Uninstall a mobile app; how to avoid it

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Mobile apps are very important for businesses and not only for big brands, but also for small and medium size businesses. There are thousands of apps that are released every day on app stores. Besides that, there are tons of users that uninstall a mobile app on a daily base.

Developing and putting your app on an app store is just the first step and it is obviously not the most difficult task when you decide to build an app for your business. Actually, trying to push users to stay with you and use your app on a regular base is not really easy.

As we mentioned it earlier, people that use smartphones or mobile devices in general have access to many apps, and they of course are the ones to choose the which ones they want to use every day. Other than that, you have to compete with other apps of huge companies, for example the top ten apps in app stores.

For those reasons (and other ones), we need to have a perfect strategy for the development of our apps. The closer you plan to perfection, the more chances you have to succeed.

If you want people to love your app and to use your app for a long time, here are some important points that you can’t ignore.

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Avoid that users uninstall a mobile app


STORAGE. Does your app eats up too much storage?

Space and storage on a phone are limited and therefore, people don’t want to put too many unnecessary apps on their phone as it will slow it down and make it heavy. Obviously, people hate that.

A popular message that we see when we want to download more apps on our phone is “Insufficient storage available”. In this case, as a user, you get 2 options.

The first one is to give up downloading the new app and keep the other apps you have on your phone.

The second one is to make some space, which often means uninstalling some apps.

Normally, at the beginning, people are very excited when they explore/use a new app, they want to try it out, to see how it works. In order to avoid that your user stops downloading your app, you should consider building one that has a reasonable amount of data.


USEFULNESS. Is your app really useful for users?

People look for apps that meet their needs. So they will search to find the suitable app. If your app does not respond to their needs, that it doesn’t offer anything really useful for the user, they will walkway and look for other choices. Keep in mind that the offer on the market is quite high, I would say it’s extremely high, meaning users have many alternatives to your app.

Do some research about the user’s demand, analyse the results, get an idea of what they are looking for from an app. It’s an extremely important step.

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So please, invest a big part of your time in it.  


ENGAGEMENT. Will you be interacting with users?

Let’s say that you show your messages, products and services on your app. Yes of course it’s a good base, all the information is given. But to increase the satisfaction of your users and to increase loyalty, you should think of the user’s experience, do something that would make him feel like you are taking care of them, like you care, like you though about them. Personalise the experience.

For example, on Facebook, when someone spams you by tagging you on a post, it makes you angry, immediately you report to Facebook, Facebook will help you to solve this problem, then finally Facebook asks you a question “ How was your experience of getting help with this issue?”

  1. Make it easy to install & use the app

    Even though you have fantastic ideas and amazing features on your app, the first experience is equally important. If your app is difficult to install or too complex to use, people won’t have enough patience to learn how to use it and sooner or later they will uninstall a mobile app. What should you do? Make logins and account creation easy, don’t overload first timers with information as soon as they get the app, teach the user how to use the app, etc. Investing in UX design is primordial.  

  2. Push notifications are not everything

    One of the most famous online marketing strategies for apps is push notification. Which can be amazingly efficient, but remember to do it in the right way, don’t be annoying. Don’t spam anyone.

    Some of the most common mistakes in push notification messages are for example sending unnecessary information, sending too many notifications or sending notifications at the wrong time. By doing it like that, you are just being counterproductive and it will bite you back in the ass! So prepare a smart and effective push notification strategy, it will bring you good results.

    How can it help you? Well first of all it reminds the user of your presence, it reminds him that he downloaded your app. Also, working closely with data analytics, you are able to get more insight on the behaviour and preferences of your user and therefore you will be able to send targeted messages.

Some other reasons why people would uninstall a mobile app would be because of its slow responsiveness, because it freezes, regular crash of the system, heavy battery usage, too many adds and privacy concerns.  


  • Ekaterina Novoseltseva

    Ekaterina Novoseltseva is an experienced CMO and Board Director. Professor in prestigious Business Schools in Barcelona. Teaching about digital business design. Right now Ekaterina is a CMO at Apiumhub - software development hub based in Barcelona and organiser of Global Software Architecture Summit. Ekaterina is proud of having done software projects for companies like Tous, Inditex, Mango, Etnia, Adidas and many others. Ekaterina was taking active part in the Apiumhub office opening in Paseo de Gracia and in helping companies like Bitpanda open their tech hubs in Barcelona.

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