React Hooks – The Main Uses

React Next 2019: React Hooks – the main uses

On June 12 of this year, part of the Apiumhub Frontend team had the opportunity to attend the React Next 2019 conference in Tel Aviv, a conference focused mainly on React and React Native. There we had the opportunity to … Read More

The Pursuit Of Pragmatic Programming

JBCNConf 2019: The Pursuit of Pragmatic Programming

The last week of May, the beautiful city of Barcelona was hosting an annual fair for all the IT enthusiasts, programmers and software companies – the fifth edition of JBCNConf. This year, the three days were filled up with an … Read More

JBCNConf highlights

JBCNConf 2019 Highlights: Evolving a Clean Architecture

As you probably already know, last month, Apiumhub sponsored this year’s edition of the JBCNConf, and our development team had the pleasure attending the event and sharing knowledge with the Java community in Barcelona.   JBCNConf 2019 Highlights During JBCNConf … Read More

MDevCamp Conference

mDevCamp Conference 2019: our experience

mDevCamp 2019: Welcome & Keynote mDevCamp is one of the biggest mobile development events, and we’ve had the chance (and luck) to be able to assist to this year’s edition. With a lively atmosphere and refreshing and influential talks, mDevCamp’s … Read More

Best Mobile Apps In Spain

Organic Event. TheAwards: Best mobile apps in Spain 2018

The 4th edition of the app festival ORGANIC: The App Party took place 15th of November 2018 in Duvet Club Barcelona. Case Studies, Fun and a Lot of Networking! Also, this year Pickaso and The Tool, the organizers of the … Read More

Lambda World Cádiz

Lambda World Cádiz 18: Highlights

Lambda world Cádiz, one of the most important conferences on functional programming in Europe, took place in Cádiz on October 25 and 26. A software development team from Apiumhub was there attending some of the talks. Since the lectures and … Read More

Software Crafters Barcelona highlights

Software Crafters Barcelona highlights – part 2

In my previous article, we started to look at some Scbcn workshops and things I have underlined from the event. In this article, I would like to continue sharing with you my notes and Software Crafters Barcelona highlights.  As I mentioned … Read More


SCBCN 2018: My two cents – part 1

During the last weekend of September 2018 it was held the VI edition of the Scbcn ( Software Crafters Barcelona ). Apiumhub was the platinum sponsor there and had an opportunity to open the conference with the motivation speech. Also, Albert Parron … Read More

4YFN & Mobile World Congress

Mobile insight for 4YFN & Mobile World Congress 2018

Another record breaking year for the Mobile World Congress and 4YFN in the current edition! In this articles I will be briefly describing how the Mobile World Congress was, and then will go over the latest mobile insight we discovered & talked about!  … Read More


NewCo: some of the leading startups in Barcelona

NewCo 2017 in Barcelona One more time, the 2017 NewCo event happened! It was such a wonderful time being surrounded by inspiring people and those interested in the industry, new ways of doing and just simple people who like to … Read More

Embracing The Mobile Shift

Embracing the Mobile shift

Smartphone usage keeps on growing at a very fast pace and that means that people are just more and more addicted to their phones in many different ways. We are witnessing what is called The Mobile Shift. During the event, … Read More

Test Academy Event

A day at the Test Academy event in Barcelona

At Apiumhub, we like to be updated and aware of the latest news in everything that has to do with testing, and that’s why we couldn’t miss the Test Academy event in Barcelona this year. We believe that TDD is a friend … Read More