15 Software architecture newsletters that are worth your subscription

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Apiumhub team’s favourite software architecture newsletters — from career path tips to recommendations, case studies, books, events and interviews with leading software architects. 

So you want to keep a close eye on software architecture? Well, the best place to start is signing up to a list of great software architecture newsletters out there. Some of them are created by leading companies like Thoughtworks and O’reilly, some are created by renowned software architects like Dave Farley and some by well-known events like GSAS or DDD Europe

So, here you will find our selection of software architecture newsletters that we follow on a weekly and monthly basis. 


15 best software architecture newsletters to follow 


  1. Gotopia Newsletter

Get the inspiration you need to bring in new technologies or gain the extra evidence to support your software architecture plan. Learn from language creators and the world’s leading experts in software architecture through key insights from their most recent books and articles. 

The GOTO Conferences event series goes beyond their annual conferences in Chicago, Amsterdam, Berlin and Copenhagen. They hold events with their network of speakers year-round. Each event is designed for developers and software architects who want to stay up to date with the latest tools, technologies, processes and practices in the software industry. 

In their software architecture newsletters you may find key highlights of what has worked and software architects’ recommendations based on the projects they work on. 


  1. O’reilly Newsletter

See how companies are using the cloud and next-generation architectures to keep up with changing markets and anticipate customer and business expectations. Receive weekly insight from industry insiders—plus exclusive content, offers, and more on the topic of software architecture.

“It helps me filter out the noise in the complex, dynamic, ever changing world of technology and programming.” — Santosh Shanbhag, Software Architect, PwC


  1. DDD Europe Newsletter

Get notified about DDD events and trainings, which are interactive hands-on labs and workshops, led by software architecture experts. You’ll collaborate with other participants in practical sessions with modelling, design, visualisation, code, architecture, discussion. 


  1. Thoughtworks Radar Newsletter

An opinionated guide to technology frontiers. Every six months or so, ThoughtWorks publishes its Technology Radar. What started as an interesting experiment has turned into quite a notable publication, which gets lots of attention from their clients and other netizens. The Radar is a document that sets out the changes that Thoughtworks thinks are currently interesting in software development and software architecture – things in motion that they think you should pay attention to and consider using in your projects. It reflects the idiosyncratic opinion of a bunch of senior technologists and is based on their day-to-day work and experiences.  The Technology Radar is prepared by the ThoughtWorks Technology Advisory Board, comprised of: Rebecca Parsons (CTO), Martin Fowler (Chief Scientist), Bharani Subramaniam, Birgitta Böckeler, Brandon Byars, Camilla Falconi Crispim, Cassie Shum, Erik Doernenburg, Evan Bottcher, Fausto de la Torre, Hao Xu, Ian Cartwright, James Lewis, Lakshminarasimhan Sudarshan, Mike Mason, Neal Ford, Ni Wang, Perla Villarreal, Rachel Laycock, Scott Shaw, Shangqi Liu, Zhamak Dehghani. And Thoughtworks sends newsletters with new insights, upcoming events and webinars related to the radar. 

  B-Wom case study: Pure MVP application


  1. Allen Holub Newsletter

Their software architecture newsletters are about software architecture, organizational transformation & improvement.

Here Allen talks about how to build software better—build better software. He speaks internationally about these topics and agile-friendly implementation technology and architecture. He provides in-depth consulting and training in those areas. He excels at building highly functional Lean/Agile organizations and designing and building robust, highly scalable software suitable for agile environments. Allen is widely published. His works include 10 books, hundreds of articles in publications ranging from Dr. Dobb’s Journal to IBM DeveloperWorks), and video classes for agilitry.com (Agility with Allen), Pluralsight (Swift in Depth, Picturing Architecture, Object-Oriented Design), O’Reilly (Design Patterns in the Real World) and forthcoming on Lynda/LinkedIn. 


  1. Deararchitects

The software architecture community is more vibrant than ever, there is plenty of contents available but our time is not infinite. This newsletter curated by Luca Mezzalira wants to provide a consolidate view on what’s going on in the software architecture space with events, articles, books and suggestions for nurturing your mind.


  1. Changelog Newsletter

Subscribe to get the latest news and podcasts for developers and software architects in your inbox, every week. Weekly shows about software architecture, developer culture, open source, building startups, etc. 17,864 developers from all over the world get a backstage pass to everything they do. 


  1. InfoQ Software Architects’ Newsletter

The role of a modern software architect is continually shifting, and so are the underlying frameworks, platforms and tools that are used as part of the craft. The InfoQ Architects’ Newsletter is your monthly guide to all the topics, technologies and techniques that every professional or aspiring software architect needs to know about.


