Fashion industry digitalization

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Apiumhub participated in the it4fashion conference, which was held in Florence, Italy and which was focused on innovation, more specifically on the fashion industry digitalization


More about IT4Fashion


IT4Fashion is the annual conference about Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the fashion industry.

This conference brings together fashion companies delegates who share their ICT success stories providing first-hand examples of how innovative technologies have already been introduced in their business. The suppliers of advanced ICT solutions also present their services and ideas.

Normally the program is enriched by additional workshops and focuses on collaborative networks and extended enterprises in the fashion industry.

In this event you have a great chance to speak with CIOs, CTOs, Digital and Marketing Directors of the leading fashion companies like: Prada, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Fendi, Miss Sixty, Luxottica, Liu Jo, Diesel, La Perla, Lacoste, Lotto Sport, Valentino and many others.

There Apiumhub introduced our services and ideas, what we can do for the fashion retailers to make them more advanced with the IT technology to enhance all the possibilities, that Smartphones, Tablets and computers bring us.

Fashion industry digitalization

This event is also very interesting because if the case studies of leading fashion brands, like Moncler, Roberto Cavalli, Furla, Gucci, Kering, Macron, Braccialini etc. It helped us to identify a room for IT improvement in the fashion industry. That’s why this event was created: to reunite brands and IT suppliers to fill the gaps, which would lead to improved supply chain of the companies doing them more efficient,

  GOTO x Apiumhub Partnership

The purpose of this event is to reunite brands and IT suppliers to fill the gaps, which would lead to improved supply chain of the companies doing them more efficient, automative and interesting for the customers.

We believe that IT helps to create a bridge between departments to increase control, create exceptional customer experience and have a sustainable business model. Moreover, IT helps to create new and different from others marketing initiatives to attract customers attention and lead them to the immediate purchase.

We have noticed, that fashion industry has been slow to adapt to new technologies. Fashion brands are going to have to adapt to this, which is going to mean a shift in core values for many brands. IT can make the industry more advanced with the technology and all brands are putting all their efforts there. Fashion plays an important role in our lives and each step of the process is highly important from raw material to post-purchase stage. IT is not only an important tool but essential for doing the business. Nowadays, we need real time data/ information we can’t do anything without IT application.

Today, textile companies employ many information technology solutions, including supply chain management (SCM), material requirements planning (MRP), data warehousing, e-commerce, mobile apps, geofencing, augmented reality etc. The goal is to make information processing, order processing and product distribution more efficient.

Technology is turning the fashion industry inside out 

Consumers are increasingly using their smartphones to shop and purchase. Smartphones are redefining the way retailers are connecting with consumers, and it’s clearly being reflected in the bottom line.

  Apiumhub is Angular Global Summit partner

From mobile-optimized shopping experiences complete with virtual showrooms, real-time customer service and feedback, social media integration, and customized data-driven advertising, fashion retailers are rushing to develop a mobile experience that meets the demands of today’s shoppers.

In the fashion industry, if you aren’t moving forward, chances are high, that you are falling behind. The world of fashion has the capacity to change faster than ever in the digital era, and those with an eye on what’s happening right now and a feel for what’s coming next are in a powerful position to gain a competitive advantage.  


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