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FIntech Startups To Keep An Eye On

FIntech startups to keep an eye on

Fintech startups & companies just continue to be a hot trend in the world of entrepreneurship, innovations and investments. The trend has been moving banks and other financial institutions move to collaborate more with their disruptors. Fintech segment can cover … Read More

Digital Twin As A Strategic Technology Trend

Digital Twin as a strategic technology trend

There is not yet so much information about the buzzword and technology – Digital Twin, even though, it is already listed in the next technology trends and used by many companies. Today, I would like to make it more clear … Read More

The Concept Of Datafication; Definition Examples

The concept of Datafication; definition examples

Datafication is a buzzword of the last several years, that is used actively along Big Data industry. Honestly, if you would search the term ‘datafication’ on the internet you probably won’t find that much relative information about it, yet it … Read More

Virtual Reality Technology: Main Trends, Statistics & Startups

Virtual Reality technology: main trends, statistics & startups

It’s been a year since Virtual Reality technology market has been officially launched and now after 12 months of the real performance of the major tech players, we can finally see the real trends, statistics and the future of VR market. … Read More

Code Editors For Software Developers

Code editors for software developers

Code editors – an essential part of every software developing. Every code editor has its own interface, functionality, pros & cons. That’s why I decided to reveal the most known code editors that will help you write your next projects’ code … Read More

Top Agile Blogs To Track

Top Agile blogs to track in 2019

There are many great Agile blogs and project management blogs to read, but do you ever wonder which Agile blogs are most readable? At Apiumhub, we do. Here are the best of the best – 20 agile blogs to read in … Read More

Vagrant And Docker

Vagrant and Docker: a comparison

The Virtualization process that is provided by Vagrant and Docker can be a solution for the modern distributed applications development problems. In this article, I will briefly introduce and summarize the software products – Vagrant and Docker and compare the major … Read More

Creative Accounts To Follow On Twitter

Top 15 creative accounts to follow on Twitter

Looking for design-related, inspirational, creative accounts to follow? Do you search for the inspiration on Twitter? Then you need to read this article. I have revised several Twitter accounts; their creative and visually inspiring content to create a useful list for your … Read More

The future of mobile technology

The future of mobile technology

For the last decade, we have been observing the largest rate of increase in mobile technology deployment, services and subscriber base. As mobile devices become cheaper and network coverage becomes more and more powerful, the use of mobile technologies is … Read More

Web Design Trends & Predictions

Web Design trends

I am more than just sure that the year will be bright & memorable and that is has already prepared for us significant web design trends and predictions that we are on the way to experience. I tried to make this … Read More

Best Apps To Use

The 11 best apps to use in 2018

This year was an excellent one for the new technologies and best apps to be released for both mobile platforms: Android and iOS. So what are the best apps of 2016 launched in Spain? I made a list of the … Read More

Female UX Influencers On Twitter

Top 13 Female UX Influencers on Twitter

We had an article about leading UX Influencers and after receiving a comment from one of our followers asking us about women in the UX design world, we decided to dedicate an article to top female UX Influencers where you will find their notable works, … Read More