Why Chatbots Are The Future Of M-Commerce

Why chatbots are the future of m-commerce: statistics, benefits, use cases & startups

Conversation drives sales and this is a well-known fact. For customers, it is important to have someone to ask questions and clarify doubts, someone who could guide them and recommend them the best option. Today, conversations can be automated, and … Read More

Digital Health Ecosystem

Digital health ecosystem in Barcelona

Barcelona became a very famous city for it’s architecture, food, startups, investors, technology, mobile, smart city projects, IOT, digital health, etc. Today I would like to talk more about digital health: main startups, projects and statistics. Spain is among top … Read More

Smart City Influencers

Smart city influencers that are worth mentioning

From Barcelona to Singapore, cities across the globe are becoming smarter. According to many well-known pieces of research and smart city influencers, by 2025 there will be 29 megacities. Within any of these cities there are millions of devices already … Read More

Leading Startups Hubs

Barcelona among leading startups hubs

In the last 10 years, we’ve been switching from the physical to the digital world. Companies have brought commerce, education and many more online. Every day we read news about new startups, new ideas, new products that have potential to … Read More

The Rise Of InsurTech

The rise of InsurTech Startups

In my previous articles, I talked about PropTech and MusicTech, today, let’s discover the InsurTech industry. Currently, technological advancements offer the insurance industry a tremendous opportunity to meet growing customer needs. And today we will look at booming insurTech startups … Read More

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing projects & startups to keep an eye on

Along with other tech trends, Natural Language Processing became another buzzword in the past years. But not everyone really understands what NLP is and how it can be used to improve efficiency of the process and impact your business in a … Read More

Startups Business Angels

Startups business angels in Barcelona & Madrid

Nowadays, Business Angels play a key role in the development of innovation ecosystem. And in this article, I would like to list down top startups business angels, who play a crucial role in the technology sector in Barcelona and in … Read More

Tech Events You Shouldn't Miss

4 tech events in Barcelona to attend

Looking for tech events in Barcelona? You are in the right place! Every month we update this list with the top Barcelona tech events so you can go to the most interesting ones! Whether you’re a local, new in town, or just … Read More

Tech News

Tech news – monthly update by Apiumhub

Hello, hello! Thank you for your interest in tech news, events, trends and tips!    Tech news: February   1. Top 8 tech events in Barcelona Here you will find a list of top 8 tech events in February. Don’t miss them, … Read More

15 Vegetarian And Vegan Apps

15 Vegetarian and Vegan Apps available on iOS and Android

Being a vegan or vegetarian is a lifestyle that requires dedication, thankfully, the transition has become a bit easier thanks to technology. For example, creating delicious vegan meals becomes way easier and faster with the help of recipe apps, that … Read More

Luxury Startups

Top 10 luxury startups to watch this year

This year I was invited to ESERP Business school to give classes about luxury industry and technology ( here you may find my articles about digital luxury strategy tips and the role of technology in the luxury industry ). This time … Read More

28 Food Apps Every Foodie Should Try

28 food apps every foodie should try

For a foodie, food is not a medium to satisfy the growling stomach. Food brings not only satisfaction but also happiness. And whether you prefer dining out in your city or while traveling, there is an app for that. Food … Read More

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