Looking for tech events in Barcelona? You are in a right place! Every month we update Barcelona tech events list to go to the most interesting ones! Whether you’re a local, new in town, or just passing through, you should definetely go to tech events here, as Barcelona made it to the top 5 of innovation hubs and in this city you will find events related to startups, mobile, smart cities, iot, big data, software development, software architecture, blockchain and many many others.

In this article we list upcoming congresses, conferences, meetups, workshops and katas that we believe are worth attending !  


Top 7 Barcelona tech events in October, 2018


1.Coding Dojo

October 15

Here you’ll be doing a coding exercise kata in pairs. This event is for those who care and are proud of what they do. For those developers, regardless of how experienced they are, who want to improve and master their craft.


2. How to find your Co-founder? 

October 16

Many investors focus mainly on the entrepreneurial team when investing in a start-up. How do you create a winning team? How do you attract the best co-founders and professionals to your start-up?  The speakers will show you many practical examples of their own experience. In 90 minutes you will learn the latest techniques, trends, and tricks on how to create a great entrepreneurial team for your start-up, where the skills of the members complement each other and multiply. You will also have an opportunity of 1 minute to present your idea and ask for the profiles you need.


3. ThoughtWorks Presents: Accessibility evening with Dennie Declercq

October 16

Dennie Declercq is going to speak about “Accessible App Design” and the event will be in English. Dennie is a fulltime volunteer developer. He is the president and also a developer in DDSoft, a nonprofit organisation that develops data solutions for the web to be more inclusive for people with disabilities. He started his journey in making software for people with disabilities in 2012, while he was in a coaching center in Ostend. At this time, he discovered new ways to help people the daily lives of people with disabilities via apps and software. Also interesting to know that Dennie does all his work and research as volunteer. He spoke at meetups in Visug, at Birmingham .net usergroup and in Mobile Meetup Oslo.
He also participated in the following conferences: Open Belgium, NDC Sydney , NDC London, NDC Oslo , AutDoor and DUUGFest.


4. Product Owner’s diary

October 17

This meetup will be given by Ramon Felip – PO and Evgeny Predein – CEO & Co-founder of Apiumhub. In this event you will go over the Canvas model, mind the gap (Product world vs Development world), cover the QA concept, Definition of Done and rigor concept. 

You will look at who is PO nowadays, at leadership and motivation, responsibilities and priorities.  Also, you will see the daily life of a PO, from early morning until the end of the day. Evgeny and Ramon will share with you their experiences and will be opened to discuss your projects and your situations. 



5. Digital cities, digital freedoms: common digital ethical standards and free software for cities. 

October 18

This event wants to open the debate on the impact that new technologies have on cities and the need for them to use open standards and free software for citizens. It is a one-day event that includes conferences and debates about digital communities, companies, universities and the general public.


6. 3rd DDD Barcelona Meetup

October 23

Adopting DDD in your company can be a challenge, this event aims to detect the current state of your team and company to know where to invest your effort and resources in applying DDD. 


7. Agile, eXtreme Programming and Software Craftsmanship

October 24

Agile, eXtreme Programming and Software Craftsmanship: A journey through its values, principles and practices. Laia and Cristina will accompany you on the journey from the birth of Agile to the crafter movement, reviewing the values and principles, the why of all this, and completing it with some practices that will help you in your day to day life.


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