M-Commerce Is Changing The Fashion Industry

M-commerce is changing the fashion industry – it’s time to catch up

As you could see this year we go to many events related to technology and digital marketing, this event was different, it was very specific, it was about m-commerce in the fashion industry. The event was absolutely fantastic! It was … Read More

The Role Of Technology In The Luxury Industry

The Role of technology in the luxury Industry

I was invited to ESERP business school this autumn to give classes about the role of technology in the luxury industry. As many of you already know, I am passionate about both things: technology and the luxury industry, therefore for … Read More

Mobile Talks: Innovation through startups

Mobile Talks: Innovation through startups

In an increasingly globalized, technology driven and competitive world, traditional innovation methods for big companies don’t work any more. These years these companies are struggling to face a global digital transformation process and adapt their processes quickly and effective. Therefore, … Read More

How To Scale Your Startups

How to scale your startups in Europe ?

On Thursday the 22nd we attended an event organised by Polyglot Group that was mainly about how to scale startups in Europe? So who is Polyglot Group? Let’s start off by saying that they believe in partnering relationships. The group … Read More

Code Testing For IOS Applications

Code testing for iOS applications

The first edition of the CMD+U Conference took place in the Vertex building of the UPC in Barcelona. The event brought together a large group of developers interested in learning and sharing different and techniques for code testing for iOS. The … Read More

domain driven design

Domain Driven Design Distilled by Vaughn Vernon

We are big fans of DDD and we were lucky enough to assist an event held by Magento, with Vaughn Vernon as a key speaker, presenting his latest book: “Domain Driven Design Distilled”. I bet you can imagine how exciting … Read More

User Stories; Tips & Best Practices

User stories; tips & best practices

You might have heard about XP Day – an international conference about Extreme Programming and Agile processes. We’re very happy that Apiumhub’s team in Vietnam had the chance to attend this great and helpful event; XP Day Vietnam. We can … Read More

Technology Innovation

Technology innovation: CLAS expara startup accelerator

Technology innovation in Vietnam is booming. By following the latest trends and staying up to date, Apiumhub’s Vietnam team has had various chances to assist to really interesting events, featuring big players in the Information Technologies industry such as Tech … Read More

Tech Transformation With Google For Work

Tech transformation with Google for work in Vietnam

We all know that changes in technology trends are bound to continue, and that through the years, it will still have a significant impact on the way we work, causing constant business transformation. I was really impressed by what Inam Hussain, Head … Read More

Agile Working Without Borders

Apiumhub attends: Google? Yes, Google Vietnam.

Apiumhub was lucky to attended a talk in Vietnam organized by Google: Google Yes, Google Vietnam. It gave us the chance to gain insight from one of the most influential Tech companies in the world. What was said was very interesting, specially the … Read More

Agile working

Agile working without borders; tips & insights

Nowadays, our world allows us to work with people without having to consider the borders between countries. However, how do we adapt in this world with that many barriers such as language, culture, working style, values, etc. How do we overcome those … Read More

IBTM In Barcelona: Technology Trends In The Event Industry

IBTM in Barcelona: Technology trends in the event industry

The marketing team of Apiumhub attended the IBTM event in Barcelona, formerly known as EIBTM – biggest and leading global event for the meetings and events industry, held in the vibrant business and tourism destination of Barcelona. This year was a special … Read More