Looking for tech events in Barcelona? You are in a right place! Every month we update Barcelona tech events list to go to the most interesting ones! Whether you’re a local, new in town, or just passing through, you should definetely go to tech events here, as Barcelona made it to the top 5 of innovation hubs and in this city you will find events related to startups, mobile, smart cities, iot, big data, software development, software architecture, blockchain and many many others.

In this article we list upcoming congresses, conferences, meetups, workshops and katas that we believe are worth attending !  


Top 6 Barcelona tech events in July, 2018


1. Mindfulness & Agile

June 6

People discover more and more affinities and synergies between Mindfulness and Agile. The first workshop was organized in March and this time it will be 6th of June. So, what will be the second session about? It will be similar to the first one, let’s call it second part, where organizers will share some new approach and ideas. 


2. Kanban on the strategic level, by Kanbanize mates

July 10

Kanbanize will sponsor the next AOS on July. The rivalry between Scrum and Kanban has found a peaceful resolution on a higher level. When we scale a method, we aim to take the benefits it provides to a team on a strategic level. If your agile teams are performing great but the company goals somehow get behind schedule, Portfolio Kanban will show you how to align them with daily tasks. You will see how to scale team Kanban and turn the whole organization in a Lean machine. For those interested in tools supporting such transformation, it will be interesting to see how Kanbanize adds value and optimizes the process on a strategic and operational level. You’ll go through the best practices for successful Portfolio Kanban implementations, explore the difficulties you may encounter and discuss use cases. 


3. Chatbots & AI for Marketing, Communication and Customer Success

July 11

A hands-on workshop on how to define, implement and analyze the ROI of Smart Chabots in Marketing, Communication and Customer Success Departments. This is a course that will allow you to understand and introduce chatbots & AI in your work and in your daily life as well.



4. Getting agile metrics from your git repository

July 17

How often do teams find themselves trying to improve how we work without too much supporting data? How many retrospective sessions have they facilitated when decisions were made based only on the
last sprint pain points? On the other hand, would it be coherent (and lean) to invest significant amounts of time and efforts collecting data-points with no defined goal? In this talk, the plan is to demonstrate that teams can easily extract valuable information from a key element of their daily work, their git repository, and how doing so over extended periods can bring in useful insights in their continuous improvement
initiatives. Besides the purely technical aspects (there will be some), you will discuss the importance of creating a culture where the team feels empowered to build the tools they need to improve their daily work.


5. JSCamp

July 18 – 20

JSCamp is a two-day developer-driven conference and one-day workshops, crafted for and by the community. Learn about the latest trends, meet experts and core team members of different frameworks, tools and engines. Here will be a lot of talks about the Future of JavaScript and the Web.


6. Fireside Chat UNLEASHED with Mark Bailey, DFJ Growth

July 20

Access Silicon Valley invites you to join a fireside chat with DFJ Growth Co-founder/Partner Mark Bailey and Roger Rappoport, Founder of Access Silicon Valley. Mark will share his experiences building hyper-growth startups into sustainable businesses, as well as his investment perspective.


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