Promising Startups In Barcelona

Top 15 promising startups in Barcelona to watch

Barcelona has experienced a tremendous transformation in recent years. City was always associated with Gaudi, Picasso and other great thinkers, artists and architects, but these years when people think about Barcelona, the first things that come to their mind is … Read More

Neobanks Disrupt Traditional Banking

Neobanks disrupt traditional banking: key players & facts

Over the past years, neobanks have been making headlines by attracting big venture capital investments and disrupting the traditional banking system. What are these Neobanks? As we know, banking system nowadays is not perfect and people hate going to the … Read More

Technology Trends Blogs To Follow

11 technology trends blogs to follow

Where do you get information about current tech trends from? Do you have your favourite blogs? We came up with the list of top 10 technology trends blogs we believe make a difference. 10 technology trends blogs 1.Tech trends Tech … Read More

Gamification projects

Gamification projects that make our lives better

I strongly believe that gamification projects should create meaningful experiences. There are different purposes for gamification projects, it can be used to encourage people to power through necessary tasks, it can be used to motivate people to learn more than … Read More

Digital Business Transformation

Digital business transformation: trends, statistics & case studies

Companies across the globe are going through digital business transformation as they are challenged to improve business processes and develop new opportunities and business models. Digitization can extend the reach of organizations, improve management decisions, and speed the development of new … Read More

Hottest MusicTech Startups

Hottest MusicTech startups to follow

The music industry is not an exception, it got influenced by technology as well. Innovators are developing MusicTech to find new ways music can be created and performed. And startups try to automate everything that can be automated, eliminating pain points … Read More


Proptech: the disruption of real estate

This year we hear a lot of Proptech, Fintech, InsurTech, Medtech, EduTech, etc. However, a lot of people are not sure about what these acronyms mean exactly and why they became buzzwords. Today we will talk about Proptech, but I … Read More

Digital Health Ecosystem

Digital health ecosystem in Barcelona

Barcelona became a very famous city for it’s architecture, food, startups, investors, technology, mobile, smart city projects, IOT, digital health, etc. Today I would like to talk more about digital health: main startups, projects and statistics. Spain is among top … Read More

Tech News

Tech news – monthly update by Apiumhub

Hello, hello! Thank you for your interest in tech news, events, trends and tips!    Tech news: February   1. Top 8 tech events in Barcelona Here you will find a list of top 8 tech events in February. Don’t miss them, … Read More

Software Trends

Software trends; Apiumhub’s radio interview

I remember my interview, that I gave for English radio channel in Barcelona about current software trends and how Apiumhub became successful. I though it will be interesting for you to know the story of Apiumhub and the current software … Read More

Digital Health Hub

Digital health hub: building the innovation ecosystem

We all know about the digital trend, however, is there a healthy digital hub that allows each city or region to grow exponentially and become more and more innovative in a healthy and balanced manner? In this article we will … Read More

Gig Economy

Gig economy: statistics, facts & main players

Whether you like it or not, the labor landscape has shifted. Over the last few years the idea of working until retirement at the same company, staying in the office 8 hours a day is gone. We’re living in a … Read More

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