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In our fast-moving world, staying informed about food issues and making the best choices is crucial. And adopting an organic food diet is not difficult with the help of technology. There are numerous organic apps that may help you buy organic ingredients or make delicious meals using them, so, we have selected our favourite ten apps that we believe make a difference:

Organic Apps for iOs and Android


Farmstand allows you to find farmers markets near you. Farmstand sources the best ingredients seasonally and cook up a plant-powered menu from scratch that is 80% plant-based, 5% sustainable fish and 15% ethical meat. It is also free from dairy, added sugar and artificial ingredients.

Available on iOS and Android

2.Non-GMO Project Shopping Guide

Designed to support consumers right to know what is in our food and in avoiding GMOs, this app features a list of the brands and products that have been verified through the Non-GMO Project’s Product Verification Program. The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization originally founded by retailers committed to providing consumers with reliable non-GMO choices. The list of Non-GMO Project brands and products in this guide is searchable by product type, brand name, product name, and keyword.

The guide also includes tips for avoiding GMOs, including a list of GMO crops and common ingredients at risk for GMO contamination.

Available on iOS and Android

3. Smart Foods – Organic Diet Buddy

Organic food is the safer choice when it comes to buying produce, as conventional varieties often contain high levels of pesticide residues. This app is a guide to which fruits and vegetables are organic. Also, this app gives information on Farmer’s Markets so you can include local produce in your diet. What is more, it offers nutritional info – know what vitamins each fruit and vegetable have, and what diseases they are good at protecting you against. With this app you will know how to correctly wash and prepare the fruits and vegetables.

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Available on iOS and Android

4. Eden Recipes

Eden Recipes is a Universal App and features 1,140+ Eden created, kitchen tested recipes. Browse by course, cuisine, diet considerations, ingredient, or keyword. Create favorites list, email to friends, and share on Facebook. Nutritional information for each. Recipe images updated weekly.

Available on iOS and Android

5. Urban Farming Assistant Start

With Urban Farming Assistant you can grow your vegetables at home easier than ever.

It reminds  you when to water, fertilize and take care of your plants. The App also helps you to solve the problems with pests and diseases in your plants. It’s easy guide will help you to identify problems and recommend organic solutions. Also, you will find in the app a selection of delicious recipes from the farm, easy to prepare and enjoy. With Urban Farming App you can grow your own natural and organic food.

Available on iOS and Android

6. True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen is inspired by the philosophy that food should make you feel better, not worse. A passionate collective of accomplished chefs, visionary restauranteurs and a renowned doctor of integrative medicine, who believe delicious dining and conscious nutrition can go hand in hand, without sacrificing flavor, creativity or indulgence.

Available on iOS and Android

7. Wild Edibles

Wild Edibles provides an intuitive and easy to use interface for identifying and using wild edible plants, drawing on the publications and extensive knowledge of “Wildman” Steve Brill.

This app offers detailed descriptions on harvesting methods, preparation instructions, and recipes that help you prepare free foraged foods.

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Available on iOS and Android

8. Makeena

Earn cash back and rewards after you buy healthy and eco-friendly products anywhere you like to shop. And, turn your grocery-related receipts into cash and points, and then get rewarded for being loyal to your favorite brands or by simply sharing those brands with your friends. Makeena helps you discover good for you and the planet items — organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, plant-based, eco-friendly, BPA-free, cruelty-free, you name it. Makeena is super easy to use: browse offers, brands, and products before shopping, save them to your shopping list, scan barcodes of purchased products to begin redeeming, take a photo of your receipt, and then submit it through the app, cash out through PayPal or Venmo after you accumulate $20 in your Account.

Available on iOS and Android

9. Fooducate – eat a bit better

Fooducate app helps millions of people eat healthier, lose weight and improve their health. This app allows to track your food intake and exercise, track the quality of calories, track your macros: protein, fats, carbs, track your sleep, mood, and hunger levels and add your recipes and instamagically see their nutrition value! Also, you can scan hundreds of thousands of unique product barcodes, get a personalized nutrition grade (A, B, C, or D) for each food. And get suggestions for healthier foods based on what you scan. Fooducate analyzes information found in product nutrition panels and ingredient lists. You can scan to discover things manufacturers don’t want you to notice: added sugars, artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, controversial food colorings, GMO – genetical modified organisms, additives and preservatives.

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Available on iOS and Android

10. Good Guide

Search, browse or scan safe and healthy consumer product goods based on scientific ratings. With this app you can identify the highest rated products on the market, find out the nutritional value of food products, find out whether a product contains ingredients with health concerns and discover better alternatives for your daily purchases.

Available on iOS and Android

I hope you found this list useful! If you know other organic food apps that deserve to be mentioned here, feel free to share them in the comments below!


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