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Tech news: November


1. Top tech articles of the month 


2. Top 9 tech events in Barcelona

Here you will find a list of top 10 tech events in June. Don’t miss them, they are absolutely worth your attendance.


3.   Job offers in Barcelona 

If you are living in Barcelona and you are interested in changing your job, don`t hesitate to contact us. Let’s talk!


4.GSAS was a total Success!

The first edition of the Global Software Architecture Summit happened last month, and we can proudly say that it was a resounding successMore than 200 attendees from all over the world gathered in Barcelona to enjoy first class talks, heated (yet fun) debates, a relaxed and warm atmosphere, networking over beers…in short, a great day that wouldn’t have been possible without the lot of you, so we’d like to thank you all for that!

In fact, everything went so smoothly that we’re already preparing the second edition for 2020. There’s obviously a long way to go and a lot of work to do, but we can already safely state that it will be longer, with more talks, workshops…bigger and better. We’ll keep you informed!




5.TooGoodToGo: 2019’s Best App in Spain

Last October 24th, the second edition of The Awards took place in Barcelona. This award ceremony, courtesy of PickASO, rewards the best apps and mobile games of the year in Spain, an initiative we at Apiumhub were an active part of.

TooGoodToGo was the app that took the main recognition and was crowned as the best of the year. This app was created with the lofty ideal of stopping edible food waste. Restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and other similar businesses can use this app to sell daily surplus food so users can buy surprise food packs at a reduced price.

The total amount of money given in prizes amounted more than 160.00€, which was thanks to the participation of Amazon Web Services, AppLift, AppsFlyer, AppSamurai, iSocialWeb, Tappx, Acumbamail, SysAdminOk, PickASO, TheTool, wwwhatsnew, Mobile World Capital, Remerge, Edrans & ApiumHub.


6. Legacy Code Course with Álvaro García – 19/11

In this course, you will learn to work with legacy code. Understand which code should be modified, maintained, or rewritten. This is a course centered around legacy code, using PHP samples.

Legacy Code Course topics:

  • Dealing with legacy code
  • Tools for legacy code
  • Extracting parts of a monolith
  • How to prevent legacy code
  • Making legacy code maintainable again
  • Test-driven development
  • Sacrificial architecture

Starting Date: The course will start during November 19th, 2019.

Duration: This course consists of 24 hours divided into 12 sessions of 2h each.

Schedule: 18:30 to 20:30.

For more info, click here


7. Kotlin Everywhere with Hadi Hariri in Barcelona

This will be a review of how the Kotlin (Language, Type System, Libraries, Tools, IDEs, Environment) improve the Developer Experience, increase the productivity and add more value to Business Stakeholders.

Hadi Hariri – VP of Developer Advocacy at JetBrains will come to Barcelona to give talks about:

1.”Kotlin on the server with Ktor”
Ktor is a web framework built from the ground up using Kotlin and coroutines. Amongst other things it allows for creating robust and performant HTTP server applications. In this talk we’re going to take a look at Ktor, the ideas behind it, and how we can easily create applications and have these deployed to Google Cloud with very little effort.

2. Functional Programming in Kotlin
In this talk we’ll explain the basics of functional programming, where it fits in with the Object Orientation paradigm and how we can use functional programming in our every day work. We’ll cover important concepts functional programming such as: Lambdas, Higher Order Functions, Partial Functions, Monads and more, and see how we can apply these in a series of functional patterns to cut down our codebase and at the same time make sure we keep it maintainable.

Also, Álvaro García – Principal Engineer in Apiumhub will talk about how to “Introduce Kotlin in an incremental way”

How to introduce Kotlin in a java project while maintaining the spring performance and making the developers happy. Concept after concept transforming a java application into a hotline one and never looking back on java.”


6. Testimonials

We are happy when our clients are happy! Let us share with you some of the testimonials that we received:

  • “It has been a pleasure to work hand in hand with the Apiumhub team. They have met our expectations and launched a robust web platform ready to scale in just 6 months. His team of software architects, DevOps and Front & Back programmers used the best practices and showed their professionalism ” – Santiago Vernetta -COO & Co-founder of Carnovo

  • “Apiumhub has been key to our rapid growth and success. Their professionalism and deep knowledge in software development together with their way of working as if they were part of the team of the company for which they work for, make ApiumHub a highly advisable option from the experience that AGORA images has had with all of them” – Octavi Royo – CEO & Co-founder of Agora Images 

  • “Apiumhub is a synonym for quality and predictability. The team is highly qualified and decisive. We haven’t found any challenge that they couldn’t overcome”  – Pau Borrell Sorroche – Product Owner at Privalia

  • “I am quite happy working with Apiumhub because I enjoy working with Agile methodologies as well as working with a company of that size. They can quickly react to changes based on market demands, while always offering the best talent for those technologies. Other than that, the team comes with a big dose of positive energy and enthusiasm to grow and improve the customer’s satisfaction, by thinking creatively and looking ahead.” –  Gerardo Gómez – Mobile development lead at Adidas

  • “We had a new & important project related to mobile and usability, and we wanted to work with Apiumhub. They became a key partner when it comes to delivering our solution to the market, but also adding value to the process and adapting to the project’s amendments. Pragmatic & efficient, the team always maintained an opened dialogue and attitude that allowed to overcome all the obstacles.” – Mariona Campmany – CMO at Icar

  • “We believe that Apiumhub has a highly qualified team specialized in software architecture and software development. They helped us introduce best practices to the team and enabled the applications to evolve safely in the long term. Other than that, they are professional in infrastructure automation, architecture documentation, system migrations, TDD, DDD and CI implementation. We have a long-term collaboration with Apiumhub and we are very happy about it because they focus on scalability, performance and cost reduction.” – Ricard Bernat Martinez-Hidalgo – CIO at Dexeus

  • “Our experience is very positive and we hope to continue collaborating with Apiumhub”. – Xavier Montesinos – IH Software Project Manager at Grifols


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