Looking for tech events in Barcelona? You are in the right place! Every month we update this list with the top Barcelona tech events so you can go to the most interesting ones! Whether you’re a local, new in town, or just passing through, you should definitely check the myriad meetups, talks and presentations taking place here! It’s not by chance that Barcelona made it to the top 5 of innovation hubs, since in this city you will find some of the best events related to innovation, software development, software architecture, and many many others. 

In this article, we list upcoming congresses, conferences, meetups, workshops and katas that we believe are worth attending!  


Top 4 Barcelona tech events in July 2019


1.  Coding Dojo

July, 8

In this coding dojo, you will be working in pairs on the Ugly Trivia kata (refactoring kata)

As always, in the end, you will compare solutions and discuss the process. 


2. Six years of agile transformation at eDreams ODIGEO

July, 9

Many large organizations are facing the necessity of an Agile transformation. For most, this is a major challenge especially if the organization that has been traditionally managed. This transformation requires changes in company structure, in attitudes, values, mindsets, ways of ideating new product increments which effect a change in organizational culture. This is the revolution that eDreams ODIGEO has been leading for the past 6 years.

Over this period, eDreams ODIGEO has transformed from working in classic big silos to having autonomous agile teams across their customer journey and platforms. They work with clear missions and Product ownership. Scaling in this way across the organisation has had business success and they have improved the satisfaction of their 18 million customers worldwide.

Learn how they collectively identified what to do and how to do it! 


3. jsCamp

July, 18-19 

International single-track and two-day conference covering all about JavaScript and modern web technologies. Don’t miss it, there is a lot to gain from sharing best practices, learnings, and insights from different tools, frameworks, and techniques across the web stack.


4.  Path to Principal: Part 1 of Defining the Modern Engineer

July, 25

You are invited to join the audience at a mediated panel discussion, Path to Principal – Part 1 of a series of live events to Define the Modern Engineer, with confirmed Principal Speakers from Oracle, King, Sage, Netquest, Apiumhub, Typeform, and Glovo.

The role of a Principal Software Engineer is often misunderstood, due to the ambiguous nature of his or her responsibilities. We often meet employees of a particular company, who give blank stares once asked to define who a Principal Software Engineer is……And so Glovo, with the help of Global{M} – The Talent Consultancy, provides the space to define the modern Principal Software Engineer.

The panel will cover the following in the discussion: what is a Principal Engineer in today’s world, advocacy in engineering: The role of the Principal engineer advocate, how the the Principal has adapted to new decentralised decision making: From Agile to SAFe, Why do Scale-ups need Principals? Career advice for senior engineers and leads, entrepreneurial environments for Principals, women in tech – the path to principal for female developers, skills of Principals: interviewing skills, ownership, mentorship, the Principal’s place in a “Learning Culture”.

Representing Apiumhub will be Álvaro García, our Principal Engineer, who will share his personal and professional experiences with the rest of Principals, so there’s no way we’ll miss this!


Don’t miss them!


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