Looking for tech events in Barcelona? You are in the right place! Every month we update this list with the top Barcelona tech events so you can go to the most interesting ones! Whether you’re a local, new in town, or just passing through, you should definitely check the myriad meetups, talks and presentations taking place here! It’s not by chance that Barcelona made it to the top 5 of innovation hubs, since in this city you will find some of the best events related to innovation, software development, software architecture, and many many others. 

In this article, we list upcoming congresses, conferences, meetups, workshops and katas that we believe are worth attending!  


Top 11 Barcelona tech events in January 2020


1.Lightning Talk: Android – First steps on Jetpack Compose

January, 9

If you know “Jetpack Compose” or would like to try it, this meetup is for you!

A “lightning talk” is an informal talk of about 7 minutes where a person shares knowledge of a particular topic and then there are about 2-3 minutes of questions. The main objective of “lightning talk” is to create a space where people are not afraid to expose themselves in public and share their experiences. To join Lightning Talks Slack, click here.  


2. Microservices Round Table discussion with DocPlanner & Apiumhub

January, 15

As many companies are currently working in a microservices environment (whether directly or from another architectural pattern), we would like to exchange information and learnings about them.

This is why we’re preparing a Round Table discussion, where we’ll talk about two common concerns when moving from a Monolith to Microservices:

– Patterns on how to split a monolith (including DB splitting)
– Communication between services: style of communication (e.g., sync, async), data consistency (e.g,, eventual, ACID)

We will have several moderators from:

– Apiumhub
– DocPlanner

And everyone is more than welcome to participate in a discussion! It is open for everyone who is interested in microservices and who would like to share his/her experience and learn from others! This time we won’t have a “talk” format, this time it will be a guided roundtable discussion where each attendee will take an active part in the event.

And of course, we will have time for beer & networking!



3. Running containerized C++ processes in AWS Batch

January, 15

In this event you will create a simple distributed app that executes as a container in AWS cloud using the AWS Batch service. The example is written in C++ but we will spend most of the time learning about containers and AWS. 


4. 5 prioritisation practices to help your agile planning

January, 15

Steven Wallace will lead this meetup and will look at some techniques especially useful when prioritising with the team or stakeholders (some may also be used working individually):
* Moscow
* Dot-voting
* Silent prioritisation
* Buy a Feature
* Cost Of Delay

After discussing briefly each technique, you will then put them into practice in smaller groups. And at the end of the meetup, participants will share what techniques work best for them and why.


5. Open Doors in Apium Academy

January, 22

If you are interested in knowing more about our software architecture Workshops, Courses, Tech Talks, Events, Auditorium rental or Apium Academy in general, then this is the perfect time to come and meet Apium Academy team & Professors!

Apium Academy team prepared 2020 calendar with upcoming workshops, courses & events and if you have any doubts, just pass by, say hi and share your feedback! 

-> Reyes discount for all courses ( valid till 31/01 ): Reyes-discount-apium-academy ( 15% )

There will be some yummies and beer to have a chat with in a more informal environment!

p.s all the attendees will get discounts for any course/workshop in 2020! And you will have an opportunity to win a FREE one!


6. AfterTest | Karate and Gatling for your API and Performance tests

January, 16

NexoQA has launched a new AfterTest, a monthly meeting for Testers community. Due to the rise in API development, there are new processes and tools that should be discussed. In this AfterTest talk, Ignacio Degeneffe will tell you about his experience performing API tests as well as the problems his team has faced when automating their tests with the Karate tool in one of the most recognized airlines. In addition, he will show you how to integrate these tests in a simple way into a cycle of performance tests using the Gatling tool.