  1. Apiumhub Newsletter
  Domain Driven Design Distilled by Vaughn Vernon

Apiumhub specialises in Software Architecture and features software architecture projects, articles, events, books, job offers and interviews on a monthly basis. Also, in these software architecture newsletters you will find industry tips & best practices, based on Apiumhub experience.


  1. Software Architecture Newsletter 

This monthly newsletter contains short tidbits of Software Architecture-related content that every Software Architect will find relevant and interesting. The Software Architecture Newsletter cover topics such as: Software Architecture patterns, Cyber Security, Cloud, Development Languages. In order to be a really great Software Architect, you have to keep learning. You have to be aware of new trends, of new platforms, of security risks found in popular frameworks, and also – of relevant events and books. This newsletter is is a short, focused digest that helps Software Architects to learn about what’s really matters in the industry.

This newsletter, designed to be delivered monthly, is a great place for learning about Software Architecture. It contains bite-sized sections, each discusses a specific topic, and refers to the source for further reading. The whole thing should take no more than 5 minutes to read, and these are 5 minutes well spent. These software architecture newsletters focus on the following subjects: Software Architecture, Cloud architecture, Development platforms, Cyber security, Books recommendations, Relevant events and and anything else that might be of interest for the Software Architect and Software Architect-to-be.

  1. Apium Academy Newsletter

Apium Academy offers high-quality hands-on software architecture courses and workshops focusing on best practices, working software and practical solutions for current issues.

Apium Academy professors tackle current issues and find optimized solutions following best practices. Also, they organize software architecture master classes with leading software architects like Mark Richards, Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, Ken Power, Luca Mezzalira, etc. In their monthly software architecture newsletters you will find software architecture articles written by their Professors, upcoming workshops, special discounts, software architecture events and tips based on real projects. 

  1. IASA Newsletter

Iasa Global is a non-profit association dedicated to the advancement of all enterprise and technology architect professionals. They exist to stabilize and support the development of the architecture profession as a whole. It is the mission of Iasa to make architecture the most educated, capable and recognized profession in the world. This association strives to accomplish this by enhancing networking and learning opportunities for all of its members. Sign up for their software architecture newsletters to receive info about free online events, upcoming training dates and software architecture content. 


  1. Continuous Delivery Newsletter 
  Interview With Alexander von Zitzewitz, Speaker at GSAS 2022

Continuous Delivery Ltd. is a company founded to help organisations achieve their software ambitions, to release world-class software that will delight your users. The aim is to make businesses more innovative and more experimental, allowing you to try out new ideas. 

CD.Training is the on-line training arm of Continuous Delivery Ltd, providing a variety of e-learning options for software developers and architects, development teams and leaders, and organisations striving to provide quality software. By subscribing to their software architecture newsletters , you will receive Free How To’s, Guides, discounts and tips curated by Dave Farley.  


  1. Global Software Architecture Summit Newsletter

GSAS (Global Software Architecture Summit) is a summit which aims to attract and connect software architecture experts from all over the world as well as all those interested in building working software to improve their skills, share knowledge, and connect. Their speakers are experts in essential practices, innovation, working software and practical solutions. Draw your inspiration and learn to become a better software architect by subscribing to their software architecture newsletters. 

Robust and scalable software is in the center of every discussion and talk, which makes it a perfect place for people who fight for quality in the software development world together with leading software architects like Neal Ford, Carola Lilienthal, Mark Richards, Nathaniel Schutta, Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, Ken Power, Allen Holub, Luca Mezzalira, and many others. 


  1. CIO Software Architecture Newsletter 

Subscribe to CIO Software Architecture Newsletters to receive news, how-tos, reports, features, reviews, and videos related to software architecture.  


I hope you found this list useful! If you know other software architecture newsletters that deserve to be on this list, let us know in the comments section below! Thank you! 


  • Ekaterina Novoseltseva

    Ekaterina Novoseltseva is an experienced CMO and Board Director. Professor in prestigious Business Schools in Barcelona. Teaching about digital business design. Right now Ekaterina is a CMO at Apiumhub - software development hub based in Barcelona and organiser of Global Software Architecture Summit. Ekaterina is proud of having done software projects for companies like Tous, Inditex, Mango, Etnia, Adidas and many others. Ekaterina was taking active part in the Apiumhub office opening in Paseo de Gracia and in helping companies like Bitpanda open their tech hubs in Barcelona.

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