Digital Maturity Keys To Business Success apiumhub

Digital Maturity: keys to business success

On many occasions, companies have real problems in responding to the changing market and customer needs. Although we know that adaptability is not the only secret, productivity and anticipation are often necessary. Increasingly, digitalisation is a necessary step for positioning, … Read More

Digital Cost Management

Digital cost management of real estate projects increasingly cloud-based

Project management in the real estate industry and especially controlling are currently subject to drastic changes in the course of digitalization. The reasons for these changes are increasingly complex real estate projects, which often have to be managed and controlled … Read More

Digital Business Transformation

Digital business transformation: trends, statistics & case studies

Companies across the globe are going through digital business transformation as they are challenged to improve business processes and develop new opportunities and business models. Digitization can extend the reach of organizations, improve management decisions, and speed the development of new … Read More

Digital Transformation In Retail

Digital transformation in retail: 10 changes

Market research firm eMarketer estimates global e-commerce sales will reach about $ 3.563 trillion this year. The growth of online sale is very robust globally, with a growth rate about four times higher than that of all retail sales. Brick-and-mortar … Read More

Digital Twin As A Strategic Technology Trend

Digital Twin as a strategic technology trend

There is not yet so much information about the buzzword and technology – Digital Twin, even though, it is already listed in the next technology trends and used by many companies. Today, I would like to make it more clear … Read More

Examples of digital transformation initiatives in the Hospitality industry

Examples of digital transformation initiatives in the Hospitality industry

Many believe that there aren’t a lot of ways to be innovative when it comes to the hospitality industry. But digital transformation actually affects all industries. In this article I would like to give examples of how hotels are going … Read More

Digital Luxury Strategy Tips

Digital luxury strategy tips

As a CMO of Apiumhub with a solid background in online world, I was invited as a Guest speaker to ESERP Business School to give a speech about digital luxury strategy. In this article I want to share with you … Read More

Fashion Industry Digitalization

Fashion industry digitalization

Apiumhub participated in the it4fashion conference, which was held in Florence, Italy and which was focused on innovation, more specifically on the fashion industry digitalization.    More about IT4Fashion   IT4Fashion is the annual conference about Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) … Read More

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