7. Designing event-driven architectures using the AsyncAPI specification

January, 23

BarcelonaJUG community and InnoIT Consulting, are delighted to invite you to their upcoming Meetup about “Designing event-driven architectures using the AsyncAPI specification” driven by Fran Mendez. In the world of REST APIs, we’re used to having a great variety of tools and specifications (Swagger, OpenAPI, RAML). This has enabled us to automate the generation of documentation portals, code, and also led to a bunch of excellent API management services like Apigee, Mulesoft, Kong, and many more. On the contrary, the world of event-driven architectures hasn’t received much love until recently. With the growth of technologies like Kafka or RabbitMQ and architectures like microservices, organizations are starting to adopt event-driven architectures more and more. In this session, you’ll go through the key points we learned about APIs and apply them to the event-driven or asynchronous APIs (yes, they’re APIs too.) AsyncAPI instead of OpenAPI/Swagger, AMQP/MQTT/Kafka instead of HTTP, and publish/subscribe instead of request/response. At the end of the talk, you would have learned how to document, code, and test your event-driven architecture.


8. DP Tech Talk BCN # 6 Frontend Edition

January, 28

Develop a hybrid React Native application, that works properly on both platforms, that have scalable code, nice architecture and E2E tests. Is this possible or just a dream? In this meetup you will be focusing on react native and the solutions DocPlanner is currently implementing to make their application, lean, fast and above all reliable. Come along to learn how they are improving their testing process using automation and how we are building our new architecture built using React Hooks and Apollojs!

Also, Adrian Rios will explain how we set up e2e suite using Appium with Browserstack and Azure pipelines. He will also present an internal tool called DocShots used to provide greater visual coverage to their design and UX teams.

And Stephen Kerr will talk about building a reliable and easy to understand architecture. In their existing application their architecture was built on Redux with Saga and a lot of class-based components.
The application was initially built about 3 years ago. Because of the increased complexity and confusion around how their data was moving in the application, they decided to rethink the architecture. In this talk, DocPlanner team will talk about our transition to Apollo and how they introduce a lightweight and easy to understand architecture. And their path towards graphql.


9. Roadmaps Workshop

January, 29

In this group, members want to share experiences and try to tackle the issues all Product Owners face, while gaining real in-depth insights. The goal is to create workshops that center around a specific topic that allows participants to gain more knowledge and learn from each other while meeting inspirational people! This will be their first workshop and to start with speakers want to cover the basic concepts of a Product Roadmap. You will look into best practices and how to build a shared visual representation amongst your team, for your product. After this Koalaboox will share with you their experience of how they built their Roadmap.


10. 11th DDD BCN Meetup

January, 30

This time it will be about Domain Storytelling a domain. You’ll leverage Domain Storytelling to collaboratively model a domain. At the beginning of the Meetup organizers’ll keep some minutes to introduce the groundings of Domain Storytelling and explain the building blocks of the pictographic language with the focus on the practical exercise. The scope will be to cover 1 example of: Coarse-grained “as-is” Stories (a.k.a. Big Picture), Detailed “as-is” Stories, Detailed “pure” Stories and Detailed “to-be” Stories. It will be a teamwork! Then, the idea is to cover the introduction to DDD through strategic design patterns as well as to see if DDD is for every project. 
Challenging whether a methodology, tool, technology, framework and so on is appropriate for an intended purpose may be hard. You’ll explore when should be convenient to apply DDD in a project, when it shouldn’t and what cons and pros it will have if you choose the not best-suited choice. And last but not least, organizers will try to answer the question “How to discover Bounded Contexts?”. 
Usually Bounded Contexts are difficult to grasp and even experienced DDD people struggle to find the right boundaries at first. You’ll uncover the toolkit of guidelines and heuristics the DDD community has come up with to find them in our domain.

11. Test Academy Barcelona

January, 30

Test Academy will organize master classes day in Barcelona on January 30, 2020. It aims to bring together professionals and experts for a day of learning. It will be a perfect opportunity to meet new linke-minded people in the software testing community in Spain. You will need to choose one of these 8 masterclasses:

– Agile Testing (Albert Tort)
– Chaos Engineering and QA (Alex Soto)
– Big Data Testing (Alex Pons)
– Performance Tests (Almudena Vivanco)
– Architectural Testing (Ash Winter)
– API tests (Fran Moreno)
– Continuous Testing and Test Automation (Fran Guerrero)
– Automated Testing (Boni García)




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