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In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of the software development industry, staying up to date is not merely a choice but a strategic imperative. The rapid pace of technological advancements demands that professionals continually expand their skill sets and knowledge base. Engaging in courses and software workshops is not just an investment in personal growth but a commitment to professional relevance. 

At Apiumhub, we acknowledge the importance of workshops and courses to stay updated. That’s why we’ve created Apium Academy, an educational platform offering various courses led by industry professionals. This year, we’ve expanded our software workshops catalog to help you boost your professional career. Take a look at our new software workshops:

New Software Workshops

DDD for Management

This workshop is 100% theoretical and targeted at management professionals who may not have hands-on experience in the field of DDD. There are no katas or practical exercises, the focus of the workshop is on benefits, trade-offs, and critical concepts. It helps management professionals to evaluate team proposals and make the right decision.

The topics covered in this workshop are: Modularity and its benefits, alternatives to DDD, Domain Model pattern, Anemic Domain Model, design principles, application and infrastructure services, Hexagonal Architecture – trade-offs, CQS, Bounded Context pattern, testability and strategic DDD Patterns

The professor in charge of the workshop is Christian Ciceri, software architect and cofounder of Apiumhub. Christian is a former practitioner of Agile methodologies, particularly eXtreme programming, with experience in practices like TDD, continuous integration, building pipelines, and evolutionary design.

Learn more about this workshop here.

Road To Better Quality

A workshop that targets software quality professionals who know how to correctly write a test but are eager to enhance their daily work. It is structured into modules that consist of both a presentation and an interactive segment, during which participants are encouraged to engage by either programming or predominantly by proposing ideas and discussing them.

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This workshop is designed to take your testing proficiency to new heights and equip you with advanced techniques to excel in your role. Whether you’re a QA expert or a testing enthusiast, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to refine your skills and enhance your impact. It is divided into 4 different modules: introduction, plan, technical testing theory, one with the product, and a wrap-up. The total duration of the workshop is 18 hours.

The professor in charge of the workshop is Ferran Ferri, a QA specialist at Apiumhub. Ferran has over 20 years of experience in QA, he has engaged in numerous projects covering various testing aspects such as performance testing, API, and contract testing. Following several years dedicated to diverse testing activities, he began seeking a broader perspective, immersing himself in DevOps knowledge and processes.

Interested in learning more about this workshop? Click here. 

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Next JS

Another of the software workshops we started offering this year is the Next JS workshop. It offers a mix of theory and practice. It includes a simulated case to showcase the benefits of using NextJs 13 and the latest version of React, including Server and Client Components. The workshop covers a range of topics such as TypeScript, NextJs 13 Routing, Rendering, Data Fetching, SSG/SSR, and Server/Client Components utilities. 

The workshop is divided into 7 sessions. Each session is 2 hours long.

Session 1: React Server and Client Components 

Session 2: Typescript
Session 3: Nextjs 13 & Routing

Session 4: Nextjs 13 & Rendering

Session 5: Nextjs 13 & Data Fetching 

Session 6: Nextjs 13 & SSG/SSR 

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Session 7: Server/Client Components utilities applied into NextJs 13

Session 8: Styling from NextJs 13 

The professor in charge of this workshop is Anna López, a front-end expert. Anna is a strong supporter of agile development methodologies and the correct application of architectural solutions. Her specialties include React, Javascript, Typescript, Design Patterns, Software Architecture, Unit and E2E Testing, Scrum, NextJs, Remix, and Gatsby.

Learn more about this workshop here.

Spring Boot 3

A two-day software workshop that covers the latest updates in Spring Boot 3.0 and optimization consulting. On the first day, attendees learn about new features in Spring Boot 3.0 including the use of JDK 17 and the migration from Javax to Jakarta. The workshop also covers performance tuning, auto-configuration, and integration of Grafana using Spring Boot Actuators. On the second day, the workshop focuses on Spring Native, Kotlin, and testing.

The workshop instructor is Severn Everett, a backend expert at Apiumhub. Severn boasts over ten years of experience in the software engineering field, having contributed to software development enterprises in the United States, India, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain. Throughout his career, his technical skill set has diversified significantly, encompassing project experience in Java, Kotlin, C++, Python, Ruby, and Go.

Interested in this workshop? Find out more here

Advanced Kotlin

This is a two-day software workshop aimed to help backend developers improve their programming skills and maximize their value exchange with customers. In this workshop, participants learn about DSL, contracts, standards, good practices, security, and performance.

Throughout the workshop, there is an emphasis on development performance and code maintainability, with day-to-day examples provided to ensure participants can apply what they learn in their work.

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The workshop instructor is Javier Lopez, the backend expert at Apiumhub. Javier brings over a decade of expertise to his roles as a software engineer and team leader. His extensive experience spans a diverse range, encompassing frontend development (mobile, web), backend, and infrastructure. His knowledge stack includes proficiency in languages like Java, Kotlin, Python, PHP, JS, and .Net. Notably, Kotlin, coupled with best practices in Object Orientation and Software Architecture.

Learn more about this software workshop here.

Domain Driven Design

Last but not least, we have also included a DDD workshop in our catalog. This four-day workshop covers various topics related to DDD and microservices. The total duration is 11.5 hours, with each day focusing on different aspects of DDD including Hexagonal Architecture and DDD concepts in Java such as the application layer, domain layer, and infrastructure layer.

The workshop is divided into 5 phases:

  • Phase 0 DDD Overview 
  • Phase 1 Modeling a Domain
  • Phase 2 & Phase 3: Kata covering hexagonal Architecture and DDD concepts in JAVA 
  • Phase 4 Kata of Outbox/Inbox Pattern in JAVA
  • Phase 5 Microservices

The workshop instructors are Christian Ciceri, previously mentioned in this article, and Oscar Lopez, full-stack developer at Apiumhub. Oscar Lopez has over 15 years of experience, predominantly concentrated on backend development. In addition to his technical proficiency, he excels in leading engineering teams and providing mentorship in software architecture, best practices, design patterns, testing, and cultivating a DevOps culture

Check out more details about this workshop here.

Tailor-made software workshops

In addition to having a new catalog of courses, Apium Academy also provides customized courses for companies interested in enhancing their teams’ knowledge or improving their skills. Are you interested in these courses? You can get in touch here.

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