were choosing these top female UX influencers, we looked at their blog content, their creative works and useful information on their Twitter account. We tried to create a list of female ux influencers that were active on social media and that you wouldn’t only be inspired by, but that you would also be interested in reading their posts every day, highlighting valuable points for you. 

Why Twitter? Twitter is an ideal place for sharing short messages, articles, tips, opinions, pictures and updates, etc. However, while doing a research, I found some interesting websites and decided to put them here as well. 




1. Veerle Pieters

The first one on our list of “13 female ux influncers” is a Belgian web designer who has a well-known blog called Veerle’s blog 3.0. By following her on social media, you will always be updated with latest news, programs and trends. She is included in the list of «NxE’s Fifty Most Influential ‘Female’ Bloggers».


Personal Website – Blog


2. Priyanka Kodikal

An Indian Designer with an experience working in Sweden, Denmark and India. Currently, she is working as a Product Designer at Facebook. On Twitter, from time to time, she collects her favorite articles, design abstractions and thoughts. Personally, I would recommend you to follow her on Medium where she has a collection of her favorite articles.





3. Jane Pyle

For sure, Jane Pyle can be named as an active Twitter user and is renowned for beign one of those female UX influencers who post and share news from UX world on a daily basis. She has a weighty argument for that being a Senior User Experience designer at Genentech in San Francisco. If you would like to read tweets with reasonable content and visual examples including personal and professional opinion, then go ahead and follow her!



4. Annette Priest

Her catchy twitter will get your attention, that’s for sure. It’s fully about UX. Annette Priest is a Strategic UX & Product Design at The Advisory Board Company. On her twitter you will see that she is also a UX Consultant and UX researcher, and you might feel it while following and reading her tweets. Her content is rich and contains her professional thoughts, comments on different topics and subtle designer’s humor.



5. Janna Kimel

Janna Kimel is a User Experience Researcher for Health, Wearables and Technology. Logically, in her twitter you will see tweets about health and technology. Besides that, you should check her personal website where you can find more information about her professional experience, projects and written articles.


Personal Website


6. Catalina NaranjoBock

Catalina is a Global User Experience Designer, Team Manager, Researcher, Consultant and author. Currently working at Google and previously at Yahoo!, Lego, Nickelodeon & Intel. At Google she is focused on developing interactive and user-friendly applications as well as games for Google Play. Having a wide experience and knowledge, she shares it on her Twitter account giving tips and telling her followers about latest trends in design. If you will be interested in getting more details about her personality I also recommend you to check her LinkedIn detailed profile.




7. Laura Klein

Probably you heard about her if you read ‘UX for Lean Startups’. She is an author of this book, as well as ‘Build Better Products’. Moreover, Laura is a Silicon Valley based Lean UX expert and consultant.


Personal Website & Blog


8. Kristina Halvorson

Kristina Halvorson is the CEO and Founder of Brain Traffic, a content strategy consultancy located in Minnesota, US. She is also an author of similarly-named book “Content Strategy for Web”. On her Twitter’s account, you will be happy to find unique content and friendly humor.


Blog on Braintraffic

9. Kerry Bodine

Visually attractive, her Twitter account definitely will catch your eye with its content and updates from events dedicated to web design industry. She can be named not just as a Twitter Influencer but also as a blogger. She has her own successful blog where she shares her expertise & knowledge in customer experience.


Personal Website


10. Crystal Ehrlich

First of all, Crystal Ehrlich is a well-known UX Freelancer. She has a wide experience working with giants as AT&T, Guinness, Levi’s, Microsoft, Honda, Pepsi, Verizon & MTV. Meanwhile, she is the owner & main organizer of The Los Angeles User Experience Meetup Group that can be named as the largest meet up group for UX in the United States.


Personal Website



11. Zoe Fay

I haven’t seen this women previously on any of the influencer’s lists, however, she has a place on ours. She is a UX Researcher from London and for being that young, she already has a wide experience working in different companies on different projects. Her twitter is full of UX Researching’s, so if you want to get to know better this field of UX, it’s definetely the right person: informative content, graphics, tips and her personal comments on professional topics.




12. Carmen Hevia

Her core field in UX design – video games and mainly she works as a User Experience Designer at King Games. Her influence can be shown in the way she connects neuroscience, social and cognitive psychologies, emotions and people’s persuasion with video games. She has been a public speaker on different outstanding events, so if you will follow her twitter account, you will always be up to date.




13. Lynn Hunsaker

Lynn Hunsaker is a Customer Experience Transformation Leader, CEO at Marketing Operations Partners and Strategiest at ClearAction. You will see how Lynn never stops sharing; She shares 3-5 articles per day, and I would recommend you to read them or at least to check them. If you don’t have enough time or prefer more visual content, then you will find there graphics, pictures, statistics, inspiration and much more. Check her LinkedIn profile, a great proof of her influencer’s status.



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  1. Clare says:

    Thanks!! Great list.

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