Product Ownership Course in Barcelona

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The Product Owner position is one of the most demanded roles in the software development and startups world. Well, if you look at Glassdoor statistics, you will see that big companies like Banco Sabadell, Nestle, Softonic, King, Mango & many others also hire Product Owners intensively. Companies are starting to understand how critical it is to have someone that holds a clear view of the product from the technical and business point of view and can prioritize user stories in an agile team.

Product ownership course

And right now there is a gap in the market in terms of number of good POs and learning materials of how to become one. Therefore, our Ramon Felip – Product Owner at Apiumhub started to write articles about this topic, for example, Product Leader – not ( only ) agile, Product definition roadmapping: from ideas to plans to products, How to write good user stories. Also, in 2018 he started to organize meetups focusing on PO topics and look at them from a more practical point of view. There he saw that there are a lot of people who are interested in growing professionally. That’s when he decided to prepare a Product Owner course for Apium Academy in Barcelona, where he would explain how to guide the development of software products, understand customer needs and define product roadmaps, user stories and prioritize backlogs.

During this course, Ramon will show practical examples on how to engage the team and resolve conflicts, manage product vision and scope and facilitate requirements gathering, designs and cost forecasts. Also, he will give some tips on how to ease transparency and communication and deliver optimal working software according to milestones.

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Ramon strongly believes that Product Owners should have some technical knowledge to be more effective and be able to explain tech concepts to the team, because the PO is like a middle man between the development team and the stakeholders. But apart from having tech knowledge, he believes that POs should be knowledgeable on a product from the end user’s perspective and have a business background as well.

In this course, his idea is to show how to become a project’s key stakeholder, creating a common vision of how the product will be built, transmitting it to the team and ensure the team meets deadlines and goals.

Well, let us tell you a bit more about Apium Academy and the course itself…

What is Apium Academy?

Apium Academy is based in Barcelona and offers high-quality courses by leading software developers to those interested in building working software and improve their skills.

These software development courses offer practical, hands-on experience. They tackle current issues and find optimized solutions following best practices, and you will be able to implement the acquired knowledge right away.

Apium Academy is comprised by highly qualified software engineers that are truly passionate about teaching.

Product Ownership Course details

This course will be given by our product owner – Ramon Felip.

  • What the product owner role is really about.
  • How to communicate effectively.
  • How to create a product strategy.
  • How to craft a product roadmap.
  • How to write great user stories.
  • How to manage expectations and align the actors of a project.
  • How to work with a backlog effectively.
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About product ownership course

Product Ownership course will provide you detailed insights on the Product Owner role. Product Owners are one of the most demanded professional positions, yet few companies fully understand the role. This course will review all the sides, attributions and responsibilities of a Product Owner in an Agile Environment.

You will get to know and practice technical aspects such as Backlog management, User Stories, Prioritization and soft skills like communication, expectation management and leadership to name a few. It will also teach you how to imagine, plan and work with a product life cycle.

  • Starting Date: October 1, 2019
  • Duration: 12 hours divided into 6 sessions of 2h each (3 weeks).
  • Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday, 18:30 to 20:30
  • Reference Materials: Alongside the course, students will be given reference materials with additional information

Product ownership course topics

  • Product leader and Product Owner
  • Leadership and Communication: Managing all the actors
  • The product Vision and Strategy
  • The roadmap: User story maps
  • User stories
  • Validation and releasing. KPIs
  • Practical problems

How to get enrolled?

Are there any other courses in Apium Academy?

Yes, definitely, there are other courses that are given by Apiumhub’s Tech leads. For example:

  1. Frontend Architecture course
  2. Android Architecture course

Also, and since so many of you requested them, very soon Apium Academy will start working on an iOS and a DevOps course.

Is there any possibility to ask for a personalized course?

Yes, this possibility exists, just let them know what are your objectives and they will adapt the content to your needs.

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Contact Apium Academy: [email protected]

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