DevOps influencers to follow this year

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Every subject has experts and influencers. People who inspire us and motivate us. Today, let’s talk about DevOps. Even Though you may find thousands of influencers on the internet, it is hard to know who is truly worth following. So, our DevOps team came up with the list of top 22 DevOps influencers we believe make a difference in software development industry.

DevOps influencers

1. Martin Fowler
The first one on our list of DevOps influencers is Martin Fowler. He is a prolific writer and DevOps influencer. He’s authored no less than seven books about software development and has been a columnist for a number of software publications. You can find a lot of useful information about DevOps and related technology topics in his Twitter account.

2Bridget Kromhout 

Bridget is a principal cloud developer advocate at Microsoft. She gives podcasts about DevOps and organized DevOpsDays.

3. John Arundel
John is a consultant and helps companies with Devops, Puppet, Docker, Kubernetes, etc. He is an expert in automation.

4. Gene Kim
Gene is a DevOps enthusiast, The Phoenix Project and DevOps Handbook co-author, author of many books related to DevOps area.

5. Jez Humble
Jez is a co-author of Continuous Delivery, Lean Enterprise and DevOps Handbook. CTO at and twitter activist. There you will find useful DevOps information on a daily basis.

6. Dave Farley
Dave is very active on Twitter. If you are interested in finding daily DevOps source of information, Dave’s Twitter is for you.

7. Gareth Rushgrove
This software developer and sysadmin is always in the know when it comes to DevOps news. As the curator of DevOps Weekly, which you should read, Gareths feed is DevOps heaven. Follow him on Twitter to stay up to date with the DevOps evolving world.

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8. DevOps Reactions
Whether you are having a rough Monday or your tests keep failing, DevOps Reactions is a great way to put a smile on your face. In this account you will find relevant highlights, that show that these guys know what they are talking about.

9. Martin Logan
Martin is a DevOps influencer – one of the originals in fact. Martin Logan is one of the founding members of He write books, gives presentations and talks. His Twitter account is definitely worth following.

10. JP Morgenthal
JP Morgenthal is an author and a DevOps blogger. He also advises C-suite executives on value-adding technology strategies. You’ll find most of his DevOps posts on the blog at, on his personal website, The Tech Evangelist and his Twitter account.

11. Jason Cox
Jason Cox is Director of Systems Engineering at the Walt Disney Company. He’s a keen DevOps enthusiast and speaks on behalf of the movement at national conferences.

12. Apiumhub

Apiumhub has a team of DevOps experts who regularly write articles about Docker, Continuous Integration, DevOps projects, etc.

13. Helen Beal
Helen works as the head of DevOps practice at Ranger4, an organization that helps companies adopt and embrace a DevOps culture. In the true spirit of an evangelist who can listen as well as talk, Helen has a series of posts over at the Ranger4 blog, in which she features the views and opinions of experts in development, IT asset management, and IT operations.

14. Chris Corriere
Chris Corriere is a DevOps Engineer at Autotrader, he contributes to the blog on a regular basis. And tweets on a regular basis.

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15.  Andrew Storms
Andrew is a contributor to, also he is a notable authority on IT security. He is active on Twitter, where he shares his own opinions, thoughts and discoveries.

16.  Elisabeth Hendrickson
Elisabeth Hendrickson spends her time embroiled in the DevOps culture at Pivotal, where she is the VP of Engineering. Elisabeth is also an author and inexhaustible testing protagonist. Elisabeth does tweet regularly and often speaks at events about DevOps, automation and Agile development practice.

17. Gareth Rushgrove
Gareth Rushgrove is a software and operations engineer. He speaks, tweets, and blogs about DevOps topics and has been particularly forthcoming in sharing his experiences helping the British government’s digital service to get established.

18. Marten Mickos
Marten Mickos has plenty of experience on which to draw when sharing his views and thoughts about DevOps, leadership, cloud computing, and open source technology. Today, Marten is the Senior VP of the cloud business at Hewlett-Packard.

19. Stephen Nelson-Smith
Stephen is another DevOps veteran, having been there right at the beginning of the movement. Stephen shares his knowledge and expertise through keynote talks and is also an author. He has Twitter account, where he shares useful DevOps information on a regular basis.

20. Julian Simpson
Julian Simpson offers plenty of DevOps wisdom in 140 words or less. If you want to check his output, follow him on Twitter

21. Damon Edwards
Damon’s credentials as a DevOps expert are impeccable, his keynote talks are renowned and he contributes occasionally to the Dev2ops blog. One of Damon’s primary interests is in helping “Software as a Service” providers resolve their DevOps challenges.

22. John Willis
John Willis has earned a reputation for being “the voice” of DevOps, thanks to his frequent speaking appearances and his Co-hosting role on the DevOps Café Podcast. John also writes guest posts. These posts are always a stimulating read and clearly reveal his passion for what DevOps means and what he believes it should stand for. He is also active on Twitter.

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