Top 10 software development workshops and courses in Barcelona

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There are hundreds of software development boot camps out there for those who would like to start their career as a software developer, but what about all those who are already in this field, who have mid-high level, both knowledge and experience wise? I have spoken to our clients, our team members and community members to highlight those top 10 software development workshops and courses centers that give trainings in Barcelona.

Staying up-to-date with best practices and latest developments is crucial, especially when it comes to software architecture and development. And there is no better way to share experiences with other like-minded peers than by attending a software development workshops or a courses facilitated by the experts in the industry.


Top 10 software development workshops and courses centers that give trainings in Barcelona.


1.Habla Computing

Habla Computing has a solid expertise in Scala, its ecosystem of libraries and tools, and functional programming. You can benefit from their expertise in any of the courses they offer:

  • Introduction to Scala
  • Purely Functional Scala
  • Advanced Functional Scala
  • Big Data
  • Distributed programming
  • Bespoke training


2. Apium Academy

Apium Academy is based in Barcelona and offers high-quality courses by leading software developers to those interested in building working software and improve their skills. They offer offer practical, hands-on experience, tackling current issues, finding optimized solutions following best practices and implementing the acquired knowledge right away.

  • Frontend Architecture
  • Backend Architecture
  • Android Architecture
  • EventStorming
  • Product Ownership
  • Software Architecture
  • DevOps
  • Refactoring
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3. Codium

Codium trains and accompanies programming teams, specializing in Clean code, TDD and Legacy code. Their workshops focus on learning a specific skill.

  • Legacy Code
  • TDD
  • Clean Code


4. NexoQA

NexoQA offers a wide variety of courses related to software testing, from the most basic with fundamental topics on testing to test management courses and advanced software testing topics such as automated testing & performance testing.

  • Advanced Test Engineering
  • Advanced Agile Testing
  • Managing the Test Process & QA Team
  • Testing and virtualization
  • API rest testing
  • Mobile app test automation
  • Web test automation with Selenium
  • Performance testing
  • Testing tools


5. Codesai

Codesai helps students to improve, to unblock the project, to make a team. They help students to solve problems, to write better code and to motivate the team.

  • BDD
  • Testing
  • Refactoring
  • DDD
  • JavaScript


6.  Capside

Capside delivers Cloud training in all knowledge areas and technologies related to Cloud

  • Architecture, Agility and DevOps in Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud


7. La Salle

La Salle offers this opportunity to master all the phases of the development process of an IT Project and learn how to define a software structure with a reliable and efficient performance.

  • Software development and architecture
  • DevOps
  • Cybersecurity
  • Frontend development


8. Karumi

Practice makes perfection and Karumi’s trainings are designed to improve student’s skills using real world scenarios. Exercises, katas and tech talks with the acumen of years of experience building great apps for Android and iOS. Karumi offers students to improve the quality of your apps by working on engineering skills in their hands-on training. Deep dive into design patterns, testing, software architectures, code review processes and best practices for mobile development. Students will be able to apply all these concepts right away to the Android/iOS applications they are building.

  • Kotlin
  • Android Jetpack
  • Android Animations
  • Architecture, patterns, and Principles for Android & iOS
  • Testing for Android & iOS
  • Advanced Mobile Development
  • Mastering Git
  • Swift Jump Start
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9. Autentia

Autentia transforms complex problems into sustainable solutions, accompanying their students in their learning process, being a model of efficiency and good practices.

  • Agile methodologies
  • Software Architecture
  • Big Data
  • DevOps
  • Frontend
  • Languages and Frameworks
  • Mobile app development
  • Testing
  • TDD and BDD


10. Codurance

Codurance provides a range of training opportunities that typically run for 2 days.
Their training courses help teams get better at Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration and Deployment, Domain-Driven Design, Clean Code and SOLID principles, Behaviour Driven Development and many other technical practices. They also offer training to leverage Cloud and DevOps technologies, to create a Continous Delivery Pipeline.

  • Crafting Code
  • Crafted Design
  • Microservices with AWS Lambdas
  • Serverless Architecture Using AWS
  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Building Reliable Microservices with Microsoft Service Fabric
  • Zero to Continous Delivery with Docker
  • Crafting Webapps

I really hope you find this list of software development workshops and courses useful!
If you believe we have missed any, let us know in the comments section below!


  • Ekaterina Novoseltseva

    Ekaterina Novoseltseva is an experienced CMO and Board Director. Professor in prestigious Business Schools in Barcelona. Teaching about digital business design. Right now Ekaterina is a CMO at Apiumhub - software development hub based in Barcelona and organiser of Global Software Architecture Summit. Ekaterina is proud of having done software projects for companies like Tous, Inditex, Mango, Etnia, Adidas and many others. Ekaterina was taking active part in the Apiumhub office opening in Paseo de Gracia and in helping companies like Bitpanda open their tech hubs in Barcelona.

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