How to scale your startups in Europe ?

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On Thursday the 22nd we attended an event organised by Polyglot Group that was mainly about how to scale startups in Europe?

So who is Polyglot Group? Let’s start off by saying that they believe in partnering relationships. The group of consultants helps out businesses when it comes to expanding and optimising their local operations, offering solutions in HR & Payroll, Recruitment, Language & Business.

Polyglot is partnering with the French Tech in Barcelona and the event was supported by La Caixa Foundation. So as the meetup was held at Caixa Forum, we got the chance to start with a pleasant cultural visit (Ming Dynasty Exhibition & Casaramona) which I must say added a special touch to the event. 

Afterwards, we separated into groups where we chose between 3 workshops; Human Resources, Business Development & Investment. The business development workshop was given by amazing speakers from startups in Europe and other SMEs that have been growing over the past few years, as:

  • Pedro Lindsey, Sales director at Beabloo
  • Roger Dobrano Lopez, founder & CEO at Quipu
  • Oriol Vila, founder & CEO at Holaluz
  • Edgar Roussile, co-founder at Mercurr

Finally came the Big Talk where we got to the chance to understand better and get more details about the success stories of some of those who made it as startups in Europe and some tips that we should all take into account. As all the startups & SMEs where from different industries, opinions varied of course. The idea wasn’t about getting the key to success (because there isn’t one strategy) but more about getting us to think and consider everything around us in our particular environment, country and specific to our product. 

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We ended the event with a networking/gourmet cocktails and I must say that was quite fun, smart young people with an interest in technology & innovation, mingling with a glass of wine and great macarons where we all got the opportunity to talk with the speakers.  



To end it all, here are the startups that were featured in the event and that you should definetly add to your startup list to monitor.   


Few SMEs & startups in Europe not to forget about


  • Beabloo – Serving almost all the industries, Beabloo has been providing for 10 years digital marketing & analytics solutions, enabling organisations to personalise the shopping experience of their users and to improve the results of marketing campaigns in physical spaces. Online & offline.
  • Quipu – An online software used for invoicing with the objective of simplifying day to day administrative and economic activities.
  • Forcemanager – A reliable CRM that allows users to measure, analyse and improve the performance of their sales representatives from their mobile devices. You can read about the work software development & architecture work we’ve done for them here.
  • HolaLuz – Wanting to change the world regarding energies, the team of HolaLuz helps users to do the switch toward an energy model where wellbeing and comfort are linked to savings and green energy.
  • eCooltra – a Spanish company that is considered as a leader in the motorbike & scooter rental industry, present in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal and Brasil. eCooltra offers “motosharing” of electric scooters, per minute. Basically, you can pick up and leave the scooter wherever you want. 
